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stART Hope Anew This Year!

Hello po! Having attended a number of advocacy blogcons, I can say one must cover not for the remuneration they will give. Because there is far greater to be had- and that is knowing that as a blogger, you have helped to disseminate information for a...
by *Love *Cute *Princess on Jan 4, 2017

இஞ்சி, மஞ்சள் கலந்து தயாரித்த பானத்தை காலையில் வெறும் வயிற்றில் குடித்தால் . . . உண்டாகும் பயன்கள் 7

by vidhai2virutcham on Dec 22, 2016

Ancient Tibetan Remedy for Joint Pain and Headache

This tincture of ginger is very useful for colds, in particular, for viral infections. Thanks to the tincture of ginger, the inflammatory processes in the body quickly disappear.This tincture is an excellent natural remedy for headache, toothache,...
by Sanatate pentru prieteni on Nov 5, 2016

14 Benefits of Ginger

Alternative Medicine – Ginger Zingiber officinale Roxb is planted for the first time in India, and then spread across other tropic area. Ginger is a kind of herb that can grow 30-100 cm high. The shape of its leaf is like a ribbon, arranged in two...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 16, 2016

Natural Remedies to Shrink the Stomach Distended and Bloated

Alternative Medicine – How to shrink the stomach distended and bloated always become the search for everyone both women and men which have obesity problem. But nowadays, many people realize that shrink the stomach distended using slimming chemical...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 16, 2016

Ginger Can Cure the Snake Bite Wound

Alternative Medicine – Ginger is such a great herb. It has many benefits. Even it can cure snake bite wound. Rattlesnake is a very dangerous when someone get the venom by its biting. It needs a special treatment to cure this disease and even need s...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 13, 2016

Using Ginger to Decrease Cholesterol

Alternative Medicine – High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia is a condition where the cholesterol level exceed the normal level. Cholesterol itself is a waxy fatty compound which is mostly produced in the liver and the others are produced from t...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 13, 2016

Ginger Can Eradicate Cancer Cells

Alternative Medicine – The nutrients which is contained in the ginger can be very benefits for helping to eradicate the growth of the cancer cells. Some studies found that the benefits of the ginger extract can eradicate many kinds of cancer such a...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 12, 2016

Using Ginger to Cure Arthritis

Alternative Medicine – Arthritis is a chronic disease and often occurs for a lifetime. The sufferer can be men or women who are more than 55 years old.  The arthritis sufferer will get swollen and stiff on their joint so that it causes the bod...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 11, 2016

Ginger Prevent Motion Sickness

Alternative Medicine – Doing travel for such a long trip by land, water or air transportation should be very fun. But it’s not for those who usually get motion sickness. Sometimes our trip is disturbed due to the condition of our body that decrea...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 9, 2016

Using Ginger to Vanish Acne

Alternative Medicine – Acne is a condition when the skin pores are clogged so that it causes the sac of pus getting inflammation. Acne is a pain which is often suffered by many people. Kligmann, a world famous researcher of acne problem argue, that...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 8, 2016

Ginger Prevent from Irregularly Menstruation Cycles

Alternative Medicine – Irregularly menstruation is a condition when the menstruation cycle become slower, faster, or even doesn’t occur. Menstruation is the process of uterine wall dropping which release become blood. It usually happens for 3 to...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 7, 2016

Migraine Can Be Cured By Ginger

Alternative Medicine – Many people often feel headache. Actually there are some kinds of headache. Migraine is one of the headache which is often severed by many people. Migraine is chronic disorders which is noted by the happening of mild headache...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 5, 2016

Ginger Can Improve Blood Circulation

Alternative Medicine– Every organs in our body need smooth blood circulation so that the organ can run well and normally as it should be. Blood carries the nutrients to all parts of our body. It also acts in delivery and spread the oxygen, hormone,...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 4, 2016

Ginger Can Make Our Digestive System Healthier

Alternative Medicine – We all know that fruit is very useful for our digestive system. Beside that there are some herbs that is also benefit for our body and our digestive system. One of them is ginger. Many people often have problem with their dig...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 4, 2016

Ginger to Heal Breathing Problem

Alternative Medicine – Lungs is the important part of our body to keep alive.  If this part gets any problem automatically the health of our body will decrease drastically. Breathing problem is relate with it. The most common breathing problem...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 2, 2016

Ginger to Prevent from Hair Loss

Alternative Medicine – Hair is a crown for women, but nowadays hair is not only a crown for women but also for men. In this modern era, men also care a lot about their performance and style include their hair style. Furthermore, some men are not he...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Oct 1, 2016

Ginger Can Make Our Body Warmer

Alternative Medicine – Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) is a kind of rhizome which is popular to be made as spice and also use as material for medicine. The rhizome of ginger is varieties, there is a rhizome which the form is like fingers and big on th...
by Natural Alternative Medicine on Sep 29, 2016

Fungsi Pelbagai Jenis Detox Ke Atas Tubuh

Sebelum ini saya ada tuliskan posting berkenaan pelbagai toksin yang ada dalam tubuh kita. Tapi ada juga yang bertanya berkenaan jenis-jenis detox yang saya pun kurang mahir juga. Namun, sebab anda, saya study jugalah berkenaan jenis-jenis detox ni.
by Vitamin Cerdik on Aug 10, 2016

Resveratrol dan Cucurmin Membantu Merawat Sopak / Vitiligo

Alhamdulillah dapat akhirnya luangkan waktu untuk buat posting. Lepas raya agak sibuk dengan urusan peribadi. Antaranya menjaga anak-anak tidak sihat (lepas raya daripada kampung 2 orang anak tidak sihat) dan urusan kematian. Untuk pengetahuan, nenda...
by Vitamin Cerdik on Jul 26, 2016