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Are beards about to go out of fashion?

Posted on April 19, 2014 07:05 AM, in Name Brand Designer News
Illustration: Simon Letch

Illustration: Simon Letch

On the list of trend-setting publications frequented by the fashion conscious, the Royal Society's Biology Letters would rarely make the cut.

But research by a team of Australian scientists published in the journal this week might just change that.

The study by evolutionary scientists at the University of New South Wales has lead to a startling conclusion: beards could be about to go out of fashion.

The scientists set out to explain what causes styles of facial hair to fall in and out of fashion using "negative frequency dependence", an evolutionary phenomenon where animals gain advantage from having rare traits.



Male guppy fish, for example, have better luck mating and evading predators if they have less common colours and patterns, one of the scientists, Professor Rob Brooks, wrote on The Conversation.

With mating success, those colours and patterns become more common, eventually attracting the attention of predators and falling out of favour with female guppies.

To test the theory, the scientists compiled images of 36 men who had each been photographed clean-shaven, with light stubble, heavy stubble and a full beard.

Subjects were shown an image of each man, in a combination of levels of beardedness.

Bearded blokes were judged more attractive when presented in a series of mostly well-groomed men. Likewise, clean-shaven men were found less attractive when they were common and more attractive when they were rare.

So while bushranger-bearded hipsters may have been on a winning ticket two years ago, they might face diminishing returns now that everyone from AFL players to Hollywood movie stars have tossed away their razors.

Sense of Fashion: Fashion Week dazzles with style

Posted on April 19, 2014 07:01 AM, in FashionLog

Savannah is not simply a stylish place, it is a place of style. Not only do we dress well, but we tend to throw a fashion show for any reason, and we also offer training and encouragement for budding designers. Once a year we host a weeklong party, Savannah Fashion Week, to honor ourselves for our passion for fashion and to welcome everyone far and wide to join.

Marking the fifth year of the once three-day spring shopping spree, SFW 2014 has evolved into something spectacular. This year the celebration has something for everyone, with diverse events, style, awards,Cheap Women's Designer Sandals charity funds and, of course, a major fashion show.

The week starts April 28 with a day filled with trunk shows and an award going to none other than our own mayor for her ardent support of Savannah and all that is Savannah style. Not only is Mayor Jackson a style icon, but she shows her support for our many stylish small businesses, always heralding new fashion events and supporting our love to share them across Savannah.

“I have traveled around the world, but my favorite place to shop for fashion is still Savannah, Georgia,” said Mayor Jackson of the Savannah Fashion Advocate Award, which she will accept April 28 at 11 a.m. at the kickoff event for the week of fabulous fun.


Trunks shows, movies and more

Among the many design events, you will find designers as well. Traditionally, our businesses host creative events, like Satchel’s “Create your own” design workshop. Many of the events include trunk shows where you can learn more about the designer or line you love, like Zia Boutique’s surprise show welcoming a new jewelry designer rumored to be straight from Spain.

Some events last for days, like “Rent the Runway,” many are fun for the whole family, like Sara Jane’s ARMANI T-Shirts Cheap American Girl trunk show where you can buy outfits for your little princess and for hers!

But the events are not just about shopping, they are about the celebration of style. On Wednesday evening, grab your best fashionista friend and head over to the Jepson for movie night! First treat yourselves to dessert and champagne reception to discuss the many events you visited throughout the week. Then settle in to watch “Mademoiselle C” and learn about high fashion mogel Mademoiselle Carine Roitfeld, who started her own fashion magazine empire. To catch a glipse of the film trailer for “Mademoiselle C,” go to


The big show

The SFW Show on May 1 will dazzle you with modern touches, high fashion highlights and more. Forget the curtains and the theater seats, this year the runway will be in Forsyth Park. We won’t spoil it for those who have their seats to this already almost-sold out show. But we did talk to Heather Burge, SFW President and local fashion hero.

“We chose strong players for the show and encouraged them to participate in a way that shows who they are and how they contribute to fashion in our fair city. Our show pulls together so much talent, but we feel lit will showcase the diversity and talent we have locally.”

Changing the venue created the opportunity for a new concept from VIP seating to runway steps. There will be lights along pathways, lights in the trees and delicious bites from the bar to go with tropical mixes to be sipped from your seat. Sebrell Smith, owner of Sebrell Smith Designer Events, who helped craft the evening told us some tempting details.

“Because the design concept for this year’s Runway Show and VIP Tent is “White Luxe,” my job is to create a sense of lightness and perfection amidst the natural splendor of the park. Our VIP guests will experience a sophisticated ambiance with amazing refreshments, exquisite florals, and chic décor. Thanks to the creative collaboration I have with Haus Tents, Ele and the SFW board, I am sure it will be a night everyone will remember!”


Showcasing local designers

This year, the runway will not only include collections from each participating local retailer, it will show off Savannah designers. Fashion audience, be warned, this is not a garden party!

Cheap Luggage Bags

With over 130 looks, the show will be non-stop action. High impact can be expected from the key players in the catwalk including 40 Volume for hair and makeup by Dollface by Jules.

Models by local high fashion favorite Halo will keep their steps to the beat of DJ Phong who dazzled us at Junk 2 Funk. Styles will include contemporary designers and local designers with everything from children’s wear, menswear day to night, casual to formal! Pulling so many variations together we asked makeup artist Jules De Jesus Fritz, Dollface makeup artist, about techniques.

“This year I designed a modern, minimalistic makeup look that incorporates different elements of Savannah Fashion Week. We’re excited show how makeup can be a beautiful complement to fashion.”

If you are looking for a fun evening filled with dazzling stars, highlighting beauty fashion and fun, this is it. Burge told us, “I wanted to host a show that highlights our city’s love for fashion and beauty using Savannah itself as the backdrop.”

Although many of the seating packages have already sold out, make sure your seat is secured. For tickets, go to

SFW Pop-Up Shop

As a wrap, the looks from the show will pop up again on May 2 at the SFW Pop-up Shop. The shop, to be created at Broughton and Barnard in the former Clipper Trading space, will be filled with looks you saw at the show and much more.

Participating SFW retailers will gather in one great place to wrap up the week of style celebration. For any fashionista who missed out on an event from the week, think of this as a one-stop shop where you can see everything at once! The last day of the week will be reserved for special events, like Savannah College of Art and Design alumnae Faith Thornburg’s bridal trunk show.

Keep your eyes on the prize and get together with your fashion friends to plan a week filled with inspiration, bold design and fabulous fun.

10 festival fashion rules you need to follow this summer

Posted on April 18, 2014 10:56 PM, in Johnston's Blog

It’s like being left out of the most exciting party that all of your friends keep instagram-ing and tweeting about (there’s even a dedicated selfie zone).

It’s hard to believe there’s time for any music at all what with all the street-style images popping up and celebs from Beyonce and Kendall Jenner to Cara Delevingine pictured having a good time at parties.

If your weekend was more Couch-ella than anything else, then don’t worry.The festival season is still in its infancy and there’s the likes of Field Day, Lovebox, Reading and Glastonbury to come on our shores. So, use our top fashion tips from Coachella to create the perfect festival wardrobe this summer.

If you don’t have anything planned, then, with a bit of tinkering, these looks could also be suitable for casual Fridays or, failing that, lounging in the park.

Meanwhile, if you’re still experiencing a bit of Coachella FOMO, there’s always the second weekend of the festival, which starts this Friday.

1. Crop top + skater skirt

Crop tops are the trend that just won’t go away. If you’re afraid, then team with a high-waisted skirt to minimise the amount of tummy on show.

2. The vintage kimono

So you’ve exhausted your spring coat and it’s not quite wet enough for a Pac-a-Mac. Step forward the kimono, the perfect cover up when your DIY cut-off shorts are a little more Miley Cyrus than you expected.

(Image: formal dresses red)

3. Novelty prints

It’s now acceptable to wear your favourite fruits, characters, even body parts on clothing. I’ve even spotted a pineapple bag.

4. Hi tops

Festivals really are the place for all of those bright, retro trainers that are around at the moment. You never know what you’ll be stepping in and flip flops just won’t cut it.

5. The midi dress

Who says that you have to wear a floral crown and fringed waistcoat just because you’re at a festival? Stick to a floral midi if you want a simple outfit solution that allows more time for dancing and less for outfit-planning.

6. Quirky sunglasses

Wear your heart on your sleeve or at least across your eyes with all manner of unusual frames.

7. Slogan tees

Hunt for a vintage style in a charity shop or a replica from Urban Outfitters, if you’re pressed for time.

8. Tropical prints

What’s not to love about model and DJ, Harley Viera-Newton’s, outfit? Tropical two-piece, candy-coloured shades and minuscule bag.

9. Cut-out dresses

A strategically placed cut-out doesn’t have to be scary. This paisley dress would be the perfect addition for any summer wardrobe.

10. Crochet & lace

You can’t beat a bit of handicraft on the festival circuit – these two revellers look perfectly coordinated while taking their selfies.

Read More:

Gaby Hoffmann: I don't do pretty

Posted on April 18, 2014 10:45 PM, in NICE PROM
(Image:evening gowns)

Gaby Hoffmann never even "tried" to be a "pretty" actress.

Gaby Hoffmann has an "agreement" with Hollywood that she's not "the pretty girl".

The actress recently decided to go fully nude for a part in Lena Dunham's hit HBO show Girls. She shocked some viewers by displaying body hair, but says not fulfilling a beauty stereotype doesn't faze her.

"I never tried to be the pretty girl," she shrugged to British magazine Stylist. "I wasn't trying to be the star of teen romantic comedies. But now I feel like I have a certain secret agreement with Hollywood: I'm not interested in those kinds of projects and they aren't interested in me."

Girls has often been praised for breaking the mould and showing all kinds of variations of the female body. The show's creator, 27-year-old Lena, isn't afraid to take her clothes off on screen, which has earned her critics as well as fans.

Gaby, 32, is amazed that people are still so shocked by the female form.

"My nudity is not the type our culture understands," she argued. "[We live in] a twisted, puritanical-slash-pornographic society where sex in one context is perfectly acceptable, but shift it slightly away from the [typical] male fantasy and it's offensive and/or 'brave'. I don't give a sh*t what people say about my body. We need to overhaul our relationship with the female identity."

Lena has defended the show's nudity in the past, when a journalist at a press conference argued that it was "random" and not "titillating" like the naked bodies on display in Game of Thrones.

"It's because it's a realistic expression of what it's like to be alive, and I totally get it if you're not into it and that's your problem," she answered.Also read here:bridesmaid dresses

Conventional fashion and traditional fashion

Posted on April 18, 2014 02:28 AM, in Pakistan Online Fashion

The collection, which featured these supplements Viktor & Rolf named symbolically NO.

The word “no” says conventional fashion and traditional fashion shows. This collection also said no to the Paris Fashion Week, which refused to present their models for spring and summer 2009.

Viktor & Rolf surprised a virtual fashion show

Virtual fashion show duo Viktor & Rolf Spring and summer 2014 

Well-known Danish fashion duo Viktor & Rolf on their sites presented his new collection spring-summer 2009 truly original way.

Dropped from convention and decided to not show the real fashion show for the few, but recorded a video in which all the new models presented model Shalom Harlow.

On the official website you can already see the collection spring / summer collection of 09th Latest makers named after supermodel Shalom Harlow Shalom that happened to them

 The collection is full of geometric patterns, colors, usually appears black, red, orange and white.

 Three models are even sprinkled with 20 thousand Swarovski crystals. The materials Viktor and Rolf won - twenty models have been crafted from chiffon, satin and jersey.

 The theme of the collection is Funny face or smiling face.

Viktor and Rolf are the original pair so this collection has traditionally been presented at a fashion show, but it is presented on the internet as video Virtual catwalk - a virtual fashion show.

 Unusual for this show also is that it participate in any guest room and is therefore completely empty.



Fashion accessories duo

Posted on April 18, 2014 02:25 AM, in Pakistan Online Fashion

Fashion accessories duo Viktor & Rolf for a period of autumn and winter 2013 and 2014

He wears the same clothes for completing each other sentences.

Their fashion label bears their name.

Viktor Horsing and Rolf Snore play the twins with humor and indifference.  New Clothes Wearing Ideas

"We believe in ambivalence, glamour, in hope and in beauty," says the famous designer duo Viktor & Rolf, who prepared for you a collection of delightful autumn and winter accessories.

Misty autumn and winter days you Viktor & Rolf brighten thanks to their high-gloss metallic leather accessories. Stiletto heels and a clutch bag are embroidered gold thread and create a sexy and distinctive style.

Firefox lights from shining liquorices ice or silver, through shades of colors such as emerald green, ruby ​​red or chocolate.

These beautiful colors enliven every gloomy winter or autumn outfit.

Fashion accessories duo Viktor & Rolf for a period of autumn and winter 2013 and 2014

Among the irresistible shoes and handbags each at first glance tiny metallic red purse shaped seal with a long strap

Inside the "seal" the letters V & R

This character has already appeared on their Flowerbomb perfume or as the main symbol of fashion shows.It is worth mentioning braided strappy sandals on very high heels. Leather straps are intertwined like cobwebs. They are available in several color combinations - silver, black, ruby ​​red or dark green.


A new collection of jewelry

Posted on April 18, 2014 02:22 AM, in Pakistan Online Fashion

Two new products included in the project, pure love, pure design, but offer brand does not stop there.

 Nearby, a black fence stood a sample of previous work in the form of a small light brown boxer.

Handbag dog fence draped with scarves in the form of a shaggy brown dog and white cat Presentation Mares Lucie and Marie Splendid on Designbloc 08 A new collection of jewelry from Mares Lucie and Marie Island

If not enough extravagance in the form of handbags manufactured in limited quantities, the fence was still draped shawls pair again in the form of a white cat and brown shaggy dog ​​that looked like as if they were animals skinned.

New albino-colored handbag in the form of a cat was adorned with golden jewelry, which is also made by a couple of young designers.

The new lifestyle collection from Mares Lucie and Marie Second Studio photography bag of cats collection Albinos

Jewelry are offered in a wide collection. On show were presented to illustrate nine pieces.

Fashion accessories but the offer still ends

The designer presented also a new fashion line of clothing that is not dull or overly extravagant.

We can see in it, for example, single-breasted jacket with white collars features a dog symbol on the back, draped pants or perhaps a mosaic decorated insulated caps.

Viktor & Rolf brighten up the gloomy days of shiny accessories


Different types of materials used in clothing

Posted on April 18, 2014 02:06 AM, in Pakistan Online Fashion

 In addition, there are also held art classes for children in whom they learn to work with different types of materials such as clay, paper or balky.

 And that's more than enough reasons, to visit him. What do you think?

Mares Lucie and Marie Simonyi shows a collection of Albinos    For further info visit here

Presentation Mares Lucie and Marie Island to show Designbloc 08

New white fashion collection presented on behalf of Albinos designer duo

Mares Lucie and Marie Island the previous design show Designbloc 08th improvised green meadow full of jewelry was separated by a fence from a cat purse handbag in the form of a dog.

Only a few people over the past 08 Designbloc design show held in early October in several areas in the city, he did not improvised green meadow with a beautiful blue sky

where against each separated by a black fence stood mostly white cat and a dog.

Presentation Mares Lucie and Marie Simonyi to show Designbloc 08 Handbag as a white cat from the collection Albinos Handbag in the form of a white dog from a collection of Albinos Looking to bag dog from Mares Lucie and Marie Second

It was not a toy design as it might seem, but a new white fashionable collection of accessories Albinos from the designer duo

Mares Lucie and Marie Splendid, which again brings home as pets handmade handbags, which characterizes the relationship of variable values ​​defining the between design and its user.


Design bloc Fashion Week

Posted on April 18, 2014 02:03 AM, in Pakistan Online Fashion

Fashion show signs Chi-chi on October Designbloc Fashion Week

Face collection became an actress Petra who played the character of a hunter. For a long time he went to buy most models Josefina Bora, so he took her number one today.

From time to time, then fashion designer called and confided how is satisfied with the models and the likes.

 Personally, I get together quite by accident on one social event after about half a year. Before long, Petra very willingly agreed to become the face not only the collection, but also the entire brand. Other models Chi-chi has said much at home.   What is new in Pakistan
Collection brand Chi-chi for 2007 Collection brand Chi-chi for 2014

The fashion brand, under which in the future will have only Josefina, inherently I already mentioned the gallery that bears the name of de Hard core.

Gallery aims to promote young, mostly budding designers in their work. "It's all started so that I studied art school and did various things that people in my neighborhood love it.

But I also very much regret that it cannot go public

A similar problem while I had my classmates and friends with their products. I thought it would be really nice to open a gallery that gives raise precisely such people. "She said in an interview Josefina.

Collection brand Chi-chi for 2007 Collection brand Chi-chi for 2014

So today the site of a former Chinese bistro works gallery where you can find both products of the brand Chi-chi, as well as jewelry, ceramics, pillows and paper products of various young artists.


Disney Princess Outfits Just Got A High Fashion Makeover

Posted on April 17, 2014 10:56 PM, in Name Brand Designer News

When fashion designers try their hand at a Disney-style outfit, they often just modernize the standard princess dresses, mixing nostalgia with contemporary tastes. But what these iconic characters call for is a more radical, imaginative look. And thanks to one artist, that's exactly what they got.

disney villain haute couture

Sashiiko Anti on DeviantArt took some of the best-remembered Disney princesses and villains, from Cinderella and her evil stepmother to Rapunzel and Mother Gothel, and created runway-ready outfits inspired by each.

Anti first conceived of her haute couture pieces by striving for a different aesthetic: "I just wanted to try something new and design totally new looks for characters loved by so many people. It's a real challenge and a lot of fun in the same time. Plus I really enjoyed watching all the movies for the second time, or third Fashion Clothing... or fourth."

Check out some of Sashiiko Anti's Disney redesigns below:

disney haute couture


princess disney fashion

disney villain fashion

villain disney couture