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As China's agricultural progress and people's residing basic persists to increase

Posted on February 02, 2012 02:40 AM, in automatic case packer

As China's agricultural progress and people's residing basic persists to increase

China's latest deficiency of chilly chain logistics amenities and equipment, current amenities and items obsolete,sex enhancer  like a constraint to the progress of vital chilly chain logistics bottlenecks. in accordance with statistics of chinese language program Association of Refrigeration, 2006, China's chilly storage space potential of around 8.8 million tons (converted into library quantity of about 38 million cubic meters), and chilly storage space potential within america in 2003 reached 88.48 million m3, 2007 å¹´ most significant U.S. twenty operates the 49 million cubic meters of chilly storage, the U.S. company, Murray chilly (AmeriCold) experienced 11.8 million cubic meters a refrigerator.

About 30,000 automobiles in China insulation,video transmitter and receiver  although the U.S. has drastically much more than twenty million, Japan with twelve million units; our refrigerated and insulated automobiles accounted for freight cars, in comparison with just 0.3%, although america 0.8% to 1%, United Kingdom 2.5% to 2.8%, Germany 2% to 3%. also to Wuhan, Hubei Province, Xiangfan and Yichang metropolitan areas produced chilly storage, another cities, districts do not have huge chilly storage; sex powder Wuhan chilly storage space potential of 16 million tons, much reduce than Shanghai's 35 million tons, the neighborhood chilly chain challenging to fulfill the specifications inside the neighborhood amenities and equipment. It is understood, Hubei Province, lots of chilly storage space and distribution businesses aimed on the progress of chilly chain logistics opportunities, founded out to pattern the project, preparing investment, the most recent concentrate on infrastructure.

last two to three many years in Hubei period of your time of awesome progress of chilly chain logistics, jjzxnljy1 companies should help countrywide policy.

Agricultural merchandise should adhere to the chilly chain logistics like a "double-hundred projects" focusing on content, video fiber optics and enhance help to the middle region. middle may be the country's granary, all much more than a massive quantity of vegetables, fruits, meat and aquatic merchandise base, "Double Hundred Project" to help the companies and jobs to the middle tilt, enhance the proportion of finances for every one challenge to help and guidebook the companies to expand the trading, clearing , information, features, construction, agricultural merchandise wholesale market.

chilly storage space developing near to the organization to provide fiscal support. chilly storage space developing to some higher standard, huge cash investment, extended payback period. in accordance with the survey, developing potential of about 10,000 rectangular meters of chilly storage space cash 40 million yuan.
China's meat, eggs, aquatic products, vegetables, fruit production greatest all through the world, but most inside the merchandise distribution channels, Fiber Optic Transmitter there is no rigid chilly chain environment, 80% inside the transport of perishable dinners without getting temperatures control, major to agricultural by-products previous to the last customer inside the world's first burning amount.

Hubei Province, regarded since the "land of plenty" all through the world, has shaped several benefits of agricultural production base, some businesses chilly storage space building, of considerable dimension refrigerated truck transport, chilly chain operations engineering as well as the gradual adoption of particulars technology, storage space of agricultural merchandise flow carried out a considerable role. Meanwhile, the neighborhood chilly chain logistics and agricultural progress nonetheless faces lots of constraints such as inadequate infrastructure, higher worth of distribution, production and advertising troubles such as bad butt.

on this regard, plastic material packaging stakeholders chilly chain logistics for agricultural merchandise in Hubei, the real, best after cautious research, case sealing machine not merely of Hubei, but also all through the countrywide level, supplied the progress of agricultural chilly chain logistics contemplating and recommendations.

China's fruit and veggie intake amount of about 25% to 30%, the yearly burning of worth of practically 800 billion yuan; although Europe jointly with other produced countries, poultry meat and eggs, dairy products, beverages jointly with other foodstuff refrigerated transport amount of 100% veggie refrigerated transport amount 95%, fruit and veggie post-loss amount under 5%. in accordance with the survey, the shelf existence of apple intake amount much under 20%, low-quality intake as drastically as 40%; and chilly chain logistics may be produced to give protection to mature fruit year-round consumption. Fruits and veggies can be the benefits of our products, as a final result of chilly chain logistics and developed, resulting in lots of merchandise accomplish the high quality specifications of international countries, exports can not be achieved.

As China's agricultural progress and people's residing basic persists to increase, drastically more and drastically more obligation for chilly chain logistics. Dog apparel wholesale To acquire agricultural chilly chain logistics, can reduce intake from production to use, will help give protection to foodstuff high quality and safety, to expand our agricultural exports, help reduce product sales costs and enhance farmers' income.

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