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MSNBC, CNN, Fox News - what do these have in common? Capitalism, big money, kowtowing to advertisers and billionaire owners, perhaps? Even when they aren't told to alter the news to support the corporate desires, they can be slighted.I'm sick to deat...
by Murdockinations on Jul 28, 2014

Is This Editorial Cartoon Funny?

People enjoy political cartoons. They make for fast iconic processing and cut to the quick of a point. This cartoon by Steve Bell is clearly cynical and anti-Israel. Its essential point is clear enough – that Israel values its own lives greater tha...
by Peace and Conflict Politics on Jul 14, 2014

Travel in Taiwan — Food Journey

Steven Crook, Oscar Sun, Nickey Liu and myself were recently sent on assignment to a clam farm in Tainan. The weather forecast was for rain but we were blessed with beautiful sunshine all day. The clam ponds and farmers were interesting and Oscar and...
by The Taiwan Photographer on May 16, 2014

April uprising historical reenactments 1876

1 Photo | Canon 7D | Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM [[Visit blog to check out this spoiler]]...
by 54ka PhotoBlog on Apr 22, 2014

Standpoint - 'हिंदु परिषद' के आगे 'विश्व' क्यूं ?

आप सोच रहे होंगे। यह अटपटा सवाल क्यूं ? बिल्कुल मुझे भी 'विश्व' अटपटा लगता है, जब मैं इस संस्थान के...
by yuvarocks on Apr 21, 2014

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Iconic Ivanity Spring/Summer 2014 Collection- 'Elements'.

Nigerian top fashion label Iconic Ivanity presents its S/S 14 collection titled Elements. The label owner Nancy Nwadire says -         "Inspired by natural elements, here is what Nancy had to say about the collection. “For...
by Jewelzmag on Mar 7, 2014

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Publicly Letter : गृहमंत्री ​सुशील कुमार शिंदे के नाम

by yuvarocks on Feb 26, 2014

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by Premium Template on Feb 20, 2014

Wrestling History Lesson: The First Ever Episode of NXT

While the main WWE shows of RAW and Smackdown go deeper into the toilet with every passing week as more past-their-prime part time wrestlers come back to overshadow the guys who put their bodies through hell all year round, the developmental show, NX...
by Smark Out Moment on Feb 18, 2014

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Sophie, for LA Models

Got the chance to work with Sophie from LA Models a couple weeks ago and we shot a short video. Just now getting around to editing it and getting it some airplay. Tagged: beauty, Beauty photography, editorial, editorial video, Fashion, Fashion Photog...

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by yuvarocks on Feb 11, 2014

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समुदाय राजनीति बंद होनी चाहिए

by yuvarocks on Feb 1, 2014

How To Be A Stylist: It’s All About The Tzuj With Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot Fashion Stylist Tricks

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in so many aspects of being a fashion stylist during my career that’s spanned decades. In my continuing reprise of some of my greatest evergreen material leading up to the 15th anniversary year of Fo...
by FocusOnStyle.com on Feb 1, 2014

Scouting Talent: Adrian Neville's Future in WWE

It has been just over a year since Newcastle-born Adrian Neville had his first match on the NXT TV show, and I have been a fan of the man ever since. His incredible finishing maneuver, which got him the win over the now future-endeavoured Sakamoto, h...
by Smark Out Moment on Jan 31, 2014

Beauty editorial for Glamour Germany February 2014

Beauty editorial for Glamour Germany February 2014...
by kopacharmer on Jan 25, 2014