Of the party 3 in plenary meeting was made

Posted on December 12, 2012 03:49 AM

Of the party 3 in plenary meeting was made in seventeen, and gradually establish a unified urban and rural construction land market, to legally acquire rural nike lebron vi shoes sale

collective constructive land, must pass the tangible land market, unified to open to standardize the way in the transfer of land use rights, in line with the planning

and under the prerequisite of state-owned land enjoys equal rights. In the eighteen Party Congress, reforming land requisition system, raise a farmer in the land value

increment distribution ratio in. Land management law amendment draft at the end of the 11 The State Council executive meeting approved, can be expected, the future is

expected to steadily advance the reform of land management system.

" Forgery residence permit to hide the real information, will give the surrounding residents bring safe hidden trouble, suggested to increase the punishment. " "

Floating population in Anhui province of residence registration approach (Draft ) " in the social public opinion. " Legal Daily " the reporter understands, in the

comment period, many people call, focuses on the processing conditions, time limit and penalties and other aspects of the advisory.
The draft is available, means in the province of Anhui has 16 years of " seniority " temporary residence permits will " retire ". " Although the temporary residence nike kobe vii shoes sale

permit and residence permit only difference, but the meaning is far-reaching. " The Anhui provincial government office of Legislative Affairs Wang Gang told reporters,

temporary residence permits focuses on the administration of public security, the public service without any embodiment, and a residence permit from management to

service for the floating population, home life to provide a lot of convenience, embodies the equalization of the public service idea, which is both principled

According to the draft regulations, to be in residence live more than 1 months of floating population, eligible to apply for a residence permit of residence of public

security organs. The holder in place of residence can enjoy social insurance, education and training, employment support, housing security, health, family planning,

social assistance, legal aid, social security and public services treatment. At the same time, the holder in place of residence in accordance with the relevant

provisions of occupation qualification examination, occupation technical appraisal, professional and technical evaluation of occupation, immigration documents, nike kobe 6 sale

household relocation services will also smooth operator.

According to the insiders, clean up the small property

Posted on December 12, 2012 03:48 AM

 According to the insiders, clean up the small property

right need to administer thoroughly. Especially in the nike lebron x 10 for sale new-type urbanization background, steadily the reform of land management system, and gradually establish a

unified urban and rural construction land market is imminent.
Clear punish the housing of small property right is not the most recent one or two years, the departments of land and resources over the years has always stressed that

the small property right room is not legitimate, not to do the right registration, and many times to carry out rectification work, but the effect is limited. The small

property right house " blossom everywhere ", ban repeatedly more than, cause many. A recent years in the process of urbanization, urban construction land value-added

amazing city, prices continued to rise, the price is only half of the surrounding commercial housing of small property project has huge market demand; two is the

supervision system is not perfect, execute the law lax at the small property right room to take root, some places for a variety of interests relation consider to

clears stoutly, make the housing of small property right becomes the chronic and stubborn disease.
But the small property right room is difficult to control the most fundamental reason is the current land market segmentation by two yuan in urban and rural areas, nike air max lebron ix shoes sale

with different price, make the farmer breaks through the existing institutional arrangements to seek benefit compensation. In the current legal framework, construction

land into state-owned construction land and the rural collective construction land. For the latter, with the main body has relatively strict restriction, is generally

used by farmers to do business, for rural public facilities construction and village residential building. The housing of small property right of rural collective

construction land use regulations is a breakthrough for main body limitation, illegal entry clear examples.
In the course of urbanization, promote urban and rural harmonious development is the proper meaning of. As one of the most important natural, economic, social,

ecological factor, land is the key factor in the process of integration of urban and rural, land system is a series of institutional reform and fundamental link. Can

be expected, the reform must be in "advance steadily " tone propulsion. On one hand, break urban and rural land flow barrier, guide, normative country collective land

use right transfer orderly. As long as the use control and planning, included in the annual land use planning, rural collective construction land should enjoy equal

rights of state-owned construction land. On the other hand, promote the system of compensated use of land, realize land natural resources configuration from mainly by

the planning system to main by market configuration transformation. With land capitalization or the shares of a way, make the farmer more access to land development nike air max lebron viii sale

gains exploration form may be more numbers.

The Phoenix century a period two period

Posted on December 12, 2012 03:47 AM

The Phoenix century a period two period by the Shenzhen Citycheap nike penny hardaway People 's praise, three are listed, has become the ' village built the buildings ' star

property. " A promotional materials wrote. But perhaps because of too high, 11 in Shenzhen at the end of a local media on the market "hot " the report, then the

property will stop selling.
Recently, the China Securities newspaper reporter to call the " Phoenix International " sales offices, sales staff initially said that is already sold out, the

reporters repeatedly asked, the other that is subjected to media coverage of the effect of suspended sales. " We may sell too good ", the sales staff said, " projects

a had already moved in, after a period of time, the three phase of the sales may continue. "
Insiders said, the current Beijing area of new small property housing project is very few, and the location of a remote, for the purchase of attraction is not high;

while the stock of the housing of small property right price level than in the past has significantly increased, some even project near the same area " property rights nike air foamposite pro sale

" housing prices, which were very light. Overall, the housing of small property right market risk is on the rise.
The housing of small property right law and policy risk obviously, but to have been settled community owners, does not seem to worry. Two months ago, Ms. Wang in

Beijing to " Moon Bay small town " to buy a house, currently under renovation. She says, the house property is very understanding, do not worry about like " Shuicheng

Royal Villa " that were removed. " Such a large area, the government will not say demolition on the demolition. "
In this district residents, in addition to the local villagers, like Ms. Wang field such as household staff. Cell located where the village committee responsible

person said, area was initially used for the village dweller to live oneself, thereafter has sold, but is still owned by the village collective land property rights.

He also said, do not have to worry about the so-called policy risk.
In Beijing, the existing small property in the area, quite one part area has been settled. In addition to land are different in nature, the area and the housing area.

According to incomplete statistics, Beijing small property housing community to accommodate population has reached hundreds of thousands of. It is this huge stock

size, the small property room disposed facing many difficulties, but also for some owners and the village committee of the housing of small property right risk to pay

no heed to.
In Shenzhen, the small property right room much larger. According to the Shenzhen Department of land claims, Shenzhen land has been completely transformed into state-

owned land, but is part of the original rural collective land have not deal with land ownership procedures. Therefore the conventional concept, Shenzhen does not have

the small property right room, a large number of existing did not obtain property procedures housing all belong to the "historical construction ". However, Shenzhen's

"historical illegal construction " accounted for more than half of the existing house, and in Baoan, Longgang, Longhua and other places, there are a large number of nike zoom kd 4 shoes sale

such property in the sale.

The plot of the architectural form of courtyard

Posted on December 12, 2012 03:46 AM

The plot of the architectural form of courtyard, the nike air max hyperposite for sale main house is two floor, offers a portico, part of a larger courtyard is also equipped with garage. Data shows, according to the different courtyard apartment layout, floor area from 800 square metres to 1200 square metres. Some courtyard is not decoration, in the blank room status. As one of Beijing's most expensive small property right housing project, " Shuicheng Royal Villa " once in every 20000000 yuan to 50000000 yuan price speculation, at the show, no two. Until April 5th of this year, the project by the Ministry of land and resources of Beijing city and relevant departments to stop, " full suspension, sale", and to plan projects for the. In June 21st, " Shuicheng Royal Villa " along with Beijing high-Yang Albert agricultural development limited illegal occupation of Miyun Mu Xin Anzhuang Valley town of village collective land two cases together, by the Beijing Municipal Land Resources Bureau managed. As the project is clear, industry exclamations rectification room of small property right " moved real ". Since this year, to the small property right room suddenly accelerated pace of remediation. On September 17th, the Beijing City Land Bureau announced the preliminary to clear punish 79 small property right housing projects, that will carry on the classification processing. Among them, and " Shuicheng Royal Villa " is located in the same area, belong to one of the developers of the " Tivoli garden" project which also ranked. As a " mature" small property housing community, " Tivoli garden" which belongs to the ordinary residential, at present the project cheap nike zoom hyperfuse xdr shoes almost occupancy. As is announced, the project has been suspended for transactions of second-hand housing. Notable is, at the same time be publicity Changping District Cui bourg " jade villa Museum" project, had at last been part of the demolition of local government. But according to the China Securities News reporter investigation, after which the project there are still trading, not be to remove part of the occupancy rate has reached 50%. As a business agent in the area of a second-hand villa, price 3500000 yuan. In this publication, belong to the small property right room hot region of Tongzhou District has 6 projects " on the list ". The region is well-known small property housing project " Moon Bay small town ", recently has quietly removed the sales offices, after inquiries, China Securities News still find project sales. The salesman said, Project No. 7, 6, 7, 8 unit is sold, launched a 90 square meters Liangju, according to different floors, the price from 5000 yuan / square metre to 6000 yuan / square meters ranging. Apart from this not far from another small property housing project " too Jade Garden ", in the same publication list. Because the scale is too large, the project has been called Beijing's largest small property housing estate. Sales staff said, this project in the sale of second-hand housing has been unable to transfer. He nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 for sale emphasizes at the same time, as long as they can make 6-8 million fee, still have a way to complete the transaction.

Li Yining said, the city schools of national

Posted on December 12, 2012 03:45 AM

Li Yining said, the city schools of national investment nike air max flyposite info , funds, teachers strength, equipment is also complete; rural children to school, school difference, poor

equipment, teachers and shortage of migrant workers, migrant workers or son. "The future of educational resource allocation equalization, undertake to rural education

reform. "
Social capital gap lies in the city to enter the market, people can always find resources, while the rural a ravine of the poor, who may not be able to enter the

market. " Rural people should be encouraged to go out, support and protect the small and micro businesses. To learn from Wenzhou were practices, encouraging farmers

out, let them in the market to veteran, hard work, pioneering. "
" China's gap between rich and poor is also reflected in the unfair distribution of income. Western countries once the insufficient distribution, two distribution of adizero crazy light 2 shoes for sale

narrow difference. The two distribution in China to expand a distribution gap. Why? Urban and rural social security benefits of different, educational expenditure

allocation, the allocation of health care resources are not the same. " Li Yining says.

Winter season, is located in Beijing City, Changping District Zheng Gezhuang village "Shuicheng Royal Villa " area at the southernmost tip of a villa has been knocked

down, once highly sought after items now no popularity. Small property right housing has finally started to "action ".
China Securities News reporter recently found, along with the policy risks highlight, expected gradient, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places of the small property

housing sales had plummeted. At the same time, even be publicity cleaning small property right housing project, there are still ways " the sucker " sales.
According to the insiders, because of the large size, and relates to the land system, to the small property right room disposal has become one of the most important

issues. The small property right house reason is more complex, should be in a clear policy direction basis, types, step by step control.
Scene: cleaning project is still in the real
At present, while the most expensive small property right housing project " Shuicheng Royal Villa " seems to have lost its past glory. On December 3rd, the Beijing

city land resources bureau about two supervise the handling of major illegal land use cases and the results, is located in Changping District Zheng Gezhuang village

price small property housing project " Shuicheng Royal Villa " is one of them.
China Securities News reporter recently visited the project, project on the eastern side of the door has been closed, unable to access. The south wall after entering,

the face is in ruins from the rubble, is not difficult to see that the removal of trace. Subsequent multiple compound has not been removed, is in the idle state. No adidas adizero rose 773 for sale

one shows any interest in the empty area, only two scavengers in finding accommodation.

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