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In the international brand of smart phones in the camp

Posted on March 09, 2012 04:56 AM
 In the international brand of smart phones in the camp Domestic handset how to stand up this is a big issue, but, I believe that the issue behind must have method. But, the brand model case is the subject of one of the ways, with good brand model case this creating the brand weapon will let you of the brand construction little take many tortuous paths. Domestic handset is China's communication terminal of a new, will soon stand up from the most basic appearance, quality, marketing the three aspects, just may start in the near time grew up in and on their feet.

Always feel that something, so the article by a week to launch. Sure enough, the international and domestic in just a month happened a series of major events, let a person have to calm down and meditation. The first international, said the first shake the largest is the "Google $12.5 billion acquisition of MOTOROLA mobile"; The second thing is "HP webOS phone and officially announced the give up flat computer"; The third thing is "apple generation, the former leader of the jobs chief operating officer Tim cook, power"; In China's largest mobile phone market vibration events is "lei jun configuration and beyond imagination with strong price of smart phones have been staged, cosmetic packaging on millet domestic cheap smartphone era". The international and domestic concentrated in a month before the outbreak of the big events, through a series of phenomena analysis, communication terminal is experiencing 3 G intelligent fusion to integration and shuffle.

History is similar, but never repeat itself. When domestic handset will many international brand extrusion of the Chinese market, have pomp wouldn't come back. With intelligent the rapid spread of the mobile phone, the mobile market has entered into an unprecedented period of "quick" era, from research to sale, in order to win, for slow and fast losing case will be as time promoting is staged continuously. Earlier, apple is because the earliest introduced in the mobile market touch the screen size and the concept of blasting operation, thus opening night red big screen smartphone universal precedent. And now, good at speed of the war of cheap, not only as samsung is more the overwhelming strength in placing outbreaks.

At present many international brands mobile phone market fretting cases, domestic handset to how to improve their competitive advantage is becoming the current domestic handset in the face of the facts the status quo. Although, cool, zte, huawei,hsmaubpd12 TianYu had earlier stepped out of the first step, but more domestic handset brand more need to get professional guidance, so as to promote domestic handset in the market "let flowers bloom", further "schools of thought contend" its to a height of the smartphone era.

ChenYuZhou nearly three years has been paying attention to their phones into 3 G after age, the development situation of 3 G licences though when just send down each big telecommunications operators some exaggerated and from now don't seem too realistic propaganda, but time the footsteps, but not so and stagnant. Instead, for example, is more and more profound was just 3 G licences issued from video when most operators can call to 3 G mobile phone to interpret and spread. And now the situation is "video calls" is only 3 G smartphones one of the function. The application of the Internet, is more games, the bo, multimedia, business and experience and application.

Therefore, ChenYuZhou based on domestic handset, intelligent 3 G, 4 G era, special requirements of the development of proposed "brand model case" for the theory of homebred brand promotion of the smart phone market competitive superiority of service. Since 2007 after the spell iPhone, a mobile phone market rules of the game actually have change completely. With Google with Android smart phones, and competitive market like was completely turned into "ecological system" wrangling. And each mobile phone manufacturer in this global development tendency all hope to form his own ecosystem, let hardware, software, developers, and users will benefit from it.

The idea is good, but do not use a, two words can solve the problem. In the international brand of smart phones in the camp, we can not deny "ecological system" really has become a fact of life. Its reason in these international brand most have master "brand model case" make its brand products method and skill. And as just the start into a new intelligence in the age of 3 G mobile phone number, of course, in "products brand model case" make qualifications is shallow on. Fiber Optic Transmitter
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This report lays emphasis on the current development

Posted on March 09, 2012 04:48 AM
This report lays emphasis on the current development lobally, the production of carbon fiber is mostly dominated by PAN-based carbon fiber, the capacity of which in 2009 accounted for 96% or so of the global total capacity of carbon fiber. Japan’s Toray, Toho Tenax, and Mitsubishi Rayon are mainly engaged in the production of small-tow (≤24K) PAN-based carbon fiber, amounting to 70.5% of the global total capacity of small-tow carbon fiber in 2009; while America’s Zoltek mainly deals with large-tow (>24K) PAN-based carbon fiber and its capacity took 49.1% of the global total capacity of large-tow carbon fiber in 2009.

The entire market of pitch-based carbon fiber is not so big but rather centralized in production. hsmaubpd12 Japan’s Kureha enjoyed the highest capacity of pitch-based carbon fiber by 1.45 kilotons in 2009, approximating 65% market share, hsmaubpd12 followed by America’s Cytec of about 17.9%.

China has taken the industrialization of carbon fiber technology as a strategic task, however, the overall level is far behind that of the developed countries and the entire industry is still at the stage of initial development. Along with the breakthroughs in carbon fiber industrialized technologies, the successively released policies for carbon fiber industry development, and the stimulation of the huge gap between supply and demand in domestic market, China has launched a lot of research projects concerning carbon fiber and kiloton industrialization projects. Up to the end of 2009, China had formed the annual capacity of 7.81 kiloton PAN precursor and 3.31 kiloton carbon fiber, but the actual output of carbon fiber was just over 900 tons with the import dependency ratio as high as 83.9%.

Till June 2010, the capacity of carbon fiber projects planned to be built or under construction in China recorded 60 kilotons or so, hereinto, the capacity of the projects planned to go into operation at the end of 2010 (including those went into operation before June 2010) exceeded 7 kilotons. Nevertheless, only a small number of projects can successfully go into operation and realize stable production now that there is a lack of core industrialization technology with independent intellectual property rights in Chinese carbon fiber industry, but this heralds the development opportunity of the carbon fiber industry in China.
This report lays emphasis on the current development, supply & demand, competition pattern, price trend as well as the development trend of global and China carbon fiber industry. Moreover, it also casts light on the operation and development of 18 manufacturers worldwide such as Japan’s Toray, Toho Tenax, and Mitsubishi Rayon, America’s Zoltek, and China’s ZhongFu ShenYing.

Take Toray ranking world’s No.1 in terms of overall competitiveness of carbon fiber as an example. Its revenue of carbon fiber business mainly stems from aviation & spaceflight, industry and sports fields, occupying 44.2%, 36.7% and 19.1% respectively of the total revenue of carbon fiber business in FY2009. The economic crisis led to the postponed orders from aviation and sports fields for carbon fiber, and the revenue and operating profit of Toray’s carbon fiber business both plunged in FY2009, of which, the former fell to JPY50.7 billion, down 28% from the prior year, and the latter registered JPY6.2 billion, down 26.2% from a year earlier. dog toys
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