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The accelerated development of e-commerce Today

Posted on February 03, 2012 03:48 AM, in bottle palletizer

The accelerated development of e-commerce Today Meanwhile, the Assembly aswell organized a Forum on the affair added than 40 games, including actinic and biologic industry 2011 Cast Summit, 2011, dog collars wholesale China's biologic industry addition and development of anchorage and added forums, agreeable officials, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs talked about the "second Five-Year Plan" biologic industry to adjust, the new GMP, enhance the superior of biologic assembly and added topics. Organizing committee, the appointment is a new biologic industry in China back the founding of the accomplished specifications, the better and a lot of participants in the exhibition event. E-Commerce Forum captivated the aboriginal medicine. The accelerated development of e-commerce Today, the biologic industry has entered the era of e-commerce. Anesthetic is aswell the aboriginal e-commerce Summit captivated yesterday, "economic medicine" editor Tao Jianhong, dog bowls alien in a accent the next 10 years, the complete calibration of China's biologic bazaar will abide to grow, at a CAGR of 20% to ability 20,460 by 2015 billion in 2020 to ability 4.8226 abundance yuan. cdahmxw0 In 2011, China's biologic bazaar admeasurement of about 938.8 billion yuan. Biologic end markets are alteration in form. According to Tao Jianhong alien in 2011, the hospital accounted for the complete ascendancy of the retail end, the arrangement is about 60.20%; followed by retail pharmacies accounted for 21.90%, 18.00% accounted for the third terminal. The Tao Jianhong predicted that by 2020, hospitals, dog beds retail pharmacy bazaar allotment will decline, agreeable the profits to a third terminal. The admeasurement of the third terminal will ability the retail bazaar allotment of 26.80%, and alter the retail pharmacies, as the bazaar "second." "The third terminal is mainly e-commerce marketing." The development of the third terminal of the change is the a lot of absolute a growing amount of online pharmacies. Tao Jianhong forecast, online pharmacies will be the capital high-end OTC drugs, appropriate action cosmetics, bloom products, exercise equipment, "recommended prices are about the a lot of big-ticket commodity", they are the capital approach of operation a "call centermost and abettor services, the abutting band pharmacy administration archetypal "," limited customers, dog tags the burning needs of barter at night should be actual admiring of this model. " Second, the acceleration of supermarkets, biologic food will follow. The appointment exhibition breadth of 100,000 aboveboard meters, from 18 countries and regions, added than 3,500 announcement companies, China's biologic industry is the better barter show, appointment will advertise the latest articles in today's apple biologic industry and technology and development trends. Categorized advertise the latest articles and technology. The appointment of "the accomplished industry calm to accessible the cast of Chinese Medicine, the International Decade of gold" as its theme, the exhibition breadth accretion 10 actor aboveboard meters, three canicule of accession of visitors is accepted to added than 10 actor people. cheap dog clothes The General Assembly set PHARMCHINA bazaar Museum, APIChina API exhibition, medical biologic packaging exhibition, biologic equipment,cosmetic packaging exhibition, and several added galleries,dog sweaters the biologic industry category, highlight the latest products, technologies and trends.

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