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61. Utpal Writes

Utpal Writes blog offers insights about chasing excellence by focusing on Leadership, Project Management and Self-Help. Thoughts presented here will help you find creative ways to make your woolgather come true by awakening the...

Tags: Leadership, Self-help, Management, productivity, Personal Development

62. The Socratic Ape

The dialectical discourses of a deeply disturbed talking monkey. Care to join me as we muse on philosophy, meaning, reality, knowledge, and the vast infinity arrayed against our feeble minds?

Tags: philosophy, reason, logic, discussion, opinion

63. barakha

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar biography– For a common man, it is quite difficult to go through the entire literature and comprehend the philosophy to its full extent.

Tags: Dr. Ambedkar philosophy, Dr. Ambedkar biography

64. mymomtheanarchist

This blog is a composition of articles and videos and personal commentary regarding the philosophical questions of our times. Non-agression, anti-statism and morality are the focus...

Tags: anarchy, atheism, ant-statism, non-aggression

65. standup2p

I’m a guy… I’m a guy you want around when the ship runs aground, the garage catches fire, a fight breaks out, if your dog is full of porcupine quills.

Tags: Be a Guy, From the Sharp End, Why Me, Men's Issue, Stand Up To Pee

66. Intel Inspire

Intel Inspire is blog which is self-developed by writer to share issues, tips, info and idea of which is beneficial for the communities. Stay updated with Intel Inspire!

Tags: tips, news, info, daily

67. Explore Life Journal

Blog is about living with purpose, exploring potential, expanding consciousness, opening to more compassion, peace and happiness, and about positive change in the world

Tags: personal growth, higher consciousness, compassion, purpose, health and well-being

68. Deep-Think

If you're on the road to developing your personal values and relationships for personal and business success, this is your perfect vehicle. Let's rub minds together.

Tags: values, personal development, success, philosophy, personality


A Platonic dialectical discussion using the Socratic Elenchus to get at truth.