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New Urea Investment Policy (NUIP) 2012 attracting fresh investment in fertilizer sector

There is a large gap in urea demand and urea production in the country. Indian companies are producing around 220 lakh tonnes of urea against the demand of 320 lakh tonnes. This gap of 100 lakh tonnes is mainly filled by import of urea from other cou...
by Duncans Fertiliser on Jul 24, 2013

Import of natural gas is must to meet the gap between demand-supply

The Fertilizer Ministry have plans to add 10 million tonnes of capacity over the next three years. To meet the demand of natural gas for these proposed plants, the ministry have to import natural gas from abroad. This is because if a project is based...
by Duncans Fertiliser on Apr 18, 2012

New Fertiliser Investment Policy 2012 would be benificial for new urea units (Grenfield Urea Projects)

Fertilizer industry expecting that the new fertilizer investment policy would be better than the urea policy of 2008 and it will help the industry to make new investments in setting up greenfield urea projects. The Government may provide a subsidy fo...
by Duncans Fertiliser on Mar 21, 2012

Urea Investment Policy scheduled to be examine by GOM on 16th Feb 2012

Indian Government have plans to make the The nation self-sufficient in the key soil nutrient. For making this possible a ‘New Investment Policy’ has to be introduced and for that a meeting of Group of Ministers (GoM) is schedule on 16th February...
by Duncans Fertiliser on Feb 6, 2012