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Night Lamp Circuit Diagram

Hi every one today We are going to give you a very simple night lamp circuit diagram before this time also FREE CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 4U has given you night lamp circuits.Here we have introduced 120V circuit diagram with little modification you can use th...
by FREE CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 4U on Jun 16, 2015

120V 10 LED Circuit Diagram

Most of the developed countries use 120V.But some countries use 230V.Most of the members who use 120V asked some circuits which can be run with 120V.So here we are going to give you very simple and useful 120V circuit.You can use the same circuit for...
by FREE CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 4U on Apr 30, 2015

How to fix a plug

Some guys have asked me how to fix a plug.Here I have mentioned how to fix a plug.Some times we can see some plugs without a fuse also.And the other thing is some countries use some what different colored wires. Note: # If you are an underage...
by FREE CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 4U on Jun 28, 2014

110V LED light circuit diagram

Most of you who use 110V asked me LED light circuits which can be operated with 110V.By using this circuit you can light up 4 LEDs form110V.Use white colour LEDs Note:  # If you are under 10 don't try this circuit  # Be careful w...
by FREE CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 4U on May 27, 2014

230V /110V simple Multivibrator Circuit Diagram

Most of guys asked about 230V flashing circuits so I suppose this would be the most easiest circuit diagram.Here we have used common multivibrator circuit and two 3V relays.You can connect your AC line via the relay.( Use relay as a switch) Even the...
by FREE CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 4U on May 12, 2014