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1. AnnaBlakeBlog

Relaxed and Forward; A Horse/Life Blog is my quest to understand and explain the deep and powerful connection between horses and humans. Welcome to Infinity Farm on the Colorado prairie.

Tags: Horses, Dressage/natural horsemanship, equestrian, horse/human psychology, donkey universe

2. My Dogs Love Me

My life with five of the most wonderful creatures on Earth- my dogs. We talk about our doggy adventures, silly antics, life experiences and pet tips

Tags: dog, pets, pet remedies, dog life, dog tips

3. My Budgie World

Welcome to MyBudgieWorld.Com Your source on everything that has to do with the care and maintenance of pet budgies also commonly referred as parakeets. Find us on youtube at allaboutbudgies

Tags: budgies, parakeets, breeding budgies, budgie care, parakeet care

4. Sheba's Life Story

This blog is about my dog Sheba. And focuses on her life through her eyes.

Tags: Dog, Sheba, Life Story

5. CRK Training Blog

A horse blog about riding, training, and learning from horses. Features a weekly video of riding and training tips, plus expert interviews!

Tags: horse training, horseback riding, horses, equestrain

6. Life From A Cat's Perspective

We are Two Cats that like to Blog and make furiends around the world!!

Tags: cats, blogging, fun, dogs, friendly

7. Feathered Fiends

Follow my budgies and their daily antics.

Tags: budgies, birds, budgierigar, pets, feathers

8. The Elka Almanac

The Elka Almanac is about the Doberman breed, my Doberman Elka, and responsible dog ownership! There are lots of pictures, lots of toys, and I try to be both informational and fun.

Tags: dog, doberman, training, toys, food

9. Bird Guide

Get detailed Information About Birds Worldwide. Our Blog is dedicated to provide knowledge about different Kind Of Birds, Bird Breeds, Migratory Birds and Bird Species. We aim to help you Identify Birds with Bird Photos.

Tags: Bird, Bird Guide, Bird breeds, Bird photos, Kinds of birds


Honest reviews on all types of equestrian products.

Tags: horse products, equestrian reviews, riding horses

11. All about cats

cat stories, cat and kitten photos and videos, ats on the news, cat resources and info

Tags: cats, kittens, cat photos, cute kittens, cat videos

12. Very Funny All Wallpaper

cute animals, especially dogs are cute, koala sleeping, and a funny cat | very funny animal wallpapers ready to serve it all

Tags: cute animals, especially dogs are cute, koala sleeping, and a funny cat, animals

13. Sand Flea Bites

Before you get rid of a flea bite, you have to have the flea complication in order, or else you could have a whole bunch of flea bites to take care of.

Tags: flea, bite

14. Ask Dr. Anna

Pet problems answered accurately by a veterinary health care profession. Topics discussed are about companion animal preventative medicine, medical diseases, nutrition and behavioral issues.

Tags: veterinary medicine, dogs, cats, companion animals, pet behavior

15. Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs with Allergies

Home remedies and natural remedies for dogs and cats with allergies, mange, rashes, hot spots, fleas, worms, ticks. Holistic pet care tips and info. Info on the best foods for dogs and cats with allergies and other ailments.

Tags: dogs with allergies, cats with allergies, home remedies for dogs, home remedies for cats, natural remedies for dogs

16. Seriously Horsing Around

A fun place for anyone interested in horses to find great contests and sweepstakes to enter ~ Wonderful deals and coupons on equestrian gear ~ Lots of bargains for your riding gear!

Tags: horses, contests, riding, equestrian, saddles

17. Pet Peeves

My pets annoy me, how about yours? Learn how to stop those annoying pet behaviors to have a more peaceful life with your pets.

Tags: puppies, behavior problems, cats, kitten, dog training

19. Large Dog Blog

The #1 large dog blog online - tips for fulfilling the unique needs of large dogs, dog news such as dog food recalls, and funny dog videos. If you're a big dog lover, you'll love the Large Dog Blog.

Tags: dogs, large dogs, dog news, dog rescue, dog supplies

20. BunkBlog

Bunk the Pug provides funny and insightful commentary on being a puppy, tricking humans, his love of food, pooping, being cute, and the struggles of being a little black pug.

Tags: Pug Puppies, Black Pugs, Puppies, Pugs, Dogs

21. Vinny Tobad Black Cat's Diary

I'm a 3 yold black cat, I'm moderately friendly, I was born in Brixton and rescued by RSPCA.

Tags: black cat, black cat awareness, rspca cats, rescue cats

22. Very Funny All Wallpaper

cute animals, especially dogs are cute, koala sleeping, and a funny cat | very funny animal wallpapers ready to serve it all

Tags: cute animals, especially dogs are cute, koala sleeping, and a funny cat, animals

23. Tales of an Old Young Man

Adventures of our family and charles our wire fox terrier.

Tags: terrier, puppy, wire fox terrier, family, humor

24. Flower Horn Fish

This blog has a full of information regarding Flower Horn. fish such as Where did the Flower Horn fish came from, how to set up aquarium, Proper feeding , proper feeding and Many More.

Tags: Flower Horn Fish, Proper Feeding of FlowerHorn Fish, How to breed flowerHorn Fish, How to set up aquarium, Taking care of flowerhorn

25. Who's Your Moondoggie?

A blog about all things dog! featuring a "dogs only" community

Tags: dogs, dog, dog boutique, shopping, fashion

26. BirdGuide

Birds are feathered, winged, bipedal, endothermic (warm-blooded), egg-laying, vertebrate animals. With around 10,000 living species, they are the most speciose class of tetrapod vertebrates.

Tags: Bird, Bird Guide, Breed, Blog

27. Curio Kennel Puppies in Cocoa, Fl

This is a page for Curio Kennel to post photos and info about their puppies. Curio Kennel is located in Cocoa, FL.

Tags: curio, Kennel, Puppies, Cocoa, Fl

28. Roll Over Rocket

Working like a dog for the compassionate dog owner.

Tags: dog training, soul of a dog, posh puppy, dog clothing, dog accessories

29. Siamese Cats Home

SIAMESE CATs useful information , a heap of useful recommendations about siamese cats from all pet lovers over the world.

Tags: siamese, cats, pet, siam, siamese cat

30. Woof Woof Mama

Money Saving Mom to Rescue Pup Daisy - Blogging and Tweeting Pet Deals, Product Reviews, Giveaways, Coupons & FUN for Dogs, Cats & the Humans who LOVE them!

Tags: reviews, deals, giveaways, coupons, dogs