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1. photo album 24

Best photo album of Bangladesh , India and world . Actress and girls hot and sexy image and photo collection . Daily new photo album and image update.

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2. The Philosophers Beard

Mini-essays in philosophy, politics and economics

Tags: Economics, Ethics, Politics, Theory, Religion

3. Manavu

this is about manavuism which has been propounded by Sri Maddigunta Narasimha Rao the founder of S S M Ashramam i.e Surya Savarnika Manavu Ashramam,which has been located at Garlavoddu village, Enkuru Mandal, Khammam District,...

Tags: manavu, manavuism, maddigunta narasimha rao


Politics, Art, History, Philosophy, History, Culture, Society, Conspiracy, Science, Sociology

Tags: philosophy, politics, history, art, culture

6. Shankhnaad

The blowing of the shankha purifies the atmosphere. I hope that my writing would serve for the same upliftment.

Tags: social, personal, inspiration

7. The Panda Bear Blog

This blog consists of random thoughts on modern life in both fiction and nonfiction. When the Panda Bear discusses current affairs she discusses the truth as she knows it. This blog is not intended to report political facts.

Tags: Humor, Current Events, Humor, Commentary, Women

8. standup2p

I’m a guy… I’m a guy you want around when the ship runs aground, the garage catches fire, a fight breaks out, if your dog is full of porcupine quills.

Tags: Be a Guy, From the Sharp End, Why Me, Men's Issue, Stand Up To Pee

9. Free Self Help Info

Free Self Help & Personal Success Information - Tips, Tricks and Inside information on managing your personal development

10. The Arrel Archives

An all-acess pass into my opinions, reflections, and points-of-view. Basically it's all about what's going on in my head.

Tags: point-of-view, reviews, opinions

11. adidascopamundialsamba


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13. daizdenoone


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14. shopping

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15. Interpreting Your Dreams

This blog article informs readers about the valuable information available to us in our nightly dreams and also offers some good advice about how to remember our dreams upon waking each morning.

Tags: dreams, interpretation, interpreting, dream

16. The Box Told Us

We are a philosopher and a know-it-all. We will supply you with all the theory and BS you need to know. We make sure to give you the knowledge and wisdom that has been absent from society.

Tags: society, politics, wisdom, knowledge, rants

17. lluggg330


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18. jhgj


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19. Philosophy Blog

Thoughts on Life and Culture

Tags: philosophy, poetry, blog, culture, thoughts

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21. 100 Golden Keys University Blog

The 100 Golden Keys University Center for Creativity & Happiness provides enlightening free articles, how-to tips, podcasts and ebooks, plus Mia Pratt's enlightening book, "The Secrets of the 100 Golden Keys."

Tags: happy life, inspirational quotes, self-help, creativity and happiness, spirituality

22. Najim - INDIA

General & Reliegious

Tags: Najim-INDIA, Fathima_Najim

24. Independent Thinking

Learn to think independently. Spot and resist those who would use you for their gain. Stop being a puppet and make good decisions in life.

Tags: propaganda, politics, voting, buyer

25. Static Instants

A photo blog with a photo of the day provided by the founder and selected contributors. The blog also incorporates a monthly contest that contestants can win free swag!

Tags: Photography, Photo Blog, Photo, Pictures

26. freerunsalemens


27. Life

Life Life Life

Tags: Life, Life, Life, Life, Life

28. fdsag


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