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Posted on March 31, 2012 12:23 AM, in Tourism in India

Central India has been always the center of tiger tourism in India. The state of Madhya Pradesh in a landlocked state situated in the very heart of the country hence the name. 

For a well heeled travel the state is a bundle of delights. Abundant wildlife and birds are the major attractions but as new vistas of state tourism open many aspects of tourism in MP are revealed. The state is rich in architectural splendours that date way back in the past. Fort palaces and anceint temples are the finest examples of historical grandeur that depict the history and reign of many invaders and settlers.   

Some of the popular destinations in India are:

Pachmarhi Hill Resort

Brought to light by Capt Forsyth this hilly land of astoudning natural formations is a veritable paradise on Earth. Situated in the cradle of the Highlands of Central India (Satpura Ranges) the highest point is at Dhupgarh at 1350 MSL. The terrain comprises of hills and valleys covered with dense forests and inundated by the Denva River which is the life line of this amazing ecosystem.

Pachmarhi Hill Resort is one of the top tourist destination in the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is also a wildlife sanctuary and a biosphere reserve that encompases Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Satpura Tiger Reserve. The tourism is organized leading many natural cave formations, Sighseeing points, natural springs and falls, serene pools; Sunset and sunrise points, temples and steep hill formations and glens that are unique to this hill resort.      

Khajuraho Temples

Situated deep in the remote part of Madhya Pradesh in Chatterpur district are the lost temples of magnificent architetcure and divine splendor.  The temples lay hidden from urban civilization for centuries before they were brought to light by a British archeologist in 19th century. Since then the ancient marvels of human creativity have become the hub of tourism. 

The Hindu Temples depict sensous carving on the outer walls. Bizzare and esoteric the main attraction are the depiction of apsaras, lovers and even animals interlocked in sexual acts that at the best can be described as incredible. This bold depiction of Kamasutra in a conservative era belies tradition and stringent norms that prevalied in India.       

Orchha - Hidden Jewel

Situated on River Betwa is an old historical town buit by Rudra Pratap Singh in the 16th Century. The place abounds with historical splendours - Forts, palaces, temples and cenotaphs. The salubrious climes and abundant greenery makes this town in Tikamgarh District of Madhya Pradesh and ideal holiday destination.    

Mandu - Romance & Valor

Famed for the romatic liasons of Baaz Bhadur and Rani Roopmati Mandu is an anceint historical town. Situated in the Dhar District of MP the town is one of the finest honey moon destinations. The destination become romantic with its ethereal charm during the monsoons. Mandu has a turbulent history shaped by numerous invasions it is home to many forts, palaces, temples and majestic gates.    

Other places of interest are some are popular and many lesser known. The means of travel are independant or in group. The affordable Central India tour packages organized by MP Tourism operators are best for wildlife safaris and sigseeing in the state.   

The state is well endowed by tourism infrastructure, road network and rail transportation. Chartered air services ply between the major towns of MP. Many airlines connect New Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi etc with the major towns.

All modern facilities and amenities are available in large towns but while traveling to remote destination it is wise to be well equipped.  


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