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Spirit of Eid

Spirit of EidEid-ul-Fitr or 'Meethi Eid' as it is called in India is celebrated after completion of holy month of fasting i.e Ramzaan. This festival Eid is not just about celebration but about sharing happiness. The privileged Muslims are obliged to...
by lamhat(moments) on Jul 5, 2016

Cry For Me O Africa

Cry For Me O AfricaRacism is bad and it's even worst if it is practiced in India which has the first hand experience of sufferings of such abuse. There are incidents of racial attacks in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi. Recently Masunda Kitada Ol...
by lamhat(moments) on May 27, 2016

Heat Wave

Heat WaveIn spite of controlling almost all things in the world there are something we can't control like the climate. It is also true that we have altered it for the worse but only almighty can change the things again. It's a prayer to call him to g...
by lamhat(moments) on May 20, 2016

Haiku : Drought

Haiku : DroughtThis set of Haiku to highlight drought conditions and indifference of authorities in India.Water is nowhere,without it they want to die,ground leveled for play.#####Minister's survey,farmers ready for relief,ground leveled to land.&nbs...
by lamhat(moments) on Apr 28, 2016


AccidentsAn innocent man, hundreds of ardent devotees, hard working labors & passerby, a woman biker and many who descend into wells for water; they all are connected through accidents. Delhi Mercedes road accident, Kollam Temple Fire, Kolkata Fl...
by lamhat(moments) on Apr 13, 2016


SuicidePratyusha Banerjee 'The Balika Vadhu' girl committed suicide in her home on Sunday 3rd April 2016. It is not the first time that a person associated with glamour industry succumbed to life's pressure. Jia Khan, Nafisa Joseph, Silk Smita, Guru...
by lamhat(moments) on Apr 5, 2016

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for PeaceParis, Lahore,Mumbai, Syria or Brussels these terrorists have not left any place on this planet which is out from their terror radar. The world is continuously under threat of violence. They can do everything to destroy humanity by hi...
by lamhat(moments) on Mar 30, 2016

Everyday Is Women's Day

Everyday Is Women's DayWe can't imagine a world without women yet the women are treated as second class citizens in our society. The problem lies not only in the patriarchal mindset of men but also the women who have accepted their ill fate by obligi...
by lamhat(moments) on Mar 8, 2016

Haiku : Budget

Haiku : BudgetLengthy document,puzzling uncommon figuresof common budget. #####Government planning,emptying public pocketshome budget shattered.
by lamhat(moments) on Mar 1, 2016


NationalismPatriotic hooligans attacking in anger,threatening justice, democracy in danger,smaller is the life of divisive politics,nationalism should not curb role of critics.
by lamhat(moments) on Feb 18, 2016

Love : The Ultimate Destination

Love : The Ultimate DestinationAccording to me each day is the day of love. Whatever you do from your heart is an act of love an act for which you never feels bad and which never hurts anyone. Today, however is the official day of love i.e Valentine'...
by lamhat(moments) on Feb 14, 2016

Beauty Within

Beauty Withinskin will wither with age,wrinkle will twinkle from makeup's cage,nothing artificial will forever survivebeauty within till eternity thrive ...
by lamhat(moments) on Feb 4, 2016


IntoxicatedWandered aimlessly confused,until your love I induced,Radical thoughts became seamless,true path of Nirvana now to my access.My pathetic state you accepted,a new space which have created,Where only you and me reside,even when whole world s...
by lamhat(moments) on Jan 29, 2016

Haiku - Neighbors

Haiku - NeighborsFirst help in distress,sometimes love & sometimes war,our close strange neighbors.
by lamhat(moments) on Jan 3, 2016

New Year, New Beginning

New Year, New Beginning2015 is counting its days. This year like all previous years gave us some good and bad memories. There were incidents of racial abuse, color discrimination, terrorism, environmental issues and refugee crisis similarly there wer...
by lamhat(moments) on Dec 30, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas DayChristmas Day(25th December) is known more for Santa Claus and celebration associated with it than for the birth of Jesus Christ the man who stood for love and care throughout his life and who even in his death set the example of forgive...
by lamhat(moments) on Dec 23, 2015


JoyUp and down, down and up,Day-night passed in wonder,Victory dance, astonishing glance,this boat feared not any thunder.Bruises, laughs, daytime stars,part of our adventure,Cries and fights, again unitesJoy of childhood venture.This post is linked...
by lamhat(moments) on Dec 15, 2015

Chennai Cheered

Chennai CheeredEarthquake, Floods, Cloud Bursts, Tsunami, etc can only take away our wealth and property but not the spirit which binds us all together. Recent Chennai flood presented the similar example, a city broken by excessive rains, loss of lif...
by lamhat(moments) on Dec 10, 2015

Two Minute Medley #2 - World Aids Day

Two Minute Medley #2 - World Aids DayAcceptance,sympathy, care,Sensibility,safety,aware.World Aids DayPromise,protection, precaution,No fear,stigma and discrimination.World Aids Day...
by lamhat(moments) on Dec 1, 2015

Haiku - Re-Fly

Haiku - Re-Flyfreedom curbed by force, bounce back on the oppressor,wings spread to re-fly.
by lamhat(moments) on Nov 26, 2015