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Birbal Burma mei | बीरबल बर्मा में

by Hind Patrika on Dec 25, 2016

BAY OF BENGAL RESORT Myanmar contact details , address , E-mail id

    This is best resort in myanmar,yangoon for tourist who comes from outside of country.when you go Myanmar first time for just recreation or business, do not forget to visit this awesome beach resort.Myanmar is famous for their natural re...

AIR KBZ limited burma contact details toll free number e-mail address

About Air KBZ Myanmar Under the guidance of Myanmar Investment Commission, Air Kanbawza, otherwise known as AIR KBZ, was established in June 2010. The purpose of this establishment is to help the fellow existing airlines cater the growing demands of...


THE BURMA-SIAM RAILWAYG'day folks,The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway, the Burma–Siam Railway, the Thailand–Burma Railway and similar names, was a 415-kilometre railway between Ban Pong, Thailand, and Thanbyuzayat.  Since 19...
by clancy tucker's blog on Jun 24, 2016

#1939: MAMA Instant Noodles Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavour

Another one from the big batch I got after our Thailand trip from the MAMA noodles people. Thanks again! So this has been one of my favorites in the past – the regular Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum has been on my annual top ten list in the past –...
by The Ramen Rater on Feb 13, 2016

7 February 2016 - BURMA

BURMAG'day folks,Time to feature some facts about another of my favourite countries, courtesy of Travelfish. Myanmar (formerly Burma), is a Southeast Asian nation of more than 100 ethnic groups, bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand...
by clancy tucker's blog on Feb 6, 2016


Ingredients:Carrots - 4 (scraped)SaltFrench beans - 175 gmsOkra- 100 gmsFresh sprouts - 100 gmsCauliflower - 100 gmsSesame seeds - 50 gmsVegetable oil- 2 tbspOnion - 1 (peeled and sliced)Method:Cook the carrots in boiling salted water for about 7-8 m...
by Reshlok's food blog on Jan 19, 2016


Ingredients:Fish - 500 gmsOnion - 2 tsp (chopped)Butter - 2 tspFlour - 6 tspCoriander leaves -  fewSalt to tasteGreen chillies - 2-3White pepper - 1/4 tspWorcestershire sauce - 4 tspAnchoy sauce - 1/2 tspMilk - 1/2 cupEgg yolk - 1Thick cream - 4...
by Reshlok's food blog on Nov 17, 2015

Floods wreak havoc across South Asia

Hundreds of people have been killed and millions of others displaced by monsoon floods across South Asia. Large swathes of land, from Pakistan to Myanmar, lie submerged under water, as torrential rains continue across the region. Nepal, Vietnam, Bang...
by All About Pakistan on Aug 8, 2015

Heavy rains caused floods and landslides in West Bengal, India

Flood-affected people sit on a broken embankment of a road damaged by the flood waters as they wait for relief supplies at Howrah district in West Bengal, India. At least 75 people have died and tens of thousands have had to take refuge in state-run...
by World Affairs on Aug 6, 2015


A favourite snack in Burma, similar to those vegetable fritters known as pakoras in India.Ingredients:Split peas - 1 cupMedium sized onions - 2 (finely chopped)Fresh red chillies - 2 (finely chopped) or Chilli powder - 1/4 tspTurmeric - 1/2 tspS...
by Reshlok's food blog on Jul 22, 2015

Saeed Ajmal raises £30000 for Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims

پاکستانی آف اسپنر سعید اجمل آج کل پوری توجہ سے انگلش کاؤنٹی کرکٹ کھیلنے میں تو مصروف ہیں ہی، لیکن ساتھ ہی وہ میانمار سے دربدر ہونے والے روہ...
by My Pakistan on Jun 30, 2015

’پہلے حکومت نے قبول کیا اب نہیں کر رہی‘

by All About Pakistan on Jun 13, 2015

انعام واپس لینے کا بھی کوئی اصول ہونا چاہیے

by My Pakistan on Jun 11, 2015

Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims - Adrift at sea, unwanted on land

Migrants, who were found at sea on a boat, collect rainwater during a heavy rain fall at a temporary refuge camp near Kanyin Chaung jetty, outside Maungdaw township, northern Rakhine state, Myanmar.
by My Pakistan on Jun 6, 2015

The Rohingya: World's Least-Wanted People

Migrants who were found at sea on a boat sit near Kanyin Chaung jetty after landing outside Maungdaw township, northern Rakhine state, Myanmar. Myanmar landed a boat with 727 migrants on board in the country's western Rakhine state, after keeping the...
by World Affairs on Jun 4, 2015

روہنجیا پر مظالم، آنگ سان سوچی خاموش کیوں؟

گذشتہ دو دہائیوں میں کسی نے شاید آنگ سان سوچی پر یہ الزام نہیں لگایا ہوگا کہ وہ اصول پسند یا جرات مند نہیں۔90 کی دہائی کے آغاز سے 2010 میں ان کی...
by My Pakistan on Jun 3, 2015

اجتماعی قبروں کے پناہ گزین

by My Pakistan on May 28, 2015

The Floating Humans - Burma Muslims

The Floating Humans'Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule - Buddha' In a world where people are fighting and protesting for better life to live in their state,country or territory there are humans who are fl...
by The Other Side on May 28, 2015

Haiku : Floating

Haiku : FloatingThe Rohingya Muslim community of Burma is stranded in the sea after facing violence in their homeland Burma at the hands of Buddhist monks and military. Here is a set of haiku trying to explain the misery.Floating over sea target...
by lamhat(moments) on May 28, 2015