The Operating Rules of Impact Crushing Machine

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Impact crushing machine is also known as the impact sand making machine. The following is the operating rules of impact crushing machine.
1.Before the start of the impact crusher, the operator should check the whirl chamber and make sure that the door is locked tightly to prevent the material from flying out of the whirl chamber, causing accident.
2.Checking the direction of rotation of the impeller from the direction of the feed inlet. The impeller should rotate counterclockwise; otherwise, the operator should adjust the wiring of the motor.
3.Making sure the start sequence of the crusher and other device are in normal condition.
The feeding cannot be conducted until the impact crushing is operating normally without load.
1.The feeding particles should strictly follow the regulations. It is prohibited that the materials whose particle size is greater than that of the specified materials enter the rock breaking machine; otherwise, it would cause the imbalance and excessive wear of the impeller and cause the clogging of the impeller channel and center feeding tube, resulting in that the crusher cannot work normally. The large piece of materials should be immediately removed.
2.If the discharging device stops, the operator should stopping feeding timely; otherwise, the motor will be burnt.
3.The feeding should be continuous and uniform.
4.In the operation of the crusher, if there is severe vibration and abnormal noise, stopping the machine to find out the reason.
5.Paying attention to the lubrication of the machine.
The impact crushing machine produced by our company has simple structure, low cost, smooth operation and is energy efficient. The lining in the impeller and whirl crushing cavity greatly reduce the costs of wear parts and maintenance workload, effectively solving the pollution problem. The crafty circulation of the internal airflow eliminates the dust dispersion.

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