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Cloud computing to increase productivity

Posted on January 17, 2013 12:14 AM, in Benefits of Advertising

A number of schools of thought exist for productivity in the workplace.


There are some people who think that productivity can be enhanced only by intrusive micro-management. Some others are of the opinion that incentives are a better option to increase productivity.


Irrespective of the exact approach, you or your company resorts to for boosting up their productivity; technology should be considered to play an important role in assisting daily operations. For example, it can be considered that an organization’s IT assets and resources have an important role to play in either enhancing or degrading productivity. This is mainly because IT helps to organize all inter-office communications, file sharing, information logging, storage of data and collaborative efforts. Nowadays, cloud computing is replacing traditional IT and newer technologies are being used.


Cloud computing help to influence productivity in several ways as listed below.


Cloud computing can resort to virtually any type of software or application; an app can be packaged along with other programs and processes and then easily duplicated and copied.


If you are in a traditional IT setup, a packaged set of processes is not so simply transferred among individual users. Besides slowing down the individual’s performing work, it creates more redundant-style labor for IT. Cloud computing enables you to create your own software based solutions and make use of them immediately for several users according to the need. Several pathways to completion of any particular task can open up through cloud computing. As the employees are free to choose the pathway and innovatively address the work they are assigned, they are more interested in the work. You can design more impressive and better solutions.


Cloud computing manages to make connectivity better just like web tools, apps and communication interfaces do. You can deploy any web service, app or software on a cloud. This enables you to have a better interface for users who have more number of individual points of communication.


The only problem with this technology is that it takes a lot of effort and understanding from the IT department personnel’s side. Cloud computing not only increases productivity but it also effectively redesigns the way your business achieves the day to day work.


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