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61. PetkovPavel

Government of England, discriminatory and violates human rights! For more information, please go to google and typing INFO LONDON PAVEL Petkov

Tags: Info+England


Amend the 1987 Constitution. Reform the Government. Build a better Philippines.

Tags: Philippine Politics, Philippine Government, Philippine Economy, Philippine Culture, Philippine Society

63. pmyojanahindime

All government schemes details and benefits. How government schemes work and when the started and who is beneficiary for them

Tags: sarkari yojana, ysr pension kanuka, Ysr pension kanuka login, Ysr pension kanuka search, Ysr pension kanuka application

64. Society and Politics

My blogs on political and social issues mostly related to India.

Tags: Indian Chief of Army Staff, General V K Singh, Age controversy, Grudge against Minister?

65. Mohamed Amine @ RCNUWC

Leading revolutions is no longer the sacred duty of leaders, it is now becoming a collective investment and a cooperative action we need to subscribe to.

Tags: Politics, International Affairs, Education, News, Youth Activism

66. National Gist

NationalGist.com offers Nigeria News Today, Entertainment, Sports and Celebrity Gist.

Tags: nationalgist, national gist, nigeria, nigeria news

67. Delhi MCD Election result 2017

Download MCD Voter list 2017 Delhi MCD Election result 2017

68. U.S. Hypocrisy

A unique collection of viewpoints on the United States' rhetoric vs. reality. Including such topics as Police Violence, Capitalism, Racism, Religion and sexism.

Tags: Politics, Imperialism, War, Racism, News


The blog addresses international terrorism and how multinational corporations profit from it. The blog also addresses today's politics and issues affecting us all.

Tags: terrorism, multinational, taxes, politics, veterans

70. Bosch 58-in Woodboring Spade Drill Bit Dsb2007 Review Buy

If a reporter doesn't like the person he's writing about, it shows up in his article.

71. Windows to Russia

Don't let the Western Propaganda alarm you about Russia, because Russia is more advantageous than you are told…

Tags: Russia, Russian, Village, Propaganda, Media

72. James Armstrong

A blog about politics, philosophy and current affairs written by James Armstrong, a Political Philosophy PhD student from the University of York.

73. Apathy Kills

Alternative media and objective insight to current world events and the malevolent New World Order agenda since 9/11.

Tags: Corruption, Conspiracy, New World Order, Illuminati, Religion

74. Lucetteblogs

News and comment on UK politics and society. Also some reviews of events in East Sussex.

Tags: blog, politics, NHS, gender equality, reviews

75. Talk to Me

Ask anyone who knows me, I'd stop St. Peter's roll call to start a conversation. I'm a longtime Brevard County resident blessed with the gift of gab. Get settled behind your keyboard. Let's talk local...and...

Tags: progressive, Florida, Democrat, writing

76. Political Dirt

Your Complete Political Dirt Sheet. The information the news buries and does not want you to know.

Tags: political, politics, president, usa, tech

77. Red Alexandria

Red Alexandria is the home for conservatism in exile in the City of Alexandria, Virginia which is one of the ‘bluest,’ most liberal areas of the USA. We intend to hold our elected leaders in Alexandria, our state, and our...

Tags: conservative, conservatism, alexandria, virginia, northern

78. The Moral Middle

Politics, Life and a Little Religion The Moral Middle is an effort to identify and discuss avenues of Virtue in American political direction and to bring that discussion to as broad of an audience as possible.

Tags: Politics, Moral Middle, Election, Political Party, Religion

79. A Netizen's Miscellany

This blog features the ideas and opinions of a common man who doesn't claim expertise in any field or knowledge domain.

Tags: pensive, webizen, ideas, opinions, common man

80. Global

News about the major happenings around the globe.

Tags: news, world, politics, issues, current affairs

81. Up Election Result 2017

This Blog Will Provide Live Update Of Up Election Vote Counting and Up Election Result 2017 Winners List Candidate Wise and Seat Wise and Party Wise

82. remakeMag

the best advertise blog in the city

Tags: remake, mag, remakemag, advertise blog, advertise everything

83. The Individualist Feminist

Current events in a libertarian and feminist perspective. Limited government furthers the goal of feminism and libertarianism.

Tags: feminism, libertarian, current events, politics, individualist

84. Gist Portal

Provides, Nigeria news, Technology tips and news, entertainment news

Tags: news, technology

85. ~synthesis~

Opinions and ideas on leadership, education, business, politics by Shafeen Charania

Tags: leadership, politics, education, strategy, marketing

86. OpEdge

OpEdge takes on the weird and harmful myths advertisers, media and right-wingers try to sell us. By PR executive and former TV reporter Marc Jampole.

87. Check voter id status online- CEO and Official Sites

This blog contains all the information the information related to voter id card and complete process of ow to apply for a new one.

Tags: Voter ID, Voter card, Aadhar card seeding, online voter id card

88. Political Ole Lady

Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow" – Abe Lincoln

Tags: united states politics

89. Paktvtalk

Read what officials, analysts, politicians and specialists have said on talkshows, interviews and public speeches

Tags: pakistan, politics, talkshows, interviews, minutes

90. Daryl Petersen: Freedom without any ifs, ands, or buts

Libertarian political blog commenting on philosophy and current events.

Tags: libertarian, politics, government, republicans, democrats