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Giving Tithes And Offerings In The Bible

I believe any study of giving tithes and offering in the Bible must conclude that tithing does not apply today. Clearly, giving tithes and offerings in the Bible related to a particular period in Israel’s history and applied to Israel’s farmers a...
by Christian Financial Advice on Jul 19, 2014


The idea is a simple one. When someone undermines, the very foundation of an idea is left with no foundation. We are taught not to undermine ourselves; for enemies it’s okay. Encouraged even. The Bible contains the seeds to its … Continue rea...

Four Keys to Success In A Mission-Focussed Business

Business executives who focus on relevant success factors will spot threats and opportunities to their business early, and respond appropriately.
by Christian Financial Advice on Jul 8, 2014

Four Keys to Success In A Mission-Focused Business

Business executives who focus on relevant success factors will spot threats and opportunities to their business early, and respond appropriately.
by Christian Financial Advice on Jul 8, 2014


I have often published on my site prophetic words given by Priscilla Van Sutphin. I used to be very sceptic about anyone claiming that they had “heard” from God and felt a burden to be HIS mouthpiece. Indeed, I still … Continue read...
by BELIEVE on Jul 6, 2014

a bible believer becomes catholic – by believing the bible

by Wesley Vincent   Our devout, fundamentalist-evangelical family of six children attended Sunday School, Sunday morning and evening worship services, Wednesday evening prayer meeting, and choir rehearsal after prayer meeting — even when trave...
by sparrows and sandcastles on Jul 3, 2014

Did you know about: “Biblical Hospital Advertising: Message of Hope or Despair?”

St. Thomas Health is the second-largest hospital system in Nashville, Tennessee. This spring, they launched a sweeping multi-media advertising campaign centered on a verse from the Gospel of Luke: “For with God, nothing shall be impossible R...

The Virgin Annunciate

The Virgin Annunciate by Carlo Dolci (1616-86)The post The Virgin Annunciate appeared first on - Rosary Explained, Hail Mary in the Bible.

Someone wrote about “The Biblical Basis for Women in Church Leadership and Pastoral Ministry…”

….When writing and studying the topic of women in church leadership within the New Testament, I work from the following two premises: The New Testament foundation for utilizing the gifts of every believer must rest squarely on Jesus (the accoun...
by Family Pals Women Life Network on Jun 15, 2014

some thoughts on censorship

  As a writer, censorship can be detestable. It is a hindrance from above on free expression and free speech. Censorship as a principle builds on a premise which rejects the autonomy and unbridled freedom of the individual. On this aspect I lea...
by sparrows and sandcastles on Jun 5, 2014

Contentment Starts With Living In The Moment

Harvard psychologists Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert found people spend “…a lot of time thinking about what is not going on around them, contemplating events that happened in the past, might happen in the future, or will never hap...
by Christian Financial Advice on Jun 2, 2014


Continued from Part 1 “Today’s culture of independent individualism has created many spiritual orphans – “bunny believers” who hop around from one church to another without any identity, accountability, or commitment. Many believe it is...
by BELIEVE on May 23, 2014


PART 1 The following devotional written by a very well known church leader was forwarded to me this morning.  I am not one to take on personal attacks. I believe God’s truth is powerful enough to vindicate me, but I also know God has put...
by BELIEVE on May 16, 2014

A new wave of freedom from the Religious Spirit is at hand

This really blessed me today. I too believe things are about to get interesting. I recently had a dream where I found myself inside a boat that was being violently tossed and shaken by the fiercest of seas. It very much … Continue reading U...
by BELIEVE on May 6, 2014

catholic inside and out

by Kenneth J Howell   Summarizing my journey to the Catholic Church is a bit like attempting to put the Internal Revenue Code on a postcard. But I will venture to sketch the highlights of this journey.   My knowledge of Catholicism in child...
by sparrows and sandcastles on May 1, 2014

Five Tips For Setting A Budget On A Fixed Income

Often we hear, "bigger is better, more is better," which drives folks to the fast track for growth. However, sometimes more is a curse; it all depends on your attitude! These five tips for setting and living in a budget on a fixed income will steer y...
by Christian Financial Advice on May 1, 2014


  I struggle often to master my emotions when Papa and I chat about religion. He is now at the age when he no longer listens to reason, especially when it comes to his views on Christianity and the Bible. Not that he has ever listened to reason...
by sparrows and sandcastles on Apr 29, 2014

how does music express the word of god?

by Joseph Ratzinger   The importance of music in biblical religion is shown very simply by the fact that the verb “to sing” (with related words such as “song”, and so forth) is one of the most commonly used words in the B...
by sparrows and sandcastles on Apr 23, 2014

Trivia facts about the 1956 The Ten Commandments movie

Every Easter Sunday, the world famous biblical epic movie “The Ten Commandments” is always featured on American television through ABC. It has been shown since 1973 and was temporarily stopped in 1999. Due to its partial hiatus on televis...
by CebuFinest on Apr 20, 2014

The Jesus Movie 1979 - Full Movie

The Jesus Movie 1979 - Full MovieThis movie is the closest I've seen to anyone keeping it to the Bible. Many biblical movies tend to have so much added to it, rather then sticking to the word of God written in the Bible, as it is. This movie mak...
by Bronzi's 24 Hour Wealth on Apr 19, 2014