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Self Leadership Is Required in Sales

In business and sales leadership, the concept of self leadership is not readily discussed and this failure could be what is limiting revenue growth.
by Increase Sales Coach on Jan 12, 2017

Growing Through Adversity

In the last series of posts I wrote, one person commented about a distinction between God using our negative circumstances and God causing them. The latter was hard for them to embrace. I originally planned to respond to the comment in my post the fo...
by Thinking Faith Cafe on Jan 10, 2017

Begin Today to Expand Your Sales Opportunities

Each day is a day filled with new sales opportunities. The only limitation is your beliefs and how those beliefs drive your actions.
by Increase Sales Coach on Jan 4, 2017

Morfologi dan Klasifikasi Ikan Hiu Rubah Laut/Common Thresher Shark (Alopias Vulpinus)

Semuaikan – Hiu rubah laut atau Common Thresher Shark adalah sebuah spesies hiu yang mendiami perairan tropis dan perairan beriklim sedang di seluruh dunia. Yang khas dari spesies hiu ini adalah ekornya yang panjang, dan mampu digunakan untuk m...
by on Dec 30, 2016

Maybe Sales Quotas Are Only Part of the 2017 Business Growth Equation?

Sometimes it is the limitations we do not consider that restrict the achievement of business growth as well as sales quotas.
by Increase Sales Coach on Dec 26, 2016

Time to Stop Being Chicken Little in Social Selling

Even though many social media sites are over 10 years old, there are still many SMB owners and salespeople who appear to be fearful of what has come to be social selling.
by Increase Sales Coach on Dec 19, 2016

Focus on Others to Feel Better Yourself - 5 Kindness Motivation Tips

Many times we can be guilty of focusing mostly on our troubles and worries. It can become an effort to do the everyday things like washing dishes, mowing the lawn, feeding the kids a decent meal. Is there a way to overcome these feelings that keep us...
by Motivation For Women on Dec 8, 2016

Pengertian dan Teori Pusat Pertumbuhan Menurut Para Ahli

Pengertian dan Teori Pusat Pertumbuhan Menurut Para Ahli PUSAT PERTUMBUHAN Pusat pertumbuhan adalah wilayah yang tingkat pertumbuhannya sangat  cepat dan […]...
by on Dec 2, 2016

It took Republicans to overcome Democrates who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964

It could have been 1967 or 8 when our family took a trip to Washington D.C.; we stopped at the office of a Conservative republican Senator Everest McKinley Dirksen… I was not that interested (I wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial); I could not...
by Type Oh! on Nov 18, 2016

What Is A Supermoon?

Hello my friend, normally I would have post this on my other blog:  Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The World? But, I decided to share this on this blog Motivation For Women Blog.I have always been curious about how there is a Supermoon and...
by Motivation For Women on Nov 11, 2016

Paralysed By Failure

Episode 61:  Mad Dogs And ServicemenFrank:     That man is a psycho and for some perverted reason these two want to play games with him.Hawkeye:    We are just following Sid Freedman’s advice.Trapper:  &...
by Leading from the Trenches on Oct 21, 2016

Thoughts of past and future…

Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon… if my reservation is accepted; in 2017 I will do what I had hoped to do at age 50; hike the Grand Canyon to the bottom and stay at the Phantom Ranch.   11 years late… but better late than never. Such actions...
by Type Oh! on Aug 22, 2016

Advantages Of Being Confident

Almost all successes and attainments in life come from your ability to feel certain that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve. Confidence is the gateway to success; to the life that you wish to lead and to the dreams that you desire to live...
by Motivation For Women on Aug 19, 2016

Sales Today Is Truly a Balancing Act

Possibly many in sales fail to understand how marketing and selling today is truly a balancing act.
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 12, 2016

Overcoming Obstacles – The Story of Jewel

Do you have a dream? I bet you do.And I also bet you have a long list of reasons why you aren’t pursuing that dream.But you CAN start turning your dream into a reality – no matter what your current circumstances are.Take Jewel, the American pop s...
by Motivation For Women on Aug 12, 2016

If You’re Not Uncomfortable, You’re Not Leading

What practice makes for being an effective leader? Not avoiding actions that make you uncomfortable. To be a productive and persuasive leader, you have to do that which makes you uncomfortable. Then you do it again and again until you feel comfortabl...
by Lead Change Group on Aug 11, 2016

Time to Connect Employee Engagement to Your Sales Culture

Forward thinking SMB owners may wish to consider shifting from just a workplace culture to a sales culture where employee engagement is truly present.
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 11, 2016

5 Tips To Supercharge Your Motivation

Motivation is the driving force behind life-enhancing change. It comes from knowing exactly what you want to do and having an insatiable, burning desire to do what’s necessary to get it. It keeps your dream on track as it is the power of motivation...
by Motivation For Women on Aug 11, 2016

Part III Iowa road views…

Another ride done… I look forward to another.
by Type Oh! on Aug 6, 2016


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by amla oil on Aug 4, 2016