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Scandal of the Century

American Christianity suffered from clergy scandals long before the televangelist disgraces of the 1980s. The most popular pastor of his time, Henry Ward Beecher, created “the scandal of the century” in 1870, and to this day no one knows the full...
by Laboring In The Lord on Jan 11, 2013

“god in evolution”

by Amy Johnson Frkyholm   While controversies over evolution continue to arise in some sectors of American Christianity, most mainline Christians have made their peace with Darwin. We may not grasp all the nuances of the scientific debate, but w...
by The Anglo-Sinkie Scribbles on May 16, 2012

Put the cookies back on the upper shelf!

“Put the cookies on the lower shelf” is a phrase used about the need to make complex subjects understandable to the everyday person. This is an important skill. In fact, I will often judge how well I understand a subject … Continue...
by Enough Light on Feb 2, 2012