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Playa del Carmen

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”― Woody Allenmusic+imageThanks for visiting, please be sure that I read each and every one of your kind comments, I appreciate them all. Stay tuned.

Unforgettable Beach Holidays in Italy

The unique Italy, already amongst the top cultural and […] Vacation TourRelated Posts: Best beaches of italy for family winter vacations Italy’s Best Beaches for Summer Vacations Let’s Visit Best Beaches in italy for Lover’...
by Vacationxtravel on Jul 18, 2014

A Brand New Patong Beach in Phuket

A Brand New Patong Beach in Phuket Remember Patong Beach in Phuket as the busy..The post A Brand New Patong Beach in Phuket appeared first on Places and Foods, Travel and Food Blog.
by Places And Foods on Jul 17, 2014

How to be a tourist in Sihanoukville in the rainy season

Latest news on Sihanoukville Journal, an insider's view of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I was a tourist in Sihanoukville today. I didn’t just feel like a tourist. For a couple of hours, it totally slipped my mind that I was in a familiar place. The...
by Sihanoukville Journal on Jul 12, 2014

Danao Coco Palms Beach Resort: Exciting Reasons Why This Resort Considers Nice & Beautiful

“How I wish that I could settle my mind again as means of ignition, nourishment with explicit words and wisdom in this blogsite of mine – getting inspiration in my daily battle is a huge struggle. But despite of the tremendous life I have...
by Where Is Cebu on Jun 30, 2014

Phuket Patong Beach Hotels and Resorts as Holiday Inn

Patong is the island’s most developed tourist are […] Vacation TourRelated Posts: Cheap Hotels Near Patong Beach, Phuket Patong Beach in Phuket – Things to Do and Tourists… Best Resorts In Phuket For Romantic Honeymoon Luxu...
by Vacationxtravel on Jun 26, 2014

Kuta- The Heart of Bali...!!

Kuta is the heart of tourism in Bali and understandably garners the biggest crowd on this beautiful Indonesian island. Despite the emergence of Ubud and other destinations like Kintamani, Seminyak and Nusa Dua, Kuta still continues to lure every trav...
by Tales of a Nomad...!! on Jun 23, 2014

My first days in Sihanoukville

Latest news on Sihanoukville Journal, an insider's view of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I’ve been cleaning out my drawers in anticipation of the arrival of a new and much-needed desk and office chair. I’ve collected an astonishing amount of u...
by Sihanoukville Journal on Jun 15, 2014

Top Brazilian Beaches – Best Vacations Spots and Destinations

Brazil is a huge and underrated country with thousands […] Vacation TourRelated Posts: Top 10 Brazilian Beaches Enjoy Summer Vacation in Brazil Dazzling Brazil – Amazing Destination Around the World Visit to Rio de Janeiro: Summer Holi...
by Vacationxtravel on Jun 13, 2014

Puerto Rico Picture Tour

Here is our Puerto Rico Picture Tour: Enjoy!   The post Puerto Rico Picture Tour appeared first on
by Abroad Dreams on Jun 10, 2014

Best Beaches of New Zealand to Spend Family Vacations

Visit some most beautiful beaches of new zealand to spe […] Vacation TourRelated Posts: Top 10 Beaches in New Zealand Enjoy Summer Vacation in New Zealand New Zealand – Tourist Attractions The Fabulous Beaches in Morocco – Just For Yo...
by Vacationxtravel on Jun 9, 2014

Best Beaches in India for Honeymoon

Beaches are often considered the most romantic places to head to when it comes to romance or honeymoon. India, with its fair share of tropical islands and coasts is home to several beaches and in this post we will talk about the best beaches in India...
by Luxury Travel Blog on Jun 6, 2014

Family Friday: May 23

We have had an enjoyable and relaxing week!  Johnnie took time off work to spend with us and his visiting family!We didn't have any big plans for the week so we spent a lot of time here at the house.  But when you live on the beach, there a...
by Johnnie and Angela on May 24, 2014

Stop the sell-out of Greek beaches to private companies

Stop the sell-out of Greek beaches to private companies   Why this is important to me It sounds like a bad joke, but this might be the last summer when we can enjoy freely the famous beaches of Greece! Right now the Greek government is preparing...

Phuket Beaches City – Half Day Trips & Shopping Tours

Have a tour to phuket beach city in thailand enjoying n […] Vacation TourRelated Posts: 3 Romantic Things To Do in Patong Beach, Phuket Summer Holiday in Phuket Beaches – Save & Safe! Enjoy Funfull Activities – When Visit to...
by Vacationxtravel on Apr 30, 2014

Where should I stay in Sihanoukville?

Latest news on Sihanoukville Journal, an insider's view of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I’ve received three emails recently from people asking, “Where should I stay in Sihanoukville?” One was from someone I know well and I didn’t...
by Sihanoukville Journal on Apr 26, 2014

Top Ten Best Beaches in Phuket, Thailand

Plan a holiday trip to phuket to enjoy relaxing holiday […] Vacation TourRelated Posts: Top Ten Best Beaches in Phuket Summer Holiday in Phuket Beaches – Save & Safe! Luxury Villas in Phuket Area Enjoying Your Summer Vacation in Ph...
by Vacationxtravel on Apr 25, 2014

Top Ten Best Beaches in Florida

Go to spent family vacations at most beautiful beaches […] Vacation TourRelated Posts: Top 5 Beaches in Florida Florida Keys – Great Option for Summer Vacation You Must Visit The Tropical Best Hawaiian Beaches In Summer… Florida...
by Vacationxtravel on Apr 15, 2014

California beaches campgrounds for camping

Go californian beaches that offer you kayaking, diving […] Vacation TourRelated Posts: Best Beaches of California for Next Summer Vacations Camping Trip to Wind Cave National Park in Black Hills of… Most Popular California Beaches for...
by Vacationxtravel on Apr 14, 2014

Beautiful Day: Part 2

After having brunch,  we didn't want to pass up the chance to do a quick stop-over at Venice since the weather was so inviting. Upon hearing about it, my nephews gave me a puzzled look, scratched their heads and asked, " What?! Do we have to go...
by Life in a Fruit Basket on Apr 11, 2014