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Learn How To Identify Gemstones by Color

How To Identify Gemstones by Color, Colored Stone Identification, Gemstone Identification Most people are interested in the color , and give less... The post Learn How To Identify Gemstones by Color appeared first on Pukhraj Stone.
by Pukhraj Stone on Sep 11, 2014

Blue eyes kitten wallpaper

The post Blue eyes kitten wallpaper appeared first on OnlyBackground.
by OnlyBackGround on Aug 23, 2014


Taking pictures of cats eyes with a flash is a hoot! Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.
by You Are Reported! on May 14, 2013

Five of the Best Big Sunglasses

As the title suggests, here’s my pick of my favourite big sunglasses I’ve spotted this season so far. I really want to buy the Irregular Choice ones, but I’ve got a pair of Accessorize big heart shape ones, so can’t justify it...
by Jayne's Kitschen on May 16, 2012