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The house is an asset that's very important, not only his home but the contents inside the home is also important. Nowadays rampant crimes targeting homes, ranging from petty theft to robbery. If the crime was just a material adverse homeowner, may still be sought instead, but if it lives up to homeowners who participate captured by the bad guys is that the most frightening. Prevention is better than cure, this adage may be very suitable for our home security issues, not to already busy looking for new events or system tool for our home security. Home security Kata Bijak Margahayuland bumi orange

The development of communication technologies has given rise to a very rapid Home Alarm System with GSM technology. This is a very interesting combination of technology, so that with this technology we can monitor and keep the house from anywhere and at anytime. How come? .. How does it work? .. To answer follow the following description.

Home alarm system with GSM technology consists of a main panel that called Host, the main panel is central to the work that set the whole alarm system, the main panel is integrated GSM technology. Other parts of the home alarm system is installed sensors as needed to capture or trap intruders or to monitor events, such as door sensors, motion sensors, gas sensors, fire sensors, etc.. Home alarm system is also equipped with a remote control that can be used to control the host or main panel, remotely can use the phone and sms to the main control panel. The other part that is important is the siren or siren which is a tool that can be read with a loud voice that there bilmana unwanted events which, following the main panel with an image sensor and a remote control.
The workings of this home alarm glance similar to the workings of a car alarm. Where we left the car when we press the button which activates an alarm in the remote, and when you want to get in the car then we turn off the alarm button on the remote. If we open the car door without first turning off the alarm, the siren will sound car, this meant that if there are thieves prying the door the siren will sound. So is the house alarm, there are two major alarm status, alarm is activated and the alarm is not active. If we leave the house so we can activate the alarm, and if you want to go home first then the alarm is disabled. To turn off the alarm and the alarm can use the remote you are available or if for example we've gone away and forget maengaktifkan alarm, then activated the alarm to be through sms.

When the alarm system is active, then if there are burglars who entered through a door or window that we install the sensor, then the sensor will send a signal to the main panel or the host that the intruder or disturbance has occurred, then the host will automatically turn on the siren ( can be setup to not turned on the siren), after which the host will send an sms to the number gsm homeowners who have been setup previously that it provided information that there is an interruption or thieves entered through a particular door. If the thief entered through a door, it can also be known through other sensors such as PIR sensor (motion sensor) that we put in certain locations, where if there is movement in the house, but the house should be empty then the PIR sensor will provide a signal to the host that there has been a disruption, and the host will also automatically turn on the alarm and send the SMS to the owner of the house.

Besides mounted sensors to detect if there is an interruption that go into the house, the host or main panel is also integrated with other sensors that detect if there is danger. Like a fire sensor or smoke sensor, so if there is a potential case of fire, then immediately turn the host will alarm and call as well as send text messages to the owner of the house. So is the gas sensor, if there is a gas leak sensor will detect it and send a signal to the host, so the host will be.

The sensors can be connected to the host using a cable or wireless technology. For ease of installation you can select the sensor that uses wireless technology, so as to put an alarm system, you can do it yourself without having to be assisted specialized technicians. Home security Kata Bijak Margahayuland bumi orange

Prices for home alarm systems with GSM technology is now relatively affordable, you can order it here. Once again for the sake of safety and security of your family's assets, prevention is better than a tackle when it's events, beware of evil is everywhere and it can happen anytime.

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