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Transformer oil filtration and purification machine

Posted on March 30, 2012 10:28 PM
ZYD transformer oil regeneration system keeps new transformers dry. Dries out wet transformers to less than 5 ppm. Helps maintain the dielectric strength of the insulation system. Reduces electrical risk due to moisture build-up. Does not use heat nor vacuum that can draw off nitrogen blanket and dissolved gasses. Designed by a Utility for use by utilities and industrials to extend the life of paper insulation ten-fold. Molecular Sieve technology will not allow moisture to flow back into transformer oil when cartridges becomes saturated. Cartridges are changed under load and can be re-generated. Feature:
1. Double-stage vacuum system, strong power of vacuum evacuating, ultimate vacuum value ≤ 5Pa
2. Two vacuum separating chambers, efficient oil film sprayer, increasing separating size and separating time to ensure the dry-level and dielectric strength improving greatly.
3. Doubble-horizontal film evaporation technology, combined with unique and advanced dewatering, degassing components, can rapidly and effectively separate water, gas from oil.
4. Multi-stage precision filtration system, mesh filtration combined with molecular adsorption technologies
5. Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, less power consumption, safe, and reliable.
6. Double-infrared liquid level sensor, pressure protective system to ensure machine operation easy and safely.
7. Adopt interlocked protective system, which connect oil pump, heater and liquid level sensor, avoiding blank heating, blank pumping, oil leak and electricity leak. If there is any fault, machine will be power off automatically.
8. Functions of live line work onsite, vacuum drying and vacuum oiling.  

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Transformer oil regeneration system

Posted on March 30, 2012 10:24 PM

In order to acquire optimal dielectric strength and insulating efficiency inside of transformers and circuit breakers, dielectric oils should be kept absolutely clean up and dry. ZHONGNENG designs and builds the most effective, durable, and easily operation high vacuum transformer oil purification method available on the market today. Transformer oil regeneration plant means Old transformer oil is generally mixed with gas, water and contaminants, and also the new transformer oil sometimes, the content of the contaminants generally raises fast by time. So the transformer oil purification machines can remove these associated gases, water and contaminants, and separate them in the transformer oil and consider them away. After treating the transformer oil by our dielectric oil regeneration plant, the stabilized transformer oil is then again ready to become used in energy transformers. ZYD high vacuum transformer oil filtration system are designed for use in treating electrical insulating oil in the oil-filled electrical equipment. Through the dehydrator, degasification, filtration processes, the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, contamination can be completely removed. ZYD vacuum oil purifier is widely used in factory workshops, power transmission and generation station. Picture 1. Fully automatic 24 hour continuous regneration, enables unattended supervision 2. Transformer Oil foam will be eliminated quickly in the process of regeneration treatment
3. Oil spraying type with large vaporization surface in vacuum regeneration chamber
4. Utilization of low load heater to avoid oil deterioration in the process
5. All necessary control switch, light indicator and meter are equipped on the control panel which provides easy control for regeneration operation and supervision Find more

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