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Bright Future for Tablet Computers

Posted on February 17, 2012 02:20 AM

Last week was a big one for tablet computing. Google formally showed off a version of Android for tablets, and Apple and News Corp. jointly unveiled the long-awaited daily "newspaper" for the iPad called The Daily.

Neither announcement came as a surprise, but together they spell a bright future for tablet devices.

Apple has sold nearly 15 million iPads since it first went on sale in April. That's a lot more than many analysts expected. Android 3.0, code named Honeycomb, is a new version of Android that Google says was "designed from the ground up for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets."

A1608 looks as if Google hopes to do to the iPad what it did to the iPhone -- cut heavily into its sales. Android sales early last year were neck and neck with iPhone and Research In Motion's BlackBerry. But in the past six months, according to Nielsen, "Android is clearly in the lead with 43 percent of recent acquirers purchasing an Android device, compared to 26 percent for Apple iOS and 20 percent for BlackBerry's RIM."

Of course, that could change as a result of the Verizon iPhone. There undoubtedly are some potential Android phone buyers on Verizon who might opt for an iPhone once they have the choice.

Based on what I've seen of Honeycomb, it's likely to allow a number of manufacturers, including LG Electronics and Motorola Mobility, to produce tablets that will seriously rival the iPad in terms of quality, potentially at lower prices. But Apple isn't sitting still. There are widespread reports that an "iPhone 2″ will come out within the next few months with front- and rear-facing cameras and other features not on the current model.

As with the S3+ Phone, we can expect to see lots of apps for an Android tablet. Google has an ecosystem of developers second only to Apple it can call on to make Android tablets come to life with programs and content.

Shortly before Google held its Honeycomb news conference in Mountain View, News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch and Apple iTunes honcho Eddie Cue held a news conference inNew Yorkto announce The Daily, a new iPad-only daily "newspaper." Like News Corp.'s Wall Street Journal site, but unlike most other editorial websites, The Daily will be available only to paying subscribers after a two-week free trial period now under way.

Although my review of The Daily was mixed, I'm nevertheless bullish on the idea of using tablet devices for reading newspapers, magazines and books.

For the moment, at least, tablets have their limitations when it comes to producing content, but they are great for consuming it. And, in 2011, we can expect a lot more tablets to hit the market including some inexpensive ones, like those from Capacitive Changjiang 007, that will cost under $200.


Posted on February 16, 2012 02:37 AM

Taipei, Taiwan, 24 October, 2011 – The tablet PC market is now a mature market offering various (and often confusing) options. Consumer choice in the decision on which tablet to buy often resides in the operating system. The main choices are the (often) familiar Windows; the newcomer, Android; or Apple, with its ecosystem of content and apps. Understanding what user experience these operating systems bring to tablet PCs, as well as other less well-known tablet operating systems, is crucial to making an informed decision about a tablet purchase. Hugo Car Accessories has lived the tablet scene since its inception and is bringing all those years of hands-on, media, business and mobile lifestyle experience to a series of eBooks about tablet computing. ‘Tablets: Know Your Operating Systems’, published by MetaPlume, explains the benefits and drawbacks of the operating system options and discusses topics such as productivity, apps, price, versions, features and a look to the future. Tablets PCs have proven to be a true alternative to netbooks and notebook computers. This new eBook is essential reading about this exciting device segment, relevant for enterprise users considering which platform to integrate into a work environment, or consumers approaching the decision about which ecosystem to use for their mobile computing. Speakers uses their tablet PC a little differently. After all, these are computers that are designed used by millions – as many ways as you can devise as the end user, they can be used. But, with the market for tablets so new, some devices do a little better for common tasks than others. And to be honest, a lot of the focus in the market right now is heavy on the hardware side of things. People are more interested in how flashy a new device rather than what it can specifically do for its user. I like to think of tablets in terms of the productivity gain they give me, though. It doesn’t matter if a device has the flashiest new camera or slickest new case design if it doesn’t help me get things done. What does this mean? GS30 can be purchased now on。 Hugo Gaston Ortega has been awarded the status of Microsoft MVP annually since 2006. His commitment to the better understanding of Tablet PC globally has been recognised by his peers and utilised through annual roles as Guest Speaker at events like Microsoft Teched Australia and New Zealand, CeBIT Hannover Fairs, IT Managers Conference for the AIS (Association of Independent Schools) and more. Ortega is the founder and Principal of Tegatech Australia, Tegatech North America and Tegatech Europe, and has helped expose thousands to the power of mobility and bolstered the reputation of countless manufacturers worldwide. Early 2010 saw Tegatech launch its own brand of Tablet across Australia, dubbed the TEGA, and with great success its predecessor the TEGA v2 globally. Hugo’s ability to take a complex subject matter and make it fathomable makes the messages he delivers all the more appealing. His blog ( www.MrMobilePC .com) has been quoted in newspapers, online media and event on mainstream television on several occasions. Hugo is now taking to presenting his years of experience in tablet computing as eBook guides; helping individuals and businesses realize the potential of the form factor that he has passionately followed for so many years. About the MetaPlume Established in March 2008, MetaPlume is a fast-growing global digital marketing company with operations in the UK, Australia, India, and Taiwan. MetaPlume has developed an innovative approach to eBook creation, publishing and promotions, one that is applicable to a broad spectrum of partners. This includes aspiring writers, published authors, print publishers wanting to digitally publish an existing catalog, website owners looking to leverage existing content, and various businesses and projects, covering many genres and topics. The company also offers a broad spectrum of website design and development, digital content creation, digital content promotion, and digital content services that provide you with creative and affordable solutions for boosting global visibility and mindshare.

How to Buy Cheap Tablet android

Posted on February 07, 2012 04:25 AM

Since we know android tablet and iPad are now the most popular electronic products and have attracted people’s attention. They are light, tiny and portable which are quite suitable for those who are on moving a lot. Although smaller than laptops, they can still perform well on many tasks. Including gaming and some stuff on work. Surely, some table computers are quite expensive, like the iPad, and some tablets of other brands. The good news is that some manufactures still provide cheap ones for the consumers. Here are suggestions for people who can not afford to buy expensive ones and still want to buy them.

If you can not spend much money on tablets, you should expect less on the features, expandability and speed of the processor. However, cheap tablet can also accomplish the basic tasks; it may be hard for them to run 3D games. But if you want to receive and send emails and surf on the internet, it can be OK. So next is how you can buy cheap tablets and what you should consider about when buying them.

We know that hard ware makes up of a single electronic product, if the hard wares are expensive; the price of tablet also grows. A tablet is mainly made up by screen, processor and ram. So if you want to spend less money, firstly, you can consider a smaller screen. The most expensive tablets usually have a size of 10 inches, while now there are many tablets of 7 inch screens. For a tablet, I do not think a smaller size is something bad, instead, I think the smaller size makes the tablet more portable.

Secondly, take e-reader into consideration. Before, most of e-readers are of black and white, while now some of them are with color screens. The color e-readers can also run some appps, like games emails and browsers. Although their hard drives are not as wonderful as the expensive tablets. But they can save you a lot of money instead.

In fact, there is a quite excellent cheap tablet, the Kindle Fire. This tablet android is quite excellent in performance and costs only 199$. For a starter in tablet, I have to say, it may be your first choice. It can satisfy all your requirements of a tablet. Of course, there are also tablets that cost less than 100$ of the unfamiliar brands. If you want to buy these ones, be careful before you buy, some of them are difficult to use and do not have a good performance. So choose wisely before you make the decision and wish you could finally buy a perfect one.



Play Video Games on Phones or Tablets

Posted on December 12, 2011 10:44 PM

You can almost do everything on the tablet or phone just as on your pc, browsing internet, reading newspapers and so on. But you can not play video games on a tablet or phone which is too difficult for devices like that. But things are about to change.

A Silicon Valley based company Onlive is going to release a kind of software which enables users to play the best games on Apple’s iPhone and iPad, meanwhile it still works on the android OS devices, like Motorola and Samsung China BrandsHTC. On year before, there was a video in which an iPhone users played World of Warcraft on his phone which was unbelievable and amazing for iPhone is not powerful enough to support the 3D games on computer, besides the game is as large as 18G. It is not true, the game actually was running on another monster device somewhere, they connect each other from internet. Onlive does the same thing. We can call it cloud computing.

If this technique is successful in the future, it will bring about a lot of incomes for video game companies, like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft which is good news for them.

However, we know, some huge or 3D action games need the timely respond of the player, one delay may destroy your effort before. We know this kind of technique is kind of internet application, it has complicated process in the whole operation and all the course need the internet support, when we play online games, there does exist delay. So we have been considering this problem. However, Onlive says they have settled this problem; when you play a game, the action of your character will immediately respond to the screen.

At the same time, Onlive will release a console just the like the console of PS and XBOX 360 for 50 dollars. One can experience better gaming with that.

Some people believe that this cloud computing will bring a revolution of the game industry, while some other people take the contrast opinion they think that some gamers temporarily can not accept the new technique. If the net work of some area does not seem to be in good condition and will affect the effects.

  The game industry seems to be in silence now, Microsoft and Sony has not released for new consoles for a couple of years. It is time for evolution and some proponents of could techniques are positive and optimistic for the gaming based on cloud technique.

  Of course, if you want to use the cloud service, you have to pay for it which may cost a couple of dollars for a mouth, or when you play the games they support, you have to pay some dollars for it. We have no idea now.

  As I am a Chinese, I do think this technique may gain huge success in China for there are quite a number of people using smart phones and most of which are in favor of games; but meanwhile the network in China is not so reliable as in the US. That is a problem. At the time, it may be attack for the China Wholesale industry in game field, as China Wholesaler of game consoles for they sell kinds of game consoles with not cheap price of which is not that cheap and can play only some stupid games. I mean not as excellent as that of video games.

  However, we’ll keep an eye on the industry, wait and see the development of the new technology.

The 2011’sTop Tablets

Posted on December 08, 2011 09:21 PM

  Since Ipad released into the electronic market, many electronics manufacturers have joined in the battle of fighting for the market share, such as, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola and so on.

New tablet pc seems to come out every week which makes the choices of us optional, we can choose one we like based on our fancy and the habits.

Tablets are becoming the new battlefield of the electronics manufacturer. The Apple earned very much in 2010 for the Ipad. And then no matter what kind of companies, as long as they have some relationship with electronics, all devote themselves in the fighting of tablets battlefields the scene of which reminds me of the gold rush.Here I would like to introduce some tablets for you and wish this could be a suggestion of guide if you want to buy tablets.

 As we know, the market is divided mainly by the android tablet and iOS pad. There seems to be no other systems for the tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

The Samsung was the first to release the tablet to challenge Apple, undoubtedly, the quality and performance is excellent enough for its opponent is iPad.  If it were not for its high price, it would sell more.Samsung gained certain success from following Apple, Apple released the iPhone series, Samsung released the Galaxy series, however, we have to admit, Samsung did great job for its products are competitive and with good quality.

 BlackBerry PlayBook

After BlackBerry PlayBook released, I did not have a very good impression — mostly because of its own OS. However, I was impressed after operating it by myself. Playbook is a 7-inch tablet, which may be a little small— except for some minority who like the small screens. The hardware is great, you can operate the tablet easily with its own OS, and the performance is amazing. You can use this tablet for an excellent experience of browsing the web pages and flashes.

 The Amazon tablet

The kindle fire of amazon is hot now. In fact, it is better enough to compete with Apple than any of the other tablet makers because of its resource of entertainment of e-books and videos, movies. Amazon has already had the Kindle e-book library and music and video stores based on web. This could already make it competitive enough and challenge for Ipad, at the same time, it is equipped with the android OS, as we know, there are as many apps as Apple store on android OS. And it has low price for only 199 dollars which makes it more competitive.

 Apple iPad 2

Although there are many challengers toward iPad 2, it still remains the top of all the tablets. It is difficult for other tablet manufacturers to win Apple, it is where the tablets come out from. So why it is so hot, usability, long battery life, a lot of apps, and reasonable price. The iPad 2 update too much. It’s thinner and lighter, has a better performance processor and display.

Also the hot battle field also attracts many cheap tablet manufactures. They equip their tablets with the android OS and low set-up and sell them at very low prices. Anyway, the king of tablets is still Ipad, at least, in recent years, no one could surpass it.


HP Introduces Multitouch Slate Tablet PC for Business

Posted on November 22, 2011 10:29 PM
HP Slate 2 Tablet PC with expanded touch capabilities, enhanced multitasking performance and embedded security, providing added flexibility to mobile business users.   The company also announced a new notebook PC targeting business, education and government customers.   The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC provides instant deployment for business and vertical markets such as education, healthcare, government and retail, where jobs frequently take users away from a traditional desk. With a full-featured Microsoft Windows?(1) environment, the 1.5 pound(2) HP Slate 2 Tablet PC provides professionals with the flexibility to create, edit and review content on one highly mobile and lightweight device.   "HP is dedicated to the tablet PC category and continues to listen to customers and improve the product in ways that best address their business needs," said Dan Forlenza, vice president and general manager, Commercial Managed IT Segment, HP. "The HP Slate includes the right mix of rich features, support for custom-built applications, and the security and connectivity needed for today's highly mobile and rigorous day-to-day professional environment."   The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC features an 8.9-inch diagonal capacitive multitouch display for touch and pen input plus includes a new Swype keyboard. The Swype applet enhances the touch experience with comfortable and efficient data entry via one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard.   The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC comes with an Intel? Atom Z670 processor with mSATA SSM technology to deliver faster boot times, improved battery life of up to six hours(3) and increased performance for business customers.(4)   "The Slate Tablet PC's combination of an Intel Atom processor and flash memory deliver excellent performance," said Dr. Rick LeMoine of Sharp HealthCare in San Diego. "I don't know how they do it, but sometimes it seems to me that the Slate runs these applications faster than my desktop PC does."   Additional hardware and software enhancements to the HP Slate 2 Tablet PC's security and experience include:       * A TPM Embedded Security Chip protects data -- from email to information on the hard drive.     * Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools provides user control and management of the TPM chip to increase secure user authentication, improved personal secure drive integrity, secure email and support protected digital certificate applications.     * BIOS support for Computrace Pro(5) helps protect against data theft by allowing customers to remotely delete data at the file, directory or operating system level and keep confidential information more secure.     * Through a single user interface, HP Connection Manager offers easy control over wireless connections, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth? and optional integrated 3G Mobile Broadband(6) for convenient internet and intranet access from more places around the world.   For remote workers, a front-facing VGA webcam enables videoconferencing, and a 3-megapixel camera on the back allows for still image and video capture. SRS Premium Sound provides optimized audio settings for voice and multimedia applications and an SD card slot allows for expanded storage and sharing capabilities. The HP Slate Dock provides device connection via two USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port.   Flexible HP Slate solutions for business The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC comes with optional additional accessories and business solutions including the HP Retail Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Case, which features an integrated magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner for retailers. The case attaches to the HP Slate 2 and creates a secure portable POS solution that personalizes transactions, boosts productivity and sales, and integrates into existing application and hardware infrastructure. In addition, the HP Slate 2 helps retailers combine online and enterprise access to applications and services including task management workflows, inventory data and custom orders.   The optional HP Slate Bluetooth? Keyboard and Case accessory is a new sleek, stylish executive-class carrying solution that bundles the HP Slate 2, a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard, HP Slate Digital Pen, and ID, business, or credit cards inside a single case.   Lightweight business notebooks Designed for mobile professionals, the HP 3115m offers up to 11.5 hours(3) of battery life, flexible wireless capabilities,(7) an 11.6-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD(8) display, Beats Audio? and a high-definition (HD)(8) webcam for collaboration with peers. The new AMD E450 dual-core(9) Fusion APU with AMD Radeon HD 6320 graphics provides greater performance than a netbook without weighing professionals down.   Pricing and availability(10)       * The HP Slate 2 Tablet PC starts at $699 and is expected to be available worldwide later this month.     * The HP 3115m starts at $429 and is expected to be available Nov. 11 in the Americas only.   More information about the products, including product specifications and images, is available at   About HP HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. The world's largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure at the convergence of the cloud and connectivity, creatin   (1) Compatible with 32 bit software and applications only. (2) Weight will vary by configuration. (3) Battery life will vary depending on the product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality and power management settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. Additional details are available at MobileMark07 battery benchmark: (4) Comparison to HP Slate 500 Tablet PC. (5) The Computrace Agent is shipped turned off and must be activated by customers when they purchase a subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased for terms ranging from one to five years. Service is limited, check with Absolute Software for service availability outside of North America. The Absolute Recovery Guarantee is a limited warranty. Certain conditions apply. Data Delete is an optional service provided by Absolute Software. If utilized, the Recovery Guarantee is null and void. In order to use the Data Delete service, customers must first sign a Pre-Authorization agreement and then purchase one or more RSA SecurID tokens from Absolute Software. Additional information is available at (6) WWAN use requires a separately purchased wireless service contract. Check with local vendors for coverage area and availability. Connection and speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions and other factors. (7) Internet access required and sold separately. (8) HD content required to view HD images. (9) Dual Core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. (10) Estimated U.S. street prices. Actual prices may vary.   Microsoft and Windows are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by Hewlett-Packard Company under license. AMD is a trademark of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.   This news release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. If such risks or uncertainties materialize or such assumptions prove incorrect, the results of HP and its consolidated subsidiaries could differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements and assumptions. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements, including but not limited to statements of the plans, strategies and objectives of management for future operations, including execution of growth strategies, transformation initiatives and restructuring plans; any statements concerning expected development, performance or market share relating to products and services; any statements regarding anticipated operational and financial results; any statements of expectation or belief; and any statements of assumptions underlying any of the foregoing. Risks, uncertainties and assumptions include macroeconomic and geopolitical trends and events; the competitive pressures faced by HP's businesses; the development and transition of new products and services (and the enhancement of existing products and services) to meet customer needs and respond to emerging technological trends; the execution and performance of contracts by HP and its customers, suppliers and partners; the protection of HP's intellectual property assets, including intellectual property licensed from third parties; integration and other risks associated with business combination and investment transactions; the hiring and retention of key employees; expectations and assumptions relating to the execution and timing of growth strategies, transformation initiatives and restructuring plans; the resolution of pending investigations, claims and disputes; and other risks that are described in HP's Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2011 and HP's other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including but not limited to HP's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2010. HP assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.

Enjoy your fingertrips on the android tablet

Posted on November 21, 2011 04:48 AM

Android OS has been popular for the new tablet laptop based on the supplier. Android OS is open to the public so countless software and apps are developed adopted to the OS. 

So what are the main functions of a tablet android will be displayed when buying it? I have summerized below the main features of the principal.

Operation system

Android 2.3 will be the last version of android tablets and has an excellent performance. People are waiting for the latest version 3.0, code-named honeycomb, however, there is no product available though, accessible. As we know android OS was originally used to be made with smaller size Android smart phones. The version 3.0 is a heavy burden for a tablet pc.

The heart of the tablets. The tablets must be installed with a no less than 600 MHz processor, but it is important for a gadget with no less than 800MHz or you will get practical experience apparent delay.

Memory and SD slot
RAM memory sizes that are around 512 is good, while high-end units come with 1 GB of memory. The standard memory varies from 2 GB to 32 GB or more. But usually they are equiped with an external SD card slot which supports about 32 GB. So ensure they do have SD card slot.

Touch screen

A resistive screen or a capacitive screen? The capacity is much better than the resistive screen, while some people prefer resistive. Capacitive screen can recognize the touch, if it touches an electrical conductor that is, for example, the human body. 
Resistive touch screen recognizes when the stress on the screen is detected. It is actually much improved in the rule to use with fingernails or sharper object, the stylus like a finger. Well, most of the tablets are now with a capacitive screen for a better touch sense of fingernails.

Net 3G and Wi-Fi 
Most fun of tablet will lose without the 3G net and Wi-Fi. However, you need a few hundred dollars more for 3G support. You can still get offers to Wi-Fi version tablet pc and enjoy the world wide web at a variety of places, like many public libraries, e-book distributors, retailers and airports provides Wi- fi hotspot.

  When you get to know the tabelts and its featurs, choose a highly cost effective tablet is neccesary. is a bulk wholesale website where you can find many andorid tablets. Thoese android tablet are on bulk wholesale so that they have quite low prices and with high quality for cooperates with the large factories. On, they have different kinds of android tablets to satisfy various requirments and needs.  Want a andorid tablet? So visit 

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