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1. smartyoungsters

Get Free Information on Fashion, Beauty, Relationships,Love Astrology Career and Interior Designing! Want to make it big? Astrology can help you without putting a hole in your pocket!

Tags: fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, mumbai

2. Digital Dakwah

Digital Dakwah Menyediakan Isu Terkini, Berita Terkini, Video & Ilmu Tentang Agama Islam

Tags: Informasi Dakwah, Discovery Islam, Video, Teknologi, Tips

3. Galaksi Viral



5. Berbagi Itu Indah

dapatkan info yang bermanfaat dan unik di sini

Tags: bisnis, pendidikan, gaya hidup, wanita, hiburan

6. kancamaya

Kumpulan Artikel Aneh Unik Misteri Cerita Lucu Sexology artikel ilmu pengetahuan Kejadian Menarik di sekitar kita dan di seluruh dunia

Tags: unik, aneh, misteri, lucu, sex

7. Susan's Blog

A 41 years old demonese shares her secret of undying youth and lifestyle.

8. Tas Wanita Mewah,Branded,Murah

Menampilkan produk - produk Tas Wanita Mewah,Branded,Murah pilihan dari penjuru dunia

Tags: tas palazzo, tas wanita palazzo, tas wanita mewah, tas wanita branded, tas mewah sosialita


It's a world where you get hint on how to achieve possibilities in life and answers to questions.


10. *Love *Cute *Princess

a personal journal of a half Filipina, half Spanish/Chinese about lifestyle, events, beauty, food, health and random everything!

Tags: lifestyle, food, tech, travel, health and beauty

11. While You On Earth

A blog that talks about beauty products, skincare, makeup, including fashion and all in our lifestyle

Tags: skincare, beauty products, makeup, fashion, giveaways

12. Kalikotpepot

A personal & lifestyle blog about practical tips & tricks on Aunthood, relatable experiences,product reviews,Filipino short stories & a lot more!

Tags: Product Reviews, food, Short Stories, experiences, Aunthood

13. Pinay on the Loose

A blog about life,random thoughts and ideas of an average Pinay/Filipina about beauty,technology,travel,food and wonderlusting!A quest towards success!

Tags: pinay, filipina, philippines, beauty blog, fashion and lifestyle blog

14. Things Festive Weddings & Events

Things Festive provides ideas and inspiration for creating a beautiful and memorable wedding or special event. Wedding theme ideas and color palette inspiration are our specialty.

Tags: wedding theme ideas, wedding inspiration boards, wedding decorations, wedding cakes, wedding blog

16. Aryanna Nadyne : Full Of Life And Hope

Blog about everyday life of a young girl growing up

Tags: hope, life, girl, family

17. come and share

blog yang berisi tentang berita terkini,artikel motivasi dan inspirasi

Tags: meraih sukses, bisnis internet, kata-kata motivasi, inspiration, lowongan kerja

18. Undauntedgirl

Here, without any fear of being judged and having the liberty to express my emotions, I hope my expressions will touch my reader's hearts and I will be able to bring a change!

Tags: entertainment, festival, fitness, motivation

19. surat cinta di bawah bantal

blog film, humor, berita unik dan menarik, tips n trik

Tags: cerita lucu, kumpulan tips, kumpulan film keren, kumpulan cerita lucu, kumpulan cerita unik

20. info kesehatan

informasi tentang kesehatan yang sangat berguna

Tags: cara,mengatasi,mengobati,obat,suple, cara,obat,penyakit,, cara,mengatasi,mengobati

21. Stylish!

real lifestyle web magazine of Japan!

Tags: fashion, music, iphone, cafe, design hotels

22. Woman is Art

Everything about the woman. Beauty secrets for face and body. Information on health.

Tags: Beauty Secrets, face, body, skincare, tips

23. portal

jangan pernah menyerah atas kegagalan tapi berusahalah selagi engkau masih bisa bangkit.

Tags: gaya hidup, games, sofware, anime, news

24. another WHAM

Allerlei artikeltjes

Tags: leerwiki, infonu, lilalollie, artikeltjes

25. Pin Up Life

'I love artificial, man - made beauty. I like the idea of being whoever you want to be, not just saying -this is what I've got -this is what I've been living with' ...said my walking inspiration Dita von Teese

26. Kesehatan Kecantikan BPOM MUI

Produk Kesehatan dan Kecantikan ber BPOM dan Halal MUI. Produk kecantikan, perawatan, perawatan wajah, perawatan kulit, perawatan tubuh, perawatan rambut.

Tags: kesehatan, kecantikan, perawatan, produk

27. Rastafaras

about the story of my life..

Tags: galau, curhat, opini, info, story

28. Bronzi's 24 Hour Wealth

Be inspired and motivated. Learn self improvement and personal development. Improve your self esteem and your lifestyle. Simple meditation techniques, recipes and videos.

Tags: inspiration, personal development, self improvement, meditation, self esteem

29. Autumn LoveHeart

When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it does not mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over.

Tags: Lifestyle, Tutorial, Story, Quotes, Fashion

30. Kayana Wedding Organizer


Tags: paket pernikahan semarang, wedding organizer semarang, sanggar rias semarang, dekorasi pernikahan semarang, mobil pengantin semarang