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Who Was Louis Stillman? Expression Of Anger 46

I arrived in Welty with the image of the boy and horse still invading my thoughts. I walked into a country store, only to find it abandoned. The shelves were barren and dust covered the everything inside. I walked back out and realized that the town...
by dbrookings blog on Feb 2, 2013

Who Was Louis Stillman? Permanent Plans 43

I told the boy that he could no longer do what he wanted, which sent him into a fit of rage. “You ain’t my daddy, so you can’t tell me what to do,” he bellowed. “I ain’t gonna listen to no man who spends his days s...
by dbrookings blog on Jan 28, 2013

Who Was Louis Stillman? Matches 41

   “Sheep ain’t dumb neither, in fact, they’re almost as smart as pigs, but maybe I think that ’cause they’re jumpy; ya can’t get near them if they’re spooked. That’s why ya have to be very quiet whe...
by dbrookings blog on Aug 17, 2012

Who Was Louis Stillman? Pigs 40

   “Pigs are smart ’cause I’ve seen their brains working as I approach them. They ain’t dirty, neither, and a pig will keep a pen cleaner than any man could. I don’t know why people think they’re dumb, dirty cre...
by dbrookings blog on Aug 13, 2012