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Hieroglifs Translations Joins the European Language Industry Association

Posted on February 09, 2012 05:53 PM

In its ongoing quest to better serve clients throughout the European Union, Hieroglifs Translations has joined the European Language Industry Association (ELIA). This non-profit association promotes quality standards and ethics within the language industry as well as serves as a vital voice in promoting and representing the language industry's interests throughout Europe and the world.


ELIA members enjoy increased visibility and credibility and have the opportunity to build relationships, network, share ideas, and shape the language industry around the world. In order to become a member of ELIA, translation agencies must meet specific membership criteria and conform to stringent quality guidelines. With a 12-point code of conduct that covers everything from quality standards and accuracy to acceptance agreements, solicitation, and ethical behaviors, ELIA membership serves as a badge of honor.  


Hieroglifs Translations has always focused on providing high quality translations and superb customer service. Joining the European Language Industry Association is the natural next step. Not only does this membership provide Hieroglifs Translations with new opportunities to explore, it reinforces our commitment to excellence. 

Most popular languages in business

Posted on February 09, 2012 05:10 PM

Knowledge of one or more languages can be useful when making business in different countries. English is considered to be the business language all over the world, while lately also other languages have become of vital importance.

English is widely used language among entrepreneurs in western countries but Russian has become the first business language for post-Soviet countries. Still the second language after English has becomeMandarin,China’s official language, based on business usefulness. Mandarin is spoken by 845 million people – printing, manufacturing, construction, finance – it is all there, and if you plan to deal withChina, knowledge of Mandarin will make the road to business just easier.

The Chinese business practice is vastly different from the Western method; they have their own unique business culture and etiquette. Chinese business runs on the principle of ‘’relationships’’. The more you share in your personal life, including family, leisure time, political views, the closer you are in your business relationship. There is no business talk inChinawithout at least one trip to a restaurant. Formal business dinner normally drags for some time as there will be much social talk, karaoke, and drinking contests. Not necessary to mention that if you wish to feel free and be able to share ideas with Chinese people, language plays an important role and you would just gain if knowing it.

Francehas always played a crucial part in both European and World events. Today, the French business market boasts a variety of international investors and is an important world supplier of agricultural and industrial products. It could be the reason why French is ranked as second most popular business language. Relationship is an important part of French business culture, and you will often spend a few minutes getting to know your colleagues before discussing business. But don’t expect to be invited out in the evenings after work as most people will go home to their families.

The third most common language is Arabic and within the Arab world the business etiquette is paramount, as these countries value order, rules and traditions. In addition to having Arabic interpreters in your business meeting, you will also want each your document that you are using in a business meeting, to be translated in Arabic language to facilitate communication with your business partners.

Spanish is ranked as number four most common language. By speaking Spanish, you can own Central and South America as well asSpain. Also Spanish people will want to become acquainted with you before proceeding with business. They will check if you are honest, reliable, to find out if they can place their trust in your products or business before starting relationship. The Spanish are great conversationalists. Many companies inSpainhave staff with good English language skills, but an initial approach in Spanish is more effective.

Language and communication skills are high demand in business. The more languages you speak, the easier to establish business relationship with possible clients. There are between 6,000 languages in the world and among them English is the first one. Enjoy learning languages as it allows you to create more personal relationship with other people, their culture and way of living.

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