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Berenice Bejo and her beautiful legs shine on red carpet!

Berenice Bejo and her beautiful legs shine on red carpet! Beaune Festival opened Wednesday and runs until Sunday, April 6!The 6th International Thriller Film Festival de Beaune makes this year’s tribute to Johnny Hallyday by scheduling five fea...
by The Nations Pulse on Apr 4, 2014

Berenice Bejo in 'The Search'

Berenice Bejo and her director husband Michel Hazanavicius are reuniting for another film titled 'The Search'. Hazanavicius, who won the best director for his black-and-white silent film 'The Artist' in 2011 film, has also written the screenplay o...
by 99share_Fun wid Facebook on Nov 5, 2013

THE ARTIST movie review

at last i saw The Artist and i can say that i never regret watching it even though i wasn't very much interested at it first. just as i know is that it was a grand winner from all movie award-giving bodies. and just as it was shown in the opening nig...
by ohmski on Jun 7, 2012

French Chic Shoe Lesson 101: Red shoes pops a simple LBD, a la Berenice Bejo

  I’ll Have What She’s Having: The right, bright shoe with a classic LBD is oh soooo French Chic! Less is more when the elements are right in this French Chic Shoe Lesson 101. Berenice Bejo, of the The Artist fame, totally gets it wh...
by on May 17, 2012

Oscar Red Carpet Fashion- The Most Matronly… it’s sort of like the worst

I’m sorry but I have a habit of trying to not point a finger on who looks awful, because everyone has a bad day. Except, there are too many old lady frocks on the Oscar red carpet tonight, that I think it all needs to be discussed. Just look a...
by on Feb 26, 2012

Oscar Red Carpet Beauty Prediction & Hot Makeup Tips Too!

I’ve got my Swarovski crystal turban on and I am making some beauty predictions. Can you picture me? When it comes to Oscar red carpet beauty this Sunday,  you can expect to see a makeup throwback to the 1920′s with clean fresh skin sp...
by on Feb 25, 2012