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31. EU Referendum

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, also known as the EU referendum within the UK, is a referendum that is planned to take place in the United Kingdom on 23 June 2016.

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32. Sungai Rapat Online

To Counter the wrong statement from opposition party.


This is an opinion blog that analyses politics in India and the world, and also covers some important current events that go unnoticed by mainstream media.

Tags: politics, news, indian politics, writing, thoughts

34. Moore Common Sense

A conservative political blog from DC insiders with a unique perspective.

Tags: Conservative, Political, Virginia, Republican, Blog

35. "Taking my country back"...to the Mad Men era?

I often hear people, of a certain age, speak passionately about the need to "take their country back". I'm curious what they want to take their country back too.

Tags: Mad Men, Politics, Memories, Country, family

36. jamesmarshal

The blog is dedicated to the thoughtful and creative review of the political issues of the day. The author meshes his knowledge of government, law and politics to provide an interesting analysis to the reader.

Tags: politics, government, law, politics, government, law, politics, government, law, politics, government, law, politics, government, law

37. The Right Commentary

The Right Commentary is a political blog giving viewpoints on the conservative side of the political spectrum. This is a U.S. political blog.

Tags: politics, conservative, u.s. politics, political commentary, tea party

38. roimak

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39. Delhi Election Result 2015 Live

Delhi assembly election result 2015 or Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election Result, Delhi assembly poll result with party wise result and congress, AAP & BJP candidate list from all constituencies.

Tags: delhi election result, aap, arvind kejriwal, kiran bedi, bjp

40. The Political Spectator

Conservative Blog offering Opinion and Commentary on American and World Politics

Tags: Politics, Conservative, American, Congress, President

41. Should Social Security also be rendered unconstitutional?

If you have listened to the conservative Supreme Court justices argue over whether it is constitutional to mandate Americans purchase health insurance, you may have became perplexed on the merits of their thinking.

Tags: social security, supreme court, obama care, health insurance, republicans

42. My Pakistan

Site is related to world affairs, news, people and beautiful and amazing places.

Tags: News,, Politics, Pakistan, Beautiful Places, People

43. Stix Blog

A conservative blog about current events and some fun stuff added

Tags: Consweervative, Republican, Sports, Music, Comedy

44. vlemxkeepinformed

News and views of cuurent events with the right slant.

Tags: twitter, facebook, googlebuzz, politics, news

45. Red Bluff

Exploring current affairs, society and the environment

Tags: environment, media, government, development, climate change

46. HarvestMoon News

Fringe politics and conspiracy.

Tags: conspiracy theory, libertarian, news, political, activism

47. Fire Jim Moran

If you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat. Conservative view of the news from the very Liberal Northern Virginia.

Tags: politics, news, liberty, freedom, conservative

48. Peace and Conflict Politics

Issues in communication and politics related to Israel and the Middle East

49. Vigilant Grandpa

Offering a rational perspective on Wall Street, Politics & the Economy delivered w/a smidgen of sarcasm/humor. Vigilance on behalf of all grandchildren & a pledge to elicit changes to our current environment affording...

Tags: Wall Street, Congress, Banking, Unemployment, Govrnment

50. Politics1A

Commentary on important issues throughout the world challenging readers to find common sense and common ground.

Tags: elections, foreign policy, domestic policy

51. All About Pakistan

Site is related to world affairs, news, politics and Pakistan events.

Tags: News,, Politics, Pakistan, Beautiful Places, People

52. 4 reasons why Romney is equipped to be President

Just four of the hundreds of reasons why Romney should be the next one in the white hous.

Tags: romney, will Romney win, 2012 election, who is going to win the election, what is romney going to do

53. e-Pakistan

All times changing political environment of Pakistan.

Tags: Pakistan, PTI, IMRAN KHAN, ISI, Pak Army

54. Progressive Social Commentary | Jesus is My Buddy

It is about living an American life, observing what is going around that life, and a reasonable conversation on perspectives. Solutions may be offered to inspire and cajole the reader to respond.

Tags: politics, progressive, observation, fox, right wing

55. Intelligent US Politics

American political news, research and commentary delivered by syndicated political writers and distinguished guest authors, all free from mainstream media bias.

Tags: american politics, conservative politics, benghazi cover up, media bias, political corruption

56. NG Newspapers

NG Newspapers offers Nigeria Newspapers Updates from Nigeria News Online, Celebrity News, Sports News and Lots More. We Give you the Best of the News per Day.

Tags: nigeria news, nigeria newspapers, nigeria, nigeria news today, nigeria news online

57. Ademola Ayokanmi

www.ademolaayokanmi.blogspot.com is a platform for insightful news reporting and analysis, current affairs, politics, sports, celebrity gist, entertainment and leisure, tourism and travel, wedding planning, personal finance,...

Tags: news reporting and analysis, current affairs, politics, sports, celebrity gist

60. Hope Newspapers

Hope Newspapers gives you the Latest Trending News in Africa, Sports with Hope Newspaper Updates.

Tags: hope newspapers, hope newspapers, african news, hope news, africa news