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Disciplined Trader Risk Reduction 71 Page FREE Taming Risk-A Trader's Guide For ALL Traders!

Posted on April 06, 2012 10:09 AM, in Forex AND Stock Trading Strategies Blog

Download Disciplined Trader Taming Risk-A Trader's Guide FREE...A Risk-Reduction Guide for ALL Traders (and it's complimentary)... Complimentary Trader's Ebook With TEETH (re: Risk Reduction)...Your "Reduce Trading Risk" Handbook - outstanding! Norman Hallett, the Internet's top authority on trading discipline, penned a book that you need to have... and he's just GIVING IT TO YOU!

Norman's written a terrific downloadable book all about reducing trading risk and really gives some great risk management and money management techniques that you can use RIGHT NOW to hike your trading results. You know how important risk management and money management are to your trading... but are you really applying them correctly... and to the fullest... in your trading? He's just GIVING the book to you.. complimentary... for just a day or two, so don't hesitate and grab it.

It's 71 Pages of MEAT.

Whether you trade stocks, FOREX, options, futures or bonds... Here's where to go to grab a copy "Taming Risk - A Trader's Guide"...Here are a few "high points" covered in Norman's book, "Taming Risk - A Trader's Guide"...

=> You'll have a foundation for good money management and risk management laid out for you... and this is KEY to avoiding "blowout trades" (you know, that one devastating trade that wipes out all your previously-accumulated profit).

=> You'll be exposed to strategies for HOW to take your profit AND, just as importantly, how to take your losses.

=> You'll be shown "risk reduction strategies" using options, stocks and currencies, that won't require a PhD to understand.

=> Norman even gives you a few "tips" right out of his popular "The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit", that will no-doubt surprise you. (hint: they have nothing to do with buying and selling)... read them carefully.

So don't hesitate on this one or two day offer. To get a complimentary copy of "Taming Risk - A Trader's Guide", you'll have to move on it today. It'll just take you a few seconds. Here's the direct link...

'The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit"..Special VIP Invite...I'd like to un-clasp the velvet rope for you... so that you can be the first to preview 'home version' of Norman Hallett's The Disciplined Trader training,..


As you know, there has been a lot of buzz about Norman's state-of-the-art offering and, in fact... Here is what Maureen S. (an early buyer of the Mastery Kit) had to say after only ONE DAY with the Kit...

"Well, I will tall you that I got through the first CD yesterday and I wish I had had this so much earlier in my trading career. Vad goes through the steps of mastery and I could see where I am in the process and it immediately helped me to zero in on exactly what area will be most helpful to me in an exponential way... in other words, the least amount of effort for the most result, and it' is just a simple mindset shift to get me to the next level of my trading. Wow! Also, it made me realize a couple of holes in my trading plan I was missing. Thanks for this essential trading aid!"

... And Maureen is just through ONE of TWELVE CDs in the training!

I INVITE YOU, RIGHT NOW, TO GET ON THE VIP LIST, where you'll get preferred access to inspect all the elements of The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit, before the crowd of traders do. Norman is only releasing a limited number of Kits because it will include 2 HUGE bonuses... one of which requires one-on-one attentions with buyers, so I suggest...

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