How Real Is The Concept Of Clean Coal

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For years, one of our most important energy sources has been coal. But, it is also one of our dirtiest. Can we clean it up enough to make it viable?

In the U.S., as a whole, more than half of all the electricity that we use in our day to day activities is generated by coal. And, energy experts constantly fret about us running out of oil, but not coal. In fact, coal is one energy source that we have plenty of.

According to many experts in the coal industry, if we continue to use coal at our current rates, there is enough coal in the ground to satisfy our needs for two to three decades at a minimum. However, with coal, the essential issue is, knowing how much harm it brings to the environment, can we continue to use it for our energy needs.wholesale double toggle jaw crusher

Like nearly all of the fuels that we use in day to day life, coal is a fossil fuel. And like any other fossil fuel, when you burn it it releases pollutants into the air. Burning coal spews sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide into the air. Of these, carbon dioxide is the pollutant that most environmental experts are concerned with because of its effect on global warming.

For decades now, the coal industry has been fighting against the reputation of coal as a fuel that is dirty.HCS hydraulic cylinder cone crusher price And, they have continually been on the lookout for ways to burn it more cleanly so that it does not have such a negative effect on the environment. As a result, in the last few years the industry has been promoting a new product that they have christened "clean coal." But what exactly is clean coal and is it a myth?

Unfortunately, even as we look at all of the advantages in processing coal that are occurring right now, at this point in time clean coal is a marketing concept more than anything concrete. It is used to describe any coal technology that helps to reduce the greenhouse gasses normally produced when you burn coal.high quality mining auxiliary equipment One technique being experimented with now is chemical washing. Another technique that many coal experts tout as promising is carbon capture and sequestration - a process in which the greenhouse gasses are captured before they enter into the atmosphere and stored in a containment facility.

The problem is that chemical washing, while good, only removes a small percentage of the pollutants. The problem with carbon capture and sequestration is that no one as yet has figured out an effective place in which to store the gasses.

So, at least at this point in time, clean coal is basically a myth. A marketing ploy. Real clean coal does not exist. If you burn, coal, you are going to produce greenhouse pollutants. They don't magically disappear. Research to develop clean coal has been on going for over ten years and, as of yet, has not produced the product.

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