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Jay D's Bites: Smoked CreoleTomato Soup

by Blair LoupThis is not a drill! Chef Aimee Tortorich has concocted the most delicious tomato soup to have ever graced my taste buds. Still processing the loss of the spicy tomato soup at Chelsea's, I have finally found a stand in.It's spicy, it's s...
by Bite and Booze on Jul 25, 2016

Jay D's Bites: Barbecue Bloody Mary

by Blair LoupI fell in love with Blood Marys at an early age. I wasn't drinking them, but I was helping my dad make the mix. It amazed me at how we could take hum drum bottle of V8 and build this monument of complex flavors. To this day, the taste of...
by Bite and Booze on Jul 20, 2016

Jay D's Bites: Sweet Smoked Corn with BBQ Rub Butter

by Blair LoupYou know the feeling when you see a beautiful ear of corn, and you've just got to have it? Local farm-to-table grocery delivery service Indie Plate has produce from farms around the Baton Rouge area that's a feast for the eyes and your b...
by Bite and Booze on Jul 11, 2016