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49 Trees

She burst out from the towering pines and found herself in a clearing with slender crab apple trees with flowers in their hair. The white blossoms scattered a few petals in welcome and spread their sweet aroma to her. Stars glinted through the branch...
by A Bolg? on Apr 25, 2015

Nepal hit by Devastating earthquake

A collapsed building is pictured after an earthquake hit, in Kathmandu, Nepal April 25, 2015. The shallow earthquake measuring 7.9 magnitude struck west of the ancient Nepali capital of Kathmandu.
by My Pakistan on Apr 25, 2015

Ini 10 nama Terpidana Mati di Nusakambangan termasuk Mary Jane, Myuran, dan Andrew Chan | News... Jika sampeyan ingin membaca artikel lebih lanjut, silakan klik link judul diatas atau kunjungi langsung di :). Thanks...
by on Apr 25, 2015

God Sri Krishna Suvichar, Messages and Sayings

Is Jagat m aapka Insaan ke Roop hona he aapke liye sabse badi Kushi ki baat hai...
by Positive Inspiring Quotes on Apr 24, 2015

Auschwitz where the forsaken queued to die

In the small German town of Luneburg, a frail 93 year old man, going by the name of Oskar Groening, sits and speaks very quietly to a packed court. To look at him you would think he was just like any other grandfather, but you would be wrong, in-fact...
by Stevetheblogger blogspot on Apr 23, 2015

Girl Saw Heaven after Falling from Tree

Annabel Beam’s experience was accompanied by the inexplicable disappearance of all her health...

Excerpts From The Diary Of A Serial CellPhone Killer

"Find what you love, and let it kill you." - Charles Bukowski"Find a cellphone you love. Kill it." - Mataji Sreesha DivaI got my first cellphone when I was 17, unlike the kids today who get theirs before they have tasted their first lollipop. I had a...
by Petrichor and Clouds on Apr 20, 2015

11 sentenced to death in retrial over Egypt football riot

Cairo: An Egyptian court on Sunday handed down death sentences to 11 people charged with involvement in Egypt’s worst football tragedy more than three years ago. The Criminal Court, holding its proceedings at the Police Academy on the outskirts of...
by Market Plus ME on Apr 19, 2015

Why Your Past Hobbies Help Heal Your Grief

"I'm just someone who likes cooking and for whom sharing food is a form of expression."  ~ Maya AngelouLong before I knew I would be facing this thing called grief, I liked to cook. I was never the type to follow a recipe, rather I was an experi...
by Hope In The Storm on Apr 19, 2015

Micro-fiction 10

He trudged up the mountain despite the burden and the thinning air. Once he reached the summit, he hid her corpse in its icy grave.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Death is an easy escape,she thought,standin...
by Petrichor and Clouds on Apr 13, 2015

Pakistani children at a fruit market in Lahore

Pakistani children browse through a pile of rotten oranges thrown by vendors at a fruit market in Lahore.
by All About Pakistan on Apr 13, 2015

We have in Life our Own Choice, it is Sometimes Difficult but we Have to Make a Choice

We have in Life our Own Choice, it is Sometimes Difficult but we Have to Make a Choice.   Fortunately, no one has promised us that life would be easy, and many have said that after our death we have the opportunity to get to heaven. Because life...

The BOOK OF DEATH Will Be Written In July 2015

BOOK OF DEATH #1 Venditti, Gill and Braithwaite Reveal Valiant’s Future in the Blockbuster Event of 2015! So let it be written… So let it be done… This summer, witness the death of Ninjak…learn the final fate of Bloodshot…see the [̷...
by Comic Book Critic on Apr 9, 2015

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pelaku “Bom Boston” terancam hukuman mati | News... Jika sampeyan ingin membaca artikel lebih lanjut, silakan klik link judul diatas atau kunjungi langsung di :). Thanks...
by on Apr 8, 2015

World’s oldest person, Gertrude Weaver dies at 116 Read More

Days after becoming the world’s oldest person, American Gertrude Weaver has died at the age of 116, US media reported.Weaver died Monday morning of complications from pneumonia, reports said.Weaver passed away at the Silver Oaks Health and Rehabili...
by Enyiinaya Emma's Blog on Apr 7, 2015

Quotes About Life And Death

In this page you will find the best of quotes about life and death collection from all around the web, youa are free to use this images on your laptop and mobile devices. quotes... The post Quotes About Life And Death appeared first on Wo...
by World Free Pictures on Apr 6, 2015

An elderly grandma passed on after her cell telephone was cut off, by Vodafone

 Sheila Secker, 78, topped up the Vodafone pay-as-you-go telephone just a week prior to her demise, as she sat tight for her landline to be introduced.  However when she crumpled, she was not able to call for help after the versatile org...
by urlstars Buzz on Apr 6, 2015

Surviving Seasons Of Grief, Holidays And Anniversaries

"The feat of surviving is directly related to the capacity of the survivor." ~ Claire CameronI feel like I have a hangover.  My body aches, I am slightly bitchy, exhausted and ready for recovery. The past three and a half months have once again...
by Hope In The Storm on Apr 3, 2015

Senate panels approve benefits for kin of retired, dead Sol-Gen officials

Two Senate committees have approved the proposal to give monthly survivorship benefits to the spouse and children of deceased Office of the Solicitor General officials who has already retired or died while in active service.Senate Bill 2709, prepared...
by Tech Pinoy on Apr 2, 2015

SAF chief: Marwan's death a 'morale boost' for troopers

The death of international terrorist Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan, as confirmed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, serves to boost the morale of troopers, newly-installed Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) director Chief.
by Tech Pinoy on Apr 1, 2015