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Report Shows B2B Marketing Pros Lack Confidence in Traditional Campaigns

SnapApp’s new Campaign Confidence Gap Report reports challenges with traditional B2B marketing campaigns, particularly with how bullish marketers feel about using non-integrated techniques. In fact the study found that 82% of B2B marketers repo...
by the Wax blog on Jan 5, 2017

8 Ways Press Releases Still Matter

Forget what the experts say, press releases still matter As we move into 2017 one thing that’s for sure is someone, somewhere will announce that the press release is dead. But for many reasons press releases are still a powerful  tool in your...
by the Wax blog on Dec 29, 2016

Investigative Intel: 20 Things We Learned in 2016

The Year in Professional Wisdom, from the 2016 PursuitMag Archive The post Investigative Intel: 20 Things We Learned in 2016 appeared first on Delta Force PI.
by Delta Force PI on Dec 28, 2016

How Sales Pitches Keep the Reticular Activator on High Alert

Possibly it may make sense to better understand how the brain works when it comes to your sales pitches.
by Increase Sales Coach on Dec 16, 2016

Generating More Leads With Content Marketing

If you are still struggling to get more leads for your business, then this article is for you. By using high-quality content, you can get the leads you are looking for. You may think it's not as easy as it sounds but here, we will break it down so it...
by SEO Expert : Seogdk on Nov 25, 2016

Use These Wordpress Plugins to Improve Your Writing Productivity

Wordpress is a great choice among non-techy webmasters. We could define Wordpress as a website content management system and website creation tool that has been written in PHP. This saves non-techy individuals from having to deal with all the coding...
by SEO Expert : Seogdk on Nov 20, 2016

Roles of Digital Marketing to Uplift Small and Medium Size Businesses

Digital = Dig-it-all. In the first place, it's important to recognize that marketing is fundamental to any business, big or small. Without promoting, your business won't be visible, you won't get enough clients, sufficiently early in your startup sta...
by SEO Expert : Seogdk on Oct 16, 2016

Mobile friendly content in 7 easy steps

Mobile friendly content will soon be a requirement for websites. Mark January 10, 2017 down in your calendar because that’s when Google starts cracking down on websites whose content is not “easily accessible” to mobile users. With mobile overt...
by the Wax blog on Sep 22, 2016

Are You Drowning in the Sea of Sales Excuses?

Sales excuses appear to be increasing not decreasing if we look at current sales research.
by Increase Sales Coach on Sep 6, 2016

Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers and Webmasters

There are a lot of advantages of being a Blogger. You are your own boss, it’s all your own deadlines and there’s nothing to be done about hierarchical structure of companies. At the same time, you’ll have a bunch of things to take care of when...
by SEO Expert : Seogdk on Aug 31, 2016

5 Great Tools for Content Curation

When it’s done well, content curation can form an integral part of your content marketing strategy. The online world is in dire need of capable content curators to sift and sort through the myriad of social networks, news feeds and emails that...
by the Wax blog on Aug 29, 2016

Before You Make That Request for a Guest Sales Blog Post

Content marketing is a great way to attract attention. Some salespeople and entrepreneurs have found one way to expand their influence is to offer to write a guest sales blog. Learn why most of these requests are ignored.
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 24, 2016

The Definitive Guide to eBook Marketing – 21+ Proven Tips for Success (Infographic)

As a marketing tool, eBooks are an excellent way to create a substantial amount of awareness for your brand. By writing in-depth content explaining a particular idea, you are able to not only establish yourself in your niche industry, but you are als...
by the Wax blog on Aug 5, 2016

$5 Off: Content Marketing PLR Bundle

Here comes a PLR bundle on content marketing, a great evergreen marketing topic your readers will love to learn more about. This $19.95 Content Marketing PLR Bundle includes: • 10-Page Report: Taking Your Content Marketing to the Next Level • 10-...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Jul 25, 2016

Ways to Take before Investing in Social Media Advertising and marketing

By now, you already know that social media is essential to a business's success. When used properly, it can benefit your business as well as business sales reach levels you never thought achievable before. However advertising upon social networking i...
by How to Earn Money Online on Jul 19, 2016

The Two Important Factors Your online business Must Begin Blogging

Blogging is now one of the better and the most successful strategies for marketing and advertising a business online. While there are numerous incredible advantages to blogging, two stand out in particular. The first is getting free traffic to your s...
by How to Earn Money Online on Jul 17, 2016

The Guts of Good Writing

Writer Karin Winegar explains why despite all these new messaging channels, the basics of good writing never change “Keep it short and make it sing,” my late editor told me at the big Midwest  newspaper when I started my job as a general assignm...
by the Wax blog on Jul 8, 2016

Why You Don’t Want To Miss Out On Integrating Relationship Building Into Your Content

Where better chance to find a place to network with other webmasters than through your content. There is always a portion of people in an audience that turn out to be a webmaster so you actually do know that it's worth it to try your luck. Even thoug...
by SEO Expert : Seogdk on Jun 16, 2016

Match Content to the Customer Experience

Getting your content to resonate with your audience depends to a large extent on the customer experience, in other words their journey to making a purchase. Prospects in the early stages of research have different needs than those that are closer to...
by the Wax blog on Jun 16, 2016

The Perfect Content Marketing Mix

Okay. Here’s what you need. 2 oz. tequila. 1 oz. lime juice. 1 oz. Cointreau. Oh, and 3 big ice cubes. You have got the perfect content marketing cocktail. Well, not quite. Not that easy at least. Crafting the right content marketing strategy can a...
by Ron's Copy-e-writing Blog on Jun 9, 2016