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Posted on March 09, 2012 08:57 AM, in kosmaext2010

So far, we know the credit system is offline only and certainly the people of Indonesia are more likely to choose a method of consumer credit in the transaction, many things that benefit from the credit method is one of the only people who have limited funds to purchase goods by installments dreams though usually will place a hefty price difference is relatively far away when the cash or cash purchase.

Credit phenomenon in Indonesia can be said from year to year is always an increase, any item at this time by the seller in addition to cash transactions must also apply the credit method as a solution to boost traffic and sales were Indonesia offline credit this phenomenon by CariKredit.com made ??a world of new opportunities through online with a credit agregrator first birth site in Indonesia with its primary mission to bridge the consumer of a variety of leading financial institutions in Indonesia for all financial needs such as credit Card, loan, loan, mortgage, Business Financing, Vehicle loans, credit Multi Guna and so forth.

Who CariKredit.com world and how their work Informasi Kredit Terbaik di Indonesia ? CariKredit.com is one business unit of DGtraffic Group which was founded by Herman Chang with a target business that is developing a cost-per-lead business in which each financial institution to pay only one application for each consumer that apply through CariKredit.com then what features are offered by them? CariKredit.com apparently has a feature to compare products, promo, interest rates and other financial terms in a single container and other features are the simulation of the loan and the payment of even the consumers themselves can relevan desired credit from a financial institution with institutions and other financial institutions.

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