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Securing a Texas Alcohol Permit

From the outside, running a successful bar or restaurant looks like it would be a lot of fun. After all, these are businesses that are generally full of people enjoying themselves, so what wouldn't... Read More at
by Tsinoy Foodies on Jan 14, 2017

[GUEST POST] 5 Best Places to Visit in Jaipur

Hm, it seems we have a second guest post on Rajasthan here on IndiaPalette. Remember The Ultimate Jodhpur Travel Guide for Busy Travelers ? You think it’s by chance? 🙂  As for me, I’m determined to include Rajasthan in my … Cont...
by IndiaPalette on Dec 15, 2016

Christmas with Roald Dahl at Tatton Park

As an ambassador for the Roald Dahl events at Tatton Park, we were given a pass to visit the Christmas festivities. I visited the mansion and gardens in the summer. Lucas now naps in the middle of the day around lunch time so that has put a stop to o...
by Chilling With Lucas on Dec 14, 2016

The Power of Social Media Marketing – A Must Have Tool

Social Media has evolved to become the most powerful marketing tool available to companies. On business marketing site B2B Marketing, Damian Wolf wrote that the Social Media Examiner reported, “92% of all marketers indicate that investing in social...
by Power Pinoys on Dec 9, 2016

How to Deal with a Cat-Aggressive Pooch (Guest Post)

Do you have a dog who constantly attacks your cat, to the point that you’re afraid to leave them alone together? Does your home often feel more like a war-zone than a comfortable and inviting place? Dealing with an aggressive dog can be a stressful...
by My Dogs Love Me on Nov 25, 2016

Best Places to Visit in Patagonia South America

We’ve all heard about Patagonia in South America: from the incredible glaciers like the Perito Moreno, to the towering Mountains of El Chalten. From the impressive right whales in the Valdes Peninsula and the End of the World atmosphere in Ushuaia.
by Best of World Travel on Nov 22, 2016

O que eu aprendi após 1 ano trabalhando online

Ganhar Dinheiro Legal - Marketing Digital - Como ganhar dinheiro na internet - Guilherme Silveira é administrador do blog Soluções Digitais. Ele é o autor deste artigo publicado no blog Ganhar Dinheiro Legal. Opa, tudo bem? Aqui é o Guilherme S...
by Dinheiro Legal on Nov 14, 2016

8 Must Visit Cities in America with Popular Music Fairs

As we all know, traveling the open road opens up a variety of opportunities both physically and mentally. Solo travelers are especially able to test their boundaries and try things they might have never considered before. When you're putting together...
by Best of World Travel on Oct 29, 2016

Peluang Bisnis Sarang Burung Walet dan Cara Memulainya

Himpitan ekonomi menjadikan setiap orang selalu berusaha mencari berbagai peluang usaha agar kehidupannya lebih baik. Namun hal tersebut tidaklah semudah membalikkan telapak tangan karena banyaknya faktor yang perlu di pertimbangkan. Misalnya adalah...

Formas de rentabilizar seus sites

Ganhar Dinheiro Legal - Marketing Digital - Como ganhar dinheiro na internet - 4 maneiras de ganhar dinheiro com um site.  Formas de rentabilizar Ganhar dinheiro online nunca foi tão fácil! Esse blog ganha dinheiro com a venda de nossos próprios...
by Dinheiro Legal on Oct 19, 2016

How Dog Adoptions Work (Guest Post)

Everybody deserves a good home.Dog adoption is a process that entails acquiring custody of a dog and taking responsibility for the animal that was abandoned by a former owner or surrendered to an animal shelter or a rescue organization.The Dog Adopti...
by My Dogs Love Me on Oct 18, 2016

5 fontes de tráfego inesgotáveis para seu blog

Ganhar Dinheiro Legal - Marketing Digital - Como ganhar dinheiro na internet - Artigo escrito para compartilhar nossas dicas de como atrair visitas para blogs ou sites. Como ganhar visitas para nossos blogs. Decio Santos Leia o artigo original pu...
by Dinheiro Legal on Sep 21, 2016

Top 5 Travel Destinations with the Cheapest Fashion Deals

There are those who travel for the experience and the sightseeing. There are those who travel for the clothes shopping. For the latter, nothing is more exhilarating than being able to shop for the trendiest fashion items, except maybe for being able...
by Best of World Travel on Sep 5, 2016

Rezeki Tidak Bisa Tertukar dan Diambil Orang Lain

Rezeki Tidak Bisa Tertukar dan Diambil Orang Lain Ada seorang wanita berjualan daster, tiba-tiba marah ketika tetangga depan rumahnya berjualan baju anak. Dia melabrak dan menuduh tetangganya merebut wilayah perdagangan bajunya. Ada juga peristiwa la...

Cheap Things to Do in Branson

For a city so popular with tourists, you would think that you have to spend a great deal of money to have a good time exploring Branson, Missouri. You’re dead wrong. The diverse mix of big city attractions and small town fun makes Branson a great d...
by Best of World Travel on Aug 1, 2016

Can Incompatibility Be The Problem?

He’s giving me that look again, rubbing on my leg and talking dirty to me.  I know what he wants and don’t know if I can stomach another round with him. In fact, the last time I almost reached towards the nightstand to get B.O.B. and thi...
by My Dating Hangovers on Jul 18, 2016

Condor Hotel : The Best Hotel in Brooklyn

The Best Hotel in BrooklynDo you want an ideal accommodation for both leisure and business travelers? Condor Hotel is your answer because it is the best hotel in Brooklyn, New York.  Its closeness to the beautiful sights of New York, especially...
by Best of World Travel on Jul 17, 2016

Top 6 Nomadic Races in the World and Why They Travel

People from all over the world enjoy getting a break from their daily routine and one of their way to do so is to travel, to become "nomads". However, the way that people travel differs quite a bit from one country to the next. This is influenced by...
by Best of World Travel on Jul 7, 2016

6 July 2016 - THE TRUTH REVEALED - Guest Post from Kim Wheeler

THE TRUTH REVEALED- Guest Post from Kim Wheeler -G'day folks,Many of you might identify with my guest today. I certainly do. So, who is Kim Wheeler you ask? Kim is a published author, brilliant photographer and dog rescuer. He is also a good fri...
by clancy tucker's blog on Jul 5, 2016

The Truth About Hypoallergenic Dogs: FAQ's Answered & Myths Debunked (Guest Post)

For many of us who suffer from allergies, sometimes the concept of having a pet seems out of the question, but for some people with sensitivities, there are alternatives. There are a group of dogs who are on a long list of breeds that are hypoallerge...
by My Dogs Love Me on Jun 29, 2016