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31. Famous Quotes

Famous Quotes Quotes about #Life ...

Tags: life, quotes, humanity, heart, husnainrasheed

32. Free Self Help Info

Free Self Help & Personal Success Information - Tips, Tricks and Inside information on managing your personal development

33. photo album 24

Best photo album of Bangladesh , India and world . Actress and girls hot and sexy image and photo collection . Daily new photo album and image update.

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34. Is there an objective reality?

Examining the possibility that all reality is subjective and created by our minds only

Tags: reality, god, existentialism, modernism

35. The Enough Message

Self-help And activist blog about shifting how we think about being and having enough!

Tags: Self-help, Abundance, Empowerment, Transformation, Happiness

36. Steven Paul

Learn more about Steven Paul, one of the well known New York portrait photographer who has worked will all well known celebrities.

Tags: commercial photographers new york,c

37. Retread Resources

Essays about science, philosophy of science, applications to life and how philosophy, life and science all come together.

Tags: Science, philosophy, philosophy of science, earth science, geology

38. The Art of Living

There are just two ways in which mortals may live together: the material or animal way and the spiritual or human way.

Tags: Philosophy

39. Willing Spirit Soul Ablaze

Blog on the Universe, spirituality, healing, love, heart break, hope, poems, poetry, heart break, growing, enlightenment, philosophy

Tags: Poem, Spirituality, Universe, Poetry, Love

40. The Art of Living

There are just two ways in which mortals may live together: the material or animal way and the spiritual or human way.

Tags: philosophy

41. The True Meaning of Life

1. Man is a material fact of nature, but his life is a phenomenon which transcends the material levels of nature in that it exhibits the control attributes of mind and the creative qualities of spirit.

Tags: Philosophy

42. Mortal Life

You are “living intelligence”! You are the human consciousness of your present human mind. This is your first life –- or your native, mortal life-experience.

Tags: Philosophy



Tags: Collective, Consciousness, Inspiration, Awareness, Empowerment

44. Pix That Speak

Picturesque Words of Wisdom with some insights to the notable people that quoted them.

Tags: quotations, celebrities, inspirational, wisdom, pictures

45. A Genius Man Who Made Apple - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs studied Indian religion and returned home as a Buddhist. After that, he continued to live a very simplified life practicing Zen Buddhism.

Tags: Steve Jobs, steve jobs biography, Steve Jobs Quotes, Steve Jobs life, Apple Founder

46. Happy Diwali - Images, Wishes, Greetings, SMS, Wallpaper, Messages, Quotes, Photo

Happy Diwali 2015 – Images, Photos, Wishes, SMS, Wallpapers, Messages, Quotes, Diwali Messages, Happy Diwali Messages, Messages For Diwali Festival, Best Wishes For Diwali, New Year Wishes, Warm Diwali Wishes, Wishes For...

Tags: Happy Diwali Wishes, Happy Diwali Images, Happy Diwali Wallpaper, Happy Diwali Greetings, Happy Diwali SMS

48. Star World News

Astrology in the news, weekly predictions, people in the news, Vedic astrology with Western astrology

Tags: Vedic Astrology, Astrology, Jyotish, Astrology predictions, Free Astrology Readings

49. SCS ebook of Success blog

How to Command Respect from Family and Friends. Have the Best Health and Loving Relationships. How to be the Mightiest, Strongest, and Most Powerful than everyone else...

Tags: scs ebook of success, how to build confidence and power

50. Supreme Confidence for Success

How to be Fabulously Irresistible and Magnetic, how to Attract and Manifest Real Wealth and Riches, and how to Conquer all your Fears and Setbacks...

Tags: Supreme Confidence for Success, how to build self-esteem, attact wealth into your life


A blog to share my views, travel,life stories n humor .

Tags: travel, spiritual, love, friendship, photographs

52. The World of Random Things

Words and thoughts of a human being for his fellow human beings.

Tags: poetry, creative, society, human beings, world

53. United Earthlings - Movement towards Type 1 Civilization

Humanity is still vulnerable.If we do not work together as Humanity we will be destroyed by one of the forces of nature or man made forces with in 100 years before we reach the status of Type 1 Civilization.

Tags: Type 1 Civilization, global warming, economic crisis, fundamentalism, sectarianism

54. 23 and Lost

A blog to discuss the feeling we get when we wonder why were doing what were doing. All from the perspective of a 23 year old and his funny words of wisdom.

Tags: Words of Wisdom, Funny words of wisdom, Personal Development

55. The Arrel Archives

An all-acess pass into my opinions, reflections, and points-of-view. Basically it's all about what's going on in my head.

Tags: point-of-view, reviews, opinions


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" – George Orwell,A Blog On Politics, Religion,History,Films,The American Civil War,Space, The end of the World,Sports

Tags: Obama, John Ford, 2012

57. Utpal Writes

Utpal Writes blog offers insights about chasing excellence by focusing on Leadership, Project Management and Self-Help. Thoughts presented here will help you find creative ways to make your woolgather come true by awakening the...

Tags: Leadership, Self-help, Management, productivity, Personal Development

58. The Socratic Ape

The dialectical discourses of a deeply disturbed talking monkey. Care to join me as we muse on philosophy, meaning, reality, knowledge, and the vast infinity arrayed against our feeble minds?

Tags: philosophy, reason, logic, discussion, opinion

59. mymomtheanarchist

This blog is a composition of articles and videos and personal commentary regarding the philosophical questions of our times. Non-agression, anti-statism and morality are the focus...

Tags: anarchy, atheism, ant-statism, non-aggression

60. standup2p

I’m a guy… I’m a guy you want around when the ship runs aground, the garage catches fire, a fight breaks out, if your dog is full of porcupine quills.

Tags: Be a Guy, From the Sharp End, Why Me, Men's Issue, Stand Up To Pee