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Posted on February 06, 2012 02:06 PM, in running in circles

How I got to this point well first lets recap our weekend shall we.   Ahhh yes the basketball games that start at 9:00 A.M. and its a double header!! Who after working all week and completly exhausting myself mentally from the financial craziness of this economy has a want to do this.  My kids love sports, love, and really are good at playing them.  So I am committed to them for as long as this interest holds.  On this day my son scored most of the points in both games and at the end shot the buzzer beater, yes he made it! Elated until the coach starts yelling at him and now we are in full tears.  Assholes somethimes is the best way I can put coaches.  It is something that has to be dealt with all the time.  I guess he wasnt suppose to take the shot at the end because we were up so far, he is ten, really.  Nice argument in the car with my husband and there you go off to the second game.  We lost, no surprise another issue on this team, we have 13 kids no one can get it pulled together to play right.  All about the money that sucks I would have paid extra to avoid the constant losing.    I think of each of us as circle linked we all have so much we do from day to day.  I started my day at 7:30 kids dropped off down to work at the company that is being run from my house.  I will have to start pickup at 2:30 run around in circles and get back to finish work. Each day is diffrent this one is slow so far, which I am perosnally thankful for.   So much more to say....

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