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Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

With Scotts Exclusive Edge Guard Technology. Control panel with precision rate settings for more accurate coverage. Designed to ensure superior results when used with Scotts lawn food. Holds up to 15,000 square feet of Scotts lawns products.
by Home Garden Tool on Jan 12, 2017

Waterfall at Sunset – XXL Mural Waterfall Sunset- Poster 82.7 Inch x 55 Inch

A waterfall in a very special image! Get your personal image of this waterfall at sunset for your home. Beautify your walls with this exclusive mural. A photo wallpaper for silence-seekers and nature lovers. A beautiful day comes to an end, the sun i...
by Home Garden Tool on Jan 12, 2017

Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Garden Shopping Cart

Generic folding wagon,Handy and sturdy ,work great for you! Product features:Compactly for easy storage. Sturdy steel frame construction. Folds conveniently,wagon can folds to only 8''thick. Swivel handle for easy steering.Big Heavy duty rubber wh...
by Home Garden Tool on Jan 12, 2017

Winter is Here But Spring is Right Around the Corner--Garden Planning Starts Now!

Chase away your winter blahs with thoughts of spring.Winter is here and you’re probably looking back at some missed resolutions from 2016, but now is when we need to plan ahead.  Spring is right around the corner.  My favorite time of the...
by Nuts 4 Stuff on Jan 2, 2017

Projects Of 2016

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration yesterday with your family and friends! The last week of the year is a good time to reflect on all the blessings that you've enjoyed and how far... Hope you'll stop by for al...
by diy Design Fanatic on Dec 26, 2016

Homemade Herbicide Alternatives That Are Affordable & Eco-Friendly

Swap the commercial herbicides that are toxic and expensive for a homemade herbicide that is a safer and healthier alternative. These are affordable and less toxic and you probably have them on hand. Homemade Herbicide Alternatives If you’...
by The Seaman Mom on Aug 31, 2016

The Politics Of Fixed Income

Since I'm not quite divorced from politics I thought I'd share what I've been learning because we're on a fixed income.  No social security increase because there is no inflation is a crock.  Don't the economists ever buy food or gas or pay...
by Dogwalk Musings on Aug 28, 2016

How to plant a lawn from seeds

Starting a lawn from scratch using seed is the least expensive way to transform your home or garden. Here’s how to plant a lawn from seeds.  How to plant a lawn from seeds As you may remember from this article I decided to grow my own lawn...
by The Seaman Mom on Aug 24, 2016

8 Tips in Furnishing Your House with Garden and Ponds

Furnishing your house with garden and ponds is a fun idea and many people share the same idea too. Garden and ponds are certainly the best details to add when you want to improve the..
by Furnishing Guru on Aug 12, 2016

Make it Pretty Monday – Week 187

Hello World!  How’s your week lining up for you?  We are two weeks away from the start of school and I have finally done some school clothes shopping.  I’ve got a little grower on my hands.  Let’s get this party...
by The Dedicated House on Aug 8, 2016

Tips of Creating Garden for Beginners

Creating garden for your house is not as difficult as it seems. Many beginners think that it is difficult to start a garden of their own. However, it is not always so. If you want..
by Furnishing Guru on Aug 2, 2016

Which House Plant Can Purify Your Home

Beautiful house plants will make your home interior looks gorgeous. Creating a beautiful home is not only about choosing the right wall color, furniture, and decoration. It is also about creating a healthy home. One..
by Furnishing Guru on Aug 1, 2016

Make it Pretty Monday – Week 186

Hello World!  Here we are at the beginning of August!  Can you believe it?  The Summer has flown by.  I hope you had a great weekend!  My weekend consisted of shopping and some pool time.  You can check out my shopp...
by The Dedicated House on Aug 1, 2016

Tips for Interior Gardening

Interior gardening is a great alternative for outdoor gardening. This indoor garden is perfect for those who doesn’t have yard. Those who live in an apartment can get its most benefit. Indoor garden can make..
by Furnishing Guru on Jul 30, 2016

Why Creating Garden for Your House?

Creating garden for your house is actually very important. Garden is basically very fun to have even in limited space such as inside the house. If you have a vast yard outside your house, then..
by Furnishing Guru on Jul 29, 2016

Choosing Spots When Creating Garden for Your House

Choosing spots when creating garden for your house seems to be the first step you must do when you want to have indoor garden. Many people today do not have money to buy large house...
by Furnishing Guru on Jul 28, 2016

House Plants with Health Benefits

There are many house plants that you can keep in your indoor garden and bring you health benefits. Keeping plants inside the house is quite different from keeping plants outside the house. When you keep..
by Furnishing Guru on Jul 27, 2016

House Plants with Easy Maintenance

People love keeping house plants in their house so that they do not have to do the gardening outside the house. However, plants are still plants that need you to take a good care of..
by Furnishing Guru on Jul 25, 2016

Interior Gardening Around a Fish Pond

Interior gardening is a sort of gardening but you do it inside your house instead of outside the house. Many people own a house without a front yard or a backyard. That is why gardening..
by Furnishing Guru on Jul 24, 2016

How to Train Climbing Plants (Video)

Have you tried to train climbing plants? Enhancing the looks of your walls isn’t always done through repainting or hanging decorative items. You can makeover your walls naturally and your outdoor home is a great place to start.  This is done by gr...
by Stagetecture on Jul 24, 2016