When did it all change?


Posted on January 24, 2012 07:59 PM, in When did it all change?
What is with guys today? It's like they don't know what a real man is anymore! I mean look at the tv show "Geordie Shore" the eyebrows on those men are so over plucked, they look like drag queens. Fair enough we don't want to see a huge hairy caterpillar over yours eyes, but this extreme plucking has got to stop. Yes men today are in touch with their feminine side and I'm sure most women appreciate that, myself included, however walking round looking permanently startled is not attractive! Having said all this a lot of the time it's not the guys fault, they now go to salons and beauty parlours that were once frequented by females only and expect the stylists to know what will enhance their features. I'm sure these stylists are very good at their jobs but it seems to me that they do as they please and not what they are asked! I can just imagine them watching "Geordie Shore", "TOWIE" etc and thinking that's obviously what the modern man wants to look like! Have they ever thought of asking the guys what they think of that look, as I'm sure they wouldn't want to look as preened as some of these so called celebrities! People seem to forget how we used to like a bit of rough! :)

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