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The Ultimate Tarot Guide to Surviving a Bad Break-up & Getting Your Ex Back

First of all, congratulations on being single again! It really isn’t as bad as you think it is. If you were to objectively weigh the pros and cons right now, you’d realise that you’re probably better off without him or her… bu...
by Love Dove Tarot Blog on May 18, 2012

Should I Contact My Ex-Girlfriend?

There is one and only one way to deal with ex-girlfriends... Failure to do this one thing will make you like spoiled milk for this girl and any future girls... And remember, the goal of this advice is to protect you mentally and emotionally (and so...
by DateMasters Dating Advice Blog on May 16, 2012

10 Romantic Fun Ways To Get My Ex Back

These "10 romantic fun ways to get my ex back" can help you get back together and have a better relationship. But there's no guarantee any of these will work 100% of the time. You know your ex better than anyone else, so you know which tips might be...
by Read Into Your Relationship on Oct 3, 2011