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Top 3 Ways The Internet Benefits Businesses

Posted on March 15, 2012 01:42 AM

Top 3 Ways the Internet Benefits Businesses


There was a point in time when the Internet was nothing more than an alternative means of communication and research. These days, however, the Internet has not only left its mark on the average Joe’s life—it is also increasingly changing the business landscape.


For somebody who owns a business, the faster the production rate, the better. Any means that will prove convenient and more cost effective will bring a businessman to his own personal heaven. With this in mind, it’s no wonder businesses—big or small—are growing more and more reliant on the Internet.


Here are the top three ways the Internet is helping businesses all over the world:


  1. Faster communication.

Snail mails are called as such for one reason: the speed of receiving your mails is comparable to snails moving from point A to point B. It would literally take weeks, sometimes months, for a particular mail to reach its destination. Even with the advent of express mails, it would still take time for a letter to be delivered. Remember: For any business, lost time is lost money. 


The Internet gave the world a faster means of communication through emails, instant messaging, and voice and video calls. Discussing business-related matters are made faster and easier by the Internet. For example:


  • Internal and external communications. These days, handing down a memo from the higher-ups to the employees are accomplished through emails. Video and voice conferencing with clients, no matter where they are in the world, are also made possible through the Internet. With the exception of personal meetings, business owners find it more convenient and less costly to simply send an email or an instant message.


  • Communications with hired remote services. The Internet is continually evolving, bringing with it innovations in the technological arena. Remote services, such as cloud computing, can now be utilized by businesses. Consultations and other official business matters are now settled over the Internet.


  1. Marketing strategies reach a wider audience.

In the past, a business owner has to maximize the use of traditional media to promote his business. This means paid advertisement through newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. Nowadays, the Internet has made it not only easier but very possible for a company to tap into a wider market. In the context of marketing, small or big companies maximize the full potential of the Internet through:


  • Information gathering. Marketing begins with research. Every business owner has to initially analyze his target market before advertising. Aside from field research, business owners can also find out how to effectively bait their target market through reading public forums and blogs.


  • Establishing an online presence. These days, it’s not enough to simply put up a company and let its success rely on word-of-mouth. With more people dedicating hours on the Internet, it’s already an essential marketing strategy to create an image that will appeal to the online market. Putting up a website, for example, helps a business reach more potential clients.


  • Online advertising. To supplement advertising through traditional media, businesses also maximize the use of various social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The good thing about this is this is not limited to the big companies. For example, small-time business owners can post photos of their products on any social networking site, send the link to their potential clients, and have them browse through their portfolio. There are also a number of online directories available, like LinkedIn, where anyone can post their professional profiles.


  1. More convenient financial transactions.

 As the world continues to see a rise in the number of businesses using the Internet to market their products and services, it naturally follows for companies providing online financial services to also grow in number. Otherwise, financial transactions will be as slow as snail mail. Businesses use the Internet’s financial services through:

  • Online payment of bills. Banks followed suit by providing financial services online. Instead of physically going to banks, business owners can now settle their electric, Internet, and water bills through online bank services.
  • Receiving and sending payments. Plenty of businesses selling products online make use of financial services in receiving and sending payments. Fast and convenient, this online scheme benefits both the owner and the client. Moreover, business owners will not be limited to clients within their area, as they can conduct their transactions online.


From being an alternative means of communication and research, the Internet has gone a long way. Considering all the help it provides business owners, the Internet undoubtedly plays a big part in the development and success of businesses worldwide.



Henessy Cervano, by day, is a marketing consultant for consultant for, one of the leading companies in the world that sells cheap checks. At night, she blogs on different sites, spreading the word of financial stability, health, and welfare all throughout the internet. Follow her on twitter @MissSachik0.


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