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Child Obesity: How to help your kid lose weight?

Considering the drastic change in eating habits of children, parents are extremely worried about their growth. Gone are the days when kids preferred home cooked meals; now, most of the kids are seen hogging on junk food like double cheese pizzas, bur...
by Healthcare products reviews on Sep 23, 2015

Childhood Obesity and Solution

With children getting bigger and fatter these years seems to be that Childhood obesity is a problem without a solution. There are so many seminars and conferences held with doctors and obesity experts trying to figure out a solution to child obesity.
by Health Problem Solved on May 6, 2012


Obesity is the chronic condition where excess accumulation of fat on the body. Obesity is defined as having a BMI...
by emedicinezone on Oct 7, 2011

Childhood Obesity = Increased Heart Conditions

Childhood Obesity = Increased Heart Conditions Based on an article posted at (Healingtalks) Regrettably, obesity is a substantial problem in our times. Being fat increases the danger for heart conditions through...
by Healing Talks on Sep 27, 2011

Is Niacin Associated With a Higher Risk of Obesity?

By Dr.Kristie Leong MDImage Source :NIH Niacin Deficiency Patient with PellagraCan too much niacin increase the risk of obesity in children? According to a new study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, too much niacin may not be a goo...
by study case healthy on May 30, 2010