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About as useless as tits on a bull ......... about as useless as it gets A kangaroo short in the top paddock ...... not very bright , simple All piss and wind ..... a show of bravado All the go ....... popular A lot on your Plate .....
by Outback Snack on Feb 7, 2012

The D of Aussie Slang

Dag : 1) The bits that collect under a sheep’s tail 2) A likeable amusing person 3) An uncoordinated or unfashionable person – a nerd or goof Daks : Mens’ trousers (sneaking up behind someone and pulling their trousers down … Continue...
by Chronicles of Illusions on Oct 18, 2011

The C of Aussie Slang

Cactus – Ruined, finished Can – Toilet Cane Toad – A toad that lives in Queensland, a person who hails from Queensland Can’t take a trick – Someome who is always a loser Cakehole – Mouth Cask – Cheap wine ...
by Chronicles of Illusions on Sep 26, 2011