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Glaming up with Suuchi

Glaming up my wardrobe is one of my desires this year. I usually have on some type of black this or that, but rarely do... The post Glaming up with Suuchi appeared first on God4bAndMe - Where faith, fashion, food and fun meet or collide.
by God4bAndMe on Jan 13, 2016

You too can lose weight with a Colon & Body Cleanse Detox

During this holiday season it is hard to eat all of the increased fatty foods and still lose weight. There is just so much temptation... The post You too can lose weight with a Colon & Body Cleanse Detox appeared first on God4bAndMe - Where fait...
by God4bAndMe on Nov 19, 2015

Animated Hummingbird Toy For Cats

Don't worry it's not real although it looks like it. I was at BigLots today and saw this Animated Hummingbird from Gemmy... Even though this is made for gardeners who like to decorate their garden with this toy, imminently thought about my cats... It...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Feb 10, 2014

For Cats Who Love Faucet Water

I was looking for around sink organizer because my sponge and brush are always in the bottom of the sink...and I accidentally stumble upon this product Sink Drink. This literary turn a faucet into a Fountain for your kitty! I know some kitty really l...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Feb 1, 2014

Scratch Post VS Goma

Do you remember my rehabbed old scratch post? Well Goma loves it. I think the new lope really sticked on to the pole and made it more durable. Goma try so hard to kill it but I don't think this will fall apart any time soon... You can see step by ste...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Nov 25, 2013

How To Turn A Flimsy Cat Bed Into A Deluxe Bed-EASY DIY

  I know you have an old flimsy cat bed around your house, your cats love it and sat on it a million times. It's getting dirty and started to wonder if you need to buy a new cat bed...wait!! before you throw it away I have a great an...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Sep 17, 2013

Firefly In A Jar Toy Video

We finally bought Firefly In A Jar toy for my cats! It really lights up like a firefly and my cats go nuts especially at night time! It's so awesome. I know you will enjoy looking at it too! Don't forget to check out my recommendation for "5...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Sep 3, 2013

Love Birds By The Window

Look at those love birds hanging out by the window! I never seen them like this before, so here I am talking hundreds of photos... it's really not that we only have one window, but we only have one Window Perch ... I know summer is going to end soon...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Aug 20, 2013

Goma Got His Window Perch

Goma finally got his wishes! He now has Window Perch! I always wanted one so when I finally got one!! This one was very plush, large and comes with removable cover and elegant leg!And didn't need any tool to install. It was very easy. I installed it...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on May 21, 2013

Goma Is Stuck In Hepper Pod

Goma is stuck in Hepper Pod of many ways to enjoy Hepper Pod!
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Apr 1, 2013

Cat VS HexBug Nano—McDonald's Happy Meal Toy

McDonald's did not pay me to write fact I never go there but I had to because they have Hexbug toy right now which is great cat toys!! I have been a fan of Hexbug Nano so when I saw Hexbug in Macdonalds I was so happy! Did you know you can...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Mar 21, 2013

Rainbow Maker For Cats—VIDEO

First of all, I didn't get paid to write this! I went to visit my friend the other day and saw this Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker and imminently thought my cats would love this! What this does is simple, it creates little cluster of rainbow...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Mar 19, 2013

Why Do I Need Two Hepper Pod

Yup, they just can't wait for turns. They will not give in...they just have to have own Hepper Pod...well no more fighting over it I got two!!! I know Goma thinks he owns both of them because that's how he thinks. Hepper Pod is a stylish and mod cat...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Jan 31, 2013

Christmas Present For Goma And Kuma

SACHIE: Hey Goma! That's not an ordinary cardboard box! It's a fancy scratchier called The Scratch Lounge! GOMA: Okay, whatever I like Costco box more anyways. SACHIE: You have some nerve Mr Goma!! you are sooooo spoiled You have no idea what you hav...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Dec 29, 2012

Goma Plush Toy Auction Ends in 1 Day

Goma Plush Toy Auction Ends in 1 Day! FOG member and artist Karina Kenderian donated her Handmade Cat Plush toy to benefit Fin and Jen! Karina was nice that she sent two plush one for Mr Goma...thanks Karina we love it!! You can bid on this plush toy...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Dec 20, 2012

Finally Found Litter Of My Dreams—Natural Cat Litter Cedarific

First of all, this is not paid review or anything. I'm doing this because I really think I found natural litter of my dreams!! Few days ago, I went to a local grocery store and saw this Northeastern Products Cedarific Natural Cedar Chips Cat Litter..
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Nov 15, 2012

Brand New 2013 Calendar

BRAND NEW FOR 2013! 2013 My Cat Goma Calendar(with cat quotes) Pre-order now! Puurfect for Christmas Gift Last year's Goma blog calendar was such a success! In fact it all sold out early... If you loved your calendar please pre-order for...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Nov 9, 2012

WInner of TTT Tote Bag Announced!

Thank you everyone so much for entering  THE TINIEST TIGER Tote Bag! we pick a number from random number picker and the winner is.... Laila and Minchie! Con-cat-ulations!!  For those interested in this bag, you can buy it on TTT website!
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Nov 6, 2012

The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag Giveaway Winner

  Thank you so much for entering The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag Giveaway! The bag was included in the 2012 Academy Awards Swag Bag to the Stars! We finally picked a winner! The winner is(drum roll)... comment #62 Deb Anderson! Con-cat...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Apr 5, 2012

DYI Spinning Flower Origami Cat Toy

Goma and Kuma are so spoiled, they are tired of all the toys I bought for them so I decided to search for handmade cat toys. I was looking around and found this spinning flower Origami(sorry it's Japanese). You can make this toy from any Origami pape...
by My Himalayan Cat Goma on Mar 14, 2012