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Russia’s military forces staged massive snap military drills in districts close to the border with Ukraine and the Baltic states

Russia’s military forces have staged massive snap military drills in districts close to the border with Ukraine and the Baltic states, putting ground troopers as well as airmen and marines on full combat readiness for possible future operations.“...

Finland drops depth charges on suspected Russian Sub

Amid rising tensions between Russia and Finland mainly due to the ongoing Russian military exercises in the area, Finland has dropped depth charges close to a suspected Russian submarine, submerged in Finland’s territorial waters, close to Helsinki...
by Stevetheblogger blogspot on Apr 28, 2015

United States Sends 10 F-15 Fighter Planes To Eastern Europe

In an alarming escalation of the Ukrainian and Crimean crises amid fears of invasion by Russia, after the buildup of tens of thousands of Russian troops on the Eastern boarders of the Ukraine, the United States has sent 10 F-15 Fighter Planes to bols...
by Stevetheblogger blogspot on Apr 3, 2014

PRESS RELEASE : Fantastic start to 2014: ŠKODA grows by 16.5% in January

  › ŠKODA delivers 80,900 vehicles to customers (January 2013: 69,500) › Best January ever; manufacturer enjoys continuing growth in 2014 › Strong growth in Europe and record deliveries in China › ŠKODA on the Move: Design and model ca...
by automotive updates on Feb 13, 2014

Day 2: Vilnius - grey skies

After 8 hours on the couch, we finally arrived at Vilnius. However, the sky was not very cooperative and it remained grey and rainy all day. To make things worst, we couldn't find a currency exchange, and walking on an empty stomach we found took ref...
by TritterTrotter on Apr 27, 2013

Day 1: Tallinn

I have actually been to Tallinn before, this time is just a pass by down to Vilnius. Though summer Tallinn didn't fail to attract me with its beauty. It's completely different without the snow. :)...
by TritterTrotter on Apr 26, 2013

The rise of the ‘Wider North’

What is happening in the North? Are we witnessing the emergence of a ‘Wider North’, which threatens to complicate European security? What role will the United Kingdom be compelled to assume in the years ahead as the North rises to complicate the...
by European Geostrategy on Dec 30, 2012

Stopping British declinism – before it starts again

British power is too frequently under-estimated. According to current projections – economic and demographic – the United Kingdom will be the most populous and productive European power by mid-century. How can Britain capitalise on its long-term...
by European Geostrategy on May 19, 2012

Kennan Institute Summer Research Scholarships in Social Sciences or Humanities, 2012 USA

Summer Research Scholarships in the field of social sciences or humanities for the applicants of US citizens at The Kennan Institute, 2012 USA Study Subject(s): Social sciences or humanities Course... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my webs...
by Free Scholarship Information on Jan 26, 2012

‘Britain will never accept German leadership’

Why won’t the United Kingdom accept German leadership of the European Union? What will Britain do to prevent German primacy? What might the implications be? And how can Britain contribute to a stronger Europe?
by European Geostrategy on Jan 18, 2012