The girls must prepare a black skirt

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    Casual wear leisure time clothing to wear when there are ten points. First, Who wear. Second, how kind of fashion. Third, the time to wear. Fourth, where are you to wear. Fifth, you wear want to do. Sixth color set the tone. Seventh, the shape of the election. Eighth, the use of illusion, and let others wrong you, you look more beautiful. Ninth, to pay attention to supporting. Tenth, to talk about the texture, speak grades. These ten elements is more talk about the more advanced.


    "Who wears" is a good grasp of the role of abiti cerimonia characteristics. If you're not a leader but piercing the kind of leadership, people will find it very funny. , To decide what you wear. Therefore, first determine what capacity, a person has a lot of roles: student, wife, mother, children, and so on. In various capacities on various occasions, you have to find the right clothing. Of course, abiti da cerimonia on line there are some wild clothing, when you can wear it.


    There is also a very important is to abiti da cocktail choose the color. Clothing color is the first feeling of the people, it can beautify the body, express their feelings, and expression of individuality. How to choose your own colors? First to recognize the relationship of several colors such as red and black is very, Hung expressed his warm, you have to warm your best clothes and a little red man, I would very much like to Bouquet Sposa see you.




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