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91. OpEdge

OpEdge takes on the weird and harmful myths advertisers, media and right-wingers try to sell us. By PR executive and former TV reporter Marc Jampole.

92. Check voter id status online- CEO and Official Sites

This blog contains all the information the information related to voter id card and complete process of ow to apply for a new one.

Tags: Voter ID, Voter card, Aadhar card seeding, online voter id card

93. Political Ole Lady

Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow" – Abe Lincoln

Tags: united states politics

94. Paktvtalk

Read what officials, analysts, politicians and specialists have said on talkshows, interviews and public speeches

Tags: pakistan, politics, talkshows, interviews, minutes

95. Daryl Petersen: Freedom without any ifs, ands, or buts

Libertarian political blog commenting on philosophy and current events.

Tags: libertarian, politics, government, republicans, democrats

96. politics.filmupdates.in

Politics.filmupdates.in,India, Business, Bollywood, Cricket, Video and Breaking News, news, breaking news, current news, elections, news site, politics, India news, world, business, Bollywood, cricket

Tags: Politics.filmupdates.in,India, Busi, Politics.filmupdates.in,India, Busi, Politics.filmupdates.in,India, Busi, Politics.filmupdates.in,India, Busi, Politics.filmupdates.in,India, Busi

97. Shooting Folly

Satirizing news and politics

Tags: Humor, Satire, Politics, India, Limerick

98. The Talk Show American

Political conservative news and commentary

Tags: political, conservative, republican, news, commentary

99. Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a website dedicated to informing and enlightening those who seek the truth. The world is an illusion and if we don't investigate the, things will only get worse.

Tags: Banking System, Real News, Truth, Business, Information

100. Jummo Blog

CHTBD News, Chakma Video, Chakma Culture, Tanchangya Culture, Tanchangya Video

Tags: CHTBD News, Chakma Video, Tanchangya Culture, Tanchangya Video, Jummo Blog


A social issues news review, commentary, and no-holds-barred opinion website; pitches technology updates, entertainment, business, labor, and publishing.

Tags: philippine politics, pay rules, k to 12 curriculum education, celebrity and showbiz, holidays

102. Jokpeme Viral World News - Popular Featured Trends And Breaking News

Breaking News on Entertainment,World News,Middle East, Nigeria News,Lifestyle,US News,UK News, Asia News, Europe News,African News and General News.

Tags: US News, UK News, World News, Entertainment, News

103. herbertplumes

corpore sano in mens sana

104. www.naijahottopicsonline.com

A blog about News, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Celebrity Gossips, Relationships...

Tags: Entertainment, Gossips, News, Lisestyle, Relationships

105. Obliged to Offend

Orwell; atheism; third-camp socialism; Bolshevism; the fight against clerical fascism; the fight against racism and antisemitism; against crass anti-imperialism; against sexism; against homophobia; opposition to all reactionary...

Tags: Politics, Socialism, Orwell, Hitchens, Labour

106. Jerusalem Defender

Jerusalem as a Human Right of the Jewish People, plus a discussion of peace plans, why they haven't worked and the best alternatives available for the future. Home of the Everyone Wins Peace Plan.

Tags: Israel, Peace, Jerusalem, Middle East, Everyone Wins

107. The Russian Patriot

Josef Kozlov discusses guns, gun rights, gun control, self-defense, and related current events. Issues relating to national freedoms and American history regarding the founding fathers and their ideologies are also discussed

Tags: gun, self-defense, Russian, American, liberty

108. Casey Hendrickson

The official blog of talk show host Casey Hendrickson ... former evening drive dominator in Las Vegas, and current host of Michiana's Morning News on 95.3 MNC in South Bend, IN.

Tags: Casey Hendrickson, Michiana, South Bend, Indiana, Politics

109. UnReportedNews™®

TheUnReportedNews™®-TURN™®, The Totally Raw & Unedited Version: My principle is simple, for Islam, for Sarawak.

Tags: Sarawak, Taib Mahmud, Sarawak Barisan Nasional, PBB, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu

110. rewretre


Tags: fgdgdf, jhgfdgfdg, gfghgf, jhgjhjhkh, hjgjh

111. The Freedom Bunker

Reporting on current news and events from a Libertarian, Tea Party or Conservative perspective

Tags: libertarian, tea party, conservative, news, current events

112. Diogenes Middle Finger

Politics and News of Our Day With a Healthy Dose of Snark

Tags: Politics, Humor, News

113. Visa Facilitation Commercial Pyramid

Visa Facilitation Commercial Pyramid www.VFS-global.com (site map our offices)

114. Flex Your Head

Political commentary for those in the right state of mind.

Tags: Politics, Conservative, Occupy Wall Street, Socialist, Obama

115. The Bay Cambodia

The Bay Cambodia Invest Building - With all the buildings and also design and style inspired. The Bay Cambodia Facilities

116. fdsfdsfds


Tags: hgfhgfhg, fddgfd, gfdgfd, hjgjghjh, gjhgjhg

117. Whats World

news - world of - capitalism - controversial - conspiracy

Tags: news, world of, jew, capitalism, conspiracy

118. comradeoejustin

This blog is basically on politics and humanities.

119. The Arab World 360°

Political stories, opinions and comments

Tags: Arab, Syria, Articles, revolution, Palestine

120. WEBMODI :Pakistan News:World news:Sports News :Cricket HD Live:Sports HD channels:Live...

Latest News from Pakistan, India,USA,UK,World News.Videos News, best ever videos .Live Sports Tv channel news,live cricket streaming match , cricket highlights,Cricket live,sports HD live

Tags: Pakistan news, Live cricket HD, Urdu news, sports live channel, India-PAKISTAN